Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Karen and I are skipping all the VMA after parties and throwing our own shindig celebrating our friend Mandy Tannen from Stellastarr*s birthday. She'll also be djing and there will be free zygo at 1am until we're out. We're making this a refuge for all our band friends that can't stand the corporate parties, so dont be surprised if you may see some taking back chemical killer boys.


I'm watching Fuse right now and a photo just popped up on the screen while some really awful emo band was playing whose name i forgot immediately after finding them on myspace. i pictured the discussion for this photo going as follows:

photographer: i'm thinking... five dudes... in front of a wall.
label/management: oh! and add shrubs! cause, you know, they'll be dressed in all black.
photographer: GENIUS! That'll make it look organic and since they're wearing make up, it'll make them look LESS like aiden.
label/management: totally. i think we should use just solid black makeup instead of red... what do you think?
photographer: oh totally... i'm totally best friends with a makeup artist that can do that.
label/management: ok. lets do it. i can't wait to see this in a fuse ad.

tell me the singer doesnt look like the singer of Monty Are I if he got gang raped by aiden? i'm guessing he's the singer. he's in the middle.

my apologies in advance if this photo was taken by justin bourecki, cause i think you're cool.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Lastnight I went home for what was intended to be a chill night at home followed by a bar hop or two. Instead, my apartment turned into a rager that had the slight potential to turn into one of my Girls Gone Wild DVDs.

First off, all I wanted to do was dye my hair purple before we went out or before anyone showed up, but about 10 minutes after I walked into the door, the buzzer rang and it was Alex Shenitsky and Joe from FOB. We hung out for a bit and were soon joined by Joe McCaffrey and his girlfriend Jenne as well as Alex's wife and Gurj's arrival home. Sasha the intern then made a reappearance and then so did Brian Lane from Brand New AND BenBigCheeseFries. We were all pounding back tequila shots, playing with monkey. Anytime was ordered... more shots were had.

Brian keepsadiary and Meredith showed up, fresh off the plane from costa rica or some shit like that... they brought a rum cake that was chomped down. More shots were had and were followed by Brooke from White Trash Charms and a friend of hers.

Some more people showed up and at one point, i think two guys were trying to facilitate a lesbian hook up of girlfriends or some shit... i think i might've almost walked in on something and i may have been fondled by one of the girls or both. yes, both. The Cartel guys were gonna come and bailed out... they missed out.

For whatever reason, i decided that at 130 am, it'd be a great idea to dye my hair blond (so i could get to purple easy), and found myself walking around the apt with gunky hair dye in my hair. i washed it out way too soon and now i've got an awesome shade of honey colored hair... i may still dye i tonight.

We watched Entourage. I am still in love with Ari Gold, even if he conformed. I asked Brandon if Jeremy Piven could be one of my celebrity cards, he said ok.

Tomorrow i've got a photoshoot at the Chelsea Hotel ... Vanity Fair is doing a story on me for their music issue and i get to get all dolled up. I can't fucking wait.

Monday, August 28, 2006


OK, so I'm working on getting back on path. The path of booze and destruction. I knew I was in a terrible spot when my mom called me up concerned: she heard from my Brother Lawrence that I haven't been out partying a lot lately... actually, not at all. She said that according to him, I dont really leave the house. When your mother calls you up concerned about your lack of partying (the same mother that used to call you every night concerned about how much you party), you know it's time to spend a little extra time cleaning up the toilet cause it's time to make a date with a cheap brown drink named tequila.

So Thursday night, Brandon and I invited the boys from Tokyo Police Club to our apartment to do a little acoustic set for our friends that will soon be up on the Casa De Ultragrrrl series. It was pretty magical and we were mere minutes away from me convincing everyone that we should do a campfire style sing along when we realized it was time to head over to Stolen Transmission. We headed over and watched some band from Long Island play... and then TPC took to the stage. I haven't had so much fun dancing and losing my shit since I saw Franz Ferdinand for the first time at Pianos in like 2003. They were just fun. They were like the Spinto Band with more of an Arcade Fire feel and canadian energy. After their set, Preston Craig DJed a totally Atlanta flavored set that had me booty shakin. I was standing on the balcony for his set and I turned around and saw all the TPC dudes losing their shit. Apparently, the only single member of the band got enough balls to dance. When his friends saw him and were hooting and hollaring, he ran back upstairs and they piled up on each other. Brandon and I then DJed and I played a brand new killers remix. That was fun.

Friday night I went to the South Street Sea Port to check out Tokyo Police Club again with Alex Shenitsky and his wife Tracey. We missed everything but the last two songs and bailed before Ted Leo took the stage because we were all famished and wanted gnocci and to play with Monkey instead. I was exhausted and took an hour nap before I had to wake up again to DJ at around midnightish. Everytime I wake up from an evening nap, the apartment is spotless. I have the best boyfriend in the world, i think... and I need more evening naps!

