Monday, July 31, 2006


Could someone please post in the comments section if they know how to make it so you need a password to use the wireless internet? My neighbors are stealing it so much I can hardly use it! I thought I figured it out, but I was totally wrong. I use a mac. I have a linksys thing. If you can tell me how to configure this bastard over the phone or email, i would love you long time.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


If you're in Los Angeles, LISTEN TO ME: Go to the Echo on Monday night. Go see the Oohlas and Bright Light Fever. I will be there. In Los Angeles. Give me a hug. Please.
Bright Light Fever at 9pm.
The Oohlas at 9:45pm

Then on Tuesday, go to Safari Sams. BLF are gonna be playing and I'm gonna be DJing. Will it be fun? Heck yah it will be.

This dude named Justin Beck that's friends with Brandon (and i think he was in glassjaw), has a website called Base001. I was clicking around it and found this amazing article about dead musicians. It was so funny that I want to slit my boyfriend's throat just so he can make the list. If Brandon's parents are reading this, i'm joking.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Long-time readers of this blog might remember that I don't have insurance. If that's proof enough how much of a non-major label operation Stolen Transmission is, I am without insurance. I keep on meaning to get some sort of freelancers insurance, but doing this label thing takes a lot of time and I never remember/have the time to do it.

ANYWAY, i need help. If anyone reading this is a podiatrist, or know of one that will help me out, please, please, please help me. On Friday I woke up with a sore ankle. I didn't get drunk on Thursday and didn't make any horrible spills, so I thought my ankle issue was a bit peculiar, but didn't think too much about it. As Friday wore on, my ankle started hurting more and more. Now, it's awful. On my right foot, all along the right side of the base of the foot, i'm in pain. My foot isn't really that bruised, tho there is a slight discoloration. Brandon says that my ankle is swollen, but i think i just have cankles. Two weeks ago I fell down steps and twisted my other ankle and got crutches that will be convienant now. Anyway, I'm not sure what's wrong with me. Maybe it's a spasm or something. Either way, i can't really walk and need some help. if you can help, please email me:


The other day i was flipping through the channels when I spotted what appeared to be Real Sex on HBO. Can someone tell me why all the women have massive bushes? The whole thing is so disgusting, but sometimes, like a car crash, you can't help but look. I wish there was a version of that show with less hair. Also, Storm from Rockstar: Supernova was totally one of the "man on the streets" talking about masturbation or anal sex or something.

My friend Brian Montuori, has started a blog. He's one of the best artists out there and the only artist whose original art I hang on my walls in my room. There's one in crayon of a warewolf running from a walkie-talkie that he made for my birthday a few years ago, and there's an illustration of neil diamond he made me using his own pubic hair for chest hair... it always comes back to bush. Anyway, his blog is weird and interesting just like the man. This is one of the worst photos i've ever seen, but absolutely one i'll never forget. It's the weirdest thing i've ever seen in my life n so many levels. I got it from his blog:

Friday, July 28, 2006


Oh god, there are so many great shows tonight, it's retarded:

There's Annuals playing at Pianos, at what appears to be 8pm. There's Cold War Kids at Mercury Lounge at 10ish... and if you want, you can catch them both, together, tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge (unless it's sold out). Not only that, but Annuals are gonna be playing an acoustic set in my apt at midnight tonight. Fucking bananas!

Last night was one of the most pointless nights of my life. I wish i could erase it from history. Everything that could've gone wrong did, with the one exception of seeing my friend's band, Resevior, at the knitting factory. FUCK YESTERDAY.

Bright Light Fever got a write up on You guys have to check it out because there are exclusive soundclips of the new album! They're also gonna play a date or two with the Bronx pretty soon at the Roxy. AND the show with the oohlas on monday, july 31 (which i will be at!) at the Echo in Hollywood! AND the show at Safari Sam's on aug 1 in hollywood! i'll be djing that one! SHIT IS GONNA BE TIGHT... as nick snow would say.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Despite being from New Jersey, I'm very unfamilliar with some my state's greatest alumni's. I was never a big Bruce fan. I was never a big Jovi fan. And when I first heard Lifetime in 1999 I remember saying "this sounds like Saves the Day."

Yeah. Not gonna front, I wasn't really into that scene. I was too busy listening the illuminaries like Kid Silver instead of Kid Dynamite. I loved the Mac more than the Boss. I worshipped Radiohead, and the Jov was a fucking joke.

But lately I've been opening my tastebuds. I've been getting into/listening to a lot of music I used to hate, or at least trying to learn the history behind it. I guess I'm going to be on the learning level of a lot of Pete Wentz-worshipping 15 year olds now that he's signed Lifetime to his Decaydance label (when's his offer going to be extended to Movielife?).

Well, it appears like there's a little bit of news for the Lifetime camp...
Their old touring bassist, Linda Kay, has found herself in a little bit of trouble thanks to a crudely severed human hand found in a jar of formeldahyde in her home. It appears that the now exotic dancer is a fan of the maccabe, and a medical student fan of her exotic dancing wanted to show his gratitute by extending a hand. *rimshot* ... *rimshot*. I'm not sure if that's what Wentz meant by decay, or dancing.

Anyway, dont forget that tonight is another jam packed Stolen Transmission:

for those who dont know who Under the Influence of Giants are, check out their website and hear music. They're in the island offices today and are very prettiful boys. they like to dress