Anyway, I went to Ruff Club at the Annex and met up with Brooke Dulien from White Trash Charms and Gideon Yago. I greeted Gideon with a solid grab of his balls, which startled him, but honestly not enough. You'd think for someone who has gone to Iraq and traveled around Africa w/Clinton for the past 6 months, that he'd be more on guard and ready to strike anyone who grabbed his crotch... but he was frightenly calm about it and returned my "handshake" with a solid peck on the lips. I'm fairly certain he gave Brandon the same hello.

We sat around and Jared Leto walked by us and went downstairs to the lower level where I was gonna be DJing (the way ruff club works is that each dj does five songs and then they rotate... so you do about 20 songs through out the night... kinda cool). Hoping to catch Jordan Catalano leaning against something, I rushed downstairs and promptly went to the DJ booth so i could get started. Steve iPod immediately hollared "Take a shot of jager from the baby bottle!" and then gave me another bottle of jager to take a shot from, and then gave me about two more shots. By the time I took to the wheels of plastic, I was hammered. I stumbled to Brandon who made sure I started drinking water.

We decided to head over to 151 cause we were all too drunk to be in the crowd where jager was being force fed. I had water and meandered back with my posse to the Annex to continue DJing. I dont remember the rest of this night, but i heard that someone puked on Gideon at somepoint.

Saturday afternoon, Brandon and I met up with my childhood friend Sydney Rose up on the upper east side. Me, her, her boyfriend, Brandon and another childhood friend Catrinel, where headed back to Tenafly to go to a sort of gathering at Allison Mann's house. This was the first time I had gone back to Tenafly in almost a year since my parents had moved. We passed by the property which used to have my house (but now holds a massive bright yellow home with blue trim), and stopped by Sydney's old casa. Joey from the Sugar Hill Gang bought the house from Syd's parents and she became friends of the Gang. We were given a tour of the house, which had just overgone renovations... and it was like, Pimp My House. They really did an amazing job with the already gorgeous place. They turned the two car garage into a movie theater and the one car garage in to a hot tub room. They're gonna turn the gym into a recording studio and will be having some pretty ill parties coming up soon. I just got stoked on the idea that NSync were once there. I <3 JT!

We got to Allison's house and I had one of the best saturday afternoons in ages. I got to see her parents, some old friends, hang out with new boyfriends, introduce my new boyfriend, etc. It was pretty trippy when Alli's dad came up to me and said "i'm doing these patches for a band called my chemical romance. they have huge sales. ever hear of them?"

After that fun time in the Fly we went back home and me, Brandon, Catrinel and Brooke went to see the Sugar Report at Tonic. Then I went to sleep.

This week is VMAs week.
I'm nervous.

Pre-order the debut album by the Oohlas right here. Please. Oh, and check this page out, it's funny.

Here's a live performance of "TV Dinners" from last month.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Finally, Stereogum writes about an artist I've heard of!!!

This rules so much. I love this... apparently, if you speed up Muse 120%, it sounds like Gwen Stefani singing. SOOOOO GREAT!

Also, i'm djing a really fun party tonight:

Thanks so much to Melysa from Vegas for this!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I don't even know whose dog that is... I just found it on some random myspace profile and nearly threw my laptop out the window.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006



Gideon Yago is gonna be on the Colbert Report tonight. Here's what he wrote in an email to me:

... I don't really make a big deal about shit like this. But this is pretty sweet. Tonight I'm gonna be on the Colbert Report at 11:30 pm getting roasted for my role in low-balling American culture. Should make some sweet TV so set your Tivos accordingly.

In other news...
If i ever look tired, it's cause I can't sleep with a monkey on my head:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Jordan has decided to be a part of Monkey's life as much as possible. So, I think, like every intelligent working woman, I will have him be my Manny for whenever Brandon goes on tour... or even when he's home.

Here are the two together lastnight:


By the way, I'm having trouble sleeping cause she insists on sleeping RIGHT ON MY HEAD every night. Not just next to my head, but on it. She'll place her little head and paws on top of me while i sleep... i can't move, i cant shift, i can't spoon. I just lay there, trying to figure out how to get her to shift to the left a bit. Does she bother her daddy? No. Just me. Brussels Griffons rule.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Please hit me back if you have a place that 6 boys can stay in ... serious leads only.

Aug 25 - Cleveland, OH
Aug 26 - West Lafayette, IN
Aug 27 - Toledo, OH
Aug 29 - Detroit, MI
Aug 30 - Milwaukee, WI
Aug 31 - Sauget, IL
Sept 1 - Dekalb, IL
Sept 3 - Greensboro, NC
Sept 5 - West Springfield, VA

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I'm watching The Teen's Choice awards right now with Gurj because KFed is gonna be performing live on TV for the first time ever... and on the red-carpet segment there's a dude who looks like that John Mark Karr dude that is apparently the creep who did in JonBenet.

I'm getting creeped out.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


If you want to see something really cool -- and i mean, nipple hardening amazing -- then go to The Killers website at about 9PM EST. Seriously, my nips are getting hard just THINKING about what they're putting up there... GAH!!!!

Congrats to my favorite band, Interpol, for signing to Capitol for what speculators are saying is for about $1 Gagiillion. Amazing. I guess Capitol have found the band that will take over Radiohead's spot in everyone's hearts and mind... Lord knows they did that for me already.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I fucking love this. How is this band not Brother Lawrence's favorite band?

PS - This rules so hard.

I've had this photo up as my MySpace default for a week, and I've been getting bombarded with emails from people asking me what my necklace says and where I got it.

I got it from Levitcus Jewelry. They've got a bunch of awesome pieces...

Monday, August 14, 2006


I can't believe i wrote my last post BEFORE i saw this:

I've been contemplating my life lately. I look back at my super-old journal entries when i was running around NYC making out with a different boy every night or just with Greg the Boyfriend-who-was-never-my-boyfriend every night, and I think "am i having more fun now?"

I used to go out every night til 4am, wake up at about 10ish, get to work around 11ish (usually, the thing that got me to the office before 11 was getting an Egg McMuffin next door to SPIN's offices), remain at my desk completely lacking any function, while listening to british sea power, franz ferdinand, or interpol all day long.

These days I'm in bed closer to midnight, although, Brandon has been really good about getting me out of the house til later. But when I'm out, I want to be home. It's pointless to be making out with random boys at bars when I've got the best boy I could ever want with me. I used to stay out late chasing the evening, looking for love, looking for fun, looking for adventure, and now that's all at home. I don't really dance much anymore, because I don't have anyone to dance with, and I feel like a horrible dancer these days.

These days I require more sleep. I'm at the office til late and I work my little brain all day long. I want to make my bands successful and don't want to be out every night getting loaded and totally ruining their chances. They're the artist. They're the ones who should be gettig shitfaced.

That said, I'm really trying to find a better balance. Balance my new homebodyness with an attempt to find the wreckless sarah of yesteryear. There's no reason why my alterego, Buckets, can't be brought back to life just cause i've got an animal family at home. I've even stopped listening to so much fucking emo to get to this point. I opened my CD case from a few years ago and have been putting everything in my iPod, trying to get closer to the truth.

On Saturday, Brandon and I brought Monkey to Long Island to meet the two dogs that live with Brandon's parents.

She got really excited about a sock that was knotted up, so she played with that and the pups for a few hours

And then took a nap on my lap

and then on the couch

and then dreampt about sucking her mom's teet (which freaks me out cause she actually makes sucking motions with her mouth):

and then she just hammed it up

She also spent the weekend playing with Ellen and Leigh's dogs, Piper and Edie... i'll post photos of that later.

Tonight I'm going to check out Scissors for Lefty and Dirty Pretty Things... really looking forward to checking out Carl's new project live. After that, it's St. Jerome's to check out Jenny Penny DJ.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Jenny Penny is one of the funnest friends i've got. She's djing on mondy. Yay.


Anyone that's ever been out to hear me and Karen DJ on a semi-regular basis know that we LOVE DJing Harvey Danger's song "Flagpole Sitta". We LOVE that song, we LOVE that band...

That's why i'm soooo beyond excited to announce that the Oohlas will be opening up for Harvey Danger in LA this saturday! Shit will be huge.


We're looking for new interns for the fall. Obviously, there's no pay, but the experience is pretty fucking amazing and you get to hear albums as they're being developed, you get to see rockstars get made, and you get to answer phones and stuff envelopes and become our new best friend! Seriously, we're like a family over here.
We're looking for ambitious people who love music and want to rock our worlds.

send your resume to
you dont need a cover letter.

assholes need not apply.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Cobra Starship are playing Stolen Transmission tonight at the Annex. It's free to get in after 11. EndEverAfter will be playing at 11, and then Cobra Starship will go on at Midnight. Must be over 21 to get in. The boys of the Private Mens Club will be DJing along with Jeff Tonneson of the CBP.

152 Orchard st. Btw Stanton and Rivington st. Lower East Side.

Michael Jurin, from Stellstarr*, is launching his new monthly party on Friday! It's at Lit (which means i'll be going back there for the first time in about a year...). He's gonna be joined by Smells Good Gina aka Gina Bon Jersey.

Here are the details:




Wednesday, August 9, 2006


On Saturday, Brandon and I brought Monkey to the vet to get checked out and to make sure she was a puppy, cause we still weren't sure. When we got there, the vet's office were squealing at her cuteness and ordered us to leave saying that she was too cute. When the vet met her, she instantly went into baby voice and asked Monkey if she was a puppy or an alien. She didn't know either.

After her check up and shots, we ventured around the East Village looking for vitamin shops where I could get some organic meds and attempt to feel better. Since Monkey is a baby, Brandon had to carry her around like a celebutant... and people's jaws were dropping as we walked by. Naturally, Brandon turned into a total babe magnet instantly. We picked up Andrographis (which apparently is a miracle drug for ailing immune systems) and then headed over to Liquiteria so I could get some Aloe Water... Over there they sell bottles for just $1.35 instead of the insanely high marked up price at health food stores. Incase you ever get a chance to try Aloe Water, do it. It tastes exactly like snow, it's so delicious, and apparently is really good for you.

Anyway, after all that, we came home and I went to Brian's to him move. I am not built for lifting heavy things, but i did what i could to help out. After helping move shit for an hour or two, I went back home and cooked some dinner for some friends that were coming over to meet Monkey.

Jordan came over. I'm not sure if he intended on making the same face as Monk in this photo, but he did:

All that was just too much for the little hairy fetus, that she passed out on the couch between me and Nick Snow. OMG, LOOK AT HER FUCKING BELLY! I want to cut it open and make sashimi out of it!!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006


I've been getting bombarded today about people trying to get into the Young Love show tonight at Crash Mansion. I'm so sorry, but it's over capacity! HOWEVER, i've got great news... you can see YOUNG LOVE ON TOUR:

Monday, August 7, 2006


I've got some great news for all the Young Love and Radio4 fans out there that live in NYC: TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! RADIO 4, YOUNG LOVE and R.U.O.K @ Crash Mansion - Aug, 8 - 7:00pm Presented by KROCK2's Domestic Disturbance and Miller Lite. buy yout tickets at ticketweb for only $9.23!!! Listen to KROCK2 for more details and to hear these bands. SEE YOU THERE!!!!!

From the sounds of it, everyone that “enters to win” WILL win.

Also, I've been meaning to post this forever... My friend Audrey who does the blog Melody Nelson, sang a delightful tune that just brings the biggest smile to my face whenever it comes up on my ipod. I just wanted to post the mp3 for you all to hear. The song is called "Elisa" by Serge Gainsbourg, and she sings it with local band, Die Romantik.

Sunday, August 6, 2006


On Friday, Brandon and I took a trip to Laguardia Airport, and picked up what appeared to be an alien

Upon further investigation, we still weren't sure what it was

It looked part muppet, part fraggle, part hairy human baby

So we took her home and Bella the cat told us it was a Brussels Griffon puppy

And since she looked like her new mommy, we named her Monkey

Friday, August 4, 2006


Go buy it! Now! You can find it on iTunes, and in stores and on various online outlets.

Thursday, August 3, 2006


I thought that some of you might want to hear some of the music that's coming out of my label, Stolen Transmission. I'm so insanely proud of everything coming from there... here are two of my babies via mp3:

Bright Light Fever - "Broken Hands"
The Oohlas - "Small Parts"

I'm stoked. Evan from BLF just turned 19. He sounds like a 40 year old dude who's been drinking jack daniels and gone through 6 divorces.

Meanwhile, "small parts" from the oohlas, sounds like the most perfect female-fronted pop song that ever existed. If i was 17, ollie would be my idol. Fuck, at 26 she is. plus, when she plays guitar she reminds me of billy corgan.

I used a perscription for 600 milligrams of Ibuprophen that I had when I fell down steps a few weeks ago to take care of the pain. When I woke up yesterday morning for my flight home from LA, i realized my ankle's pain was miraculously gone! I went to see Permanent ME and Nightmare of You as soon as I got off the plane, and being so excited to see my boyfriend, I picked him up into the air and fucked up my other ankle again. It got better pretty quickly, but this afternoon when I was leaving someone's office, i tripped over my own feet and fucked up my right ankle again. Seriously, I'm a mess. Brandon said that he's never seen such swollen ankles on someone that isn't a grandmother, and I had to explain to him that I just have cankles.

I forgot to mention that before I left for LA I started developing flu-like symptoms. Swollen glands, aching body, the works... SUCKED. Sarah's so boring ever since she turned into an old jewish woman who needs to move to miami and just die.

So anyway, I got to LA and got to see the Oohlas and Bright Light Fever perform and decided, as if i didn't think so before, that I have the greatest fucking record label out there right now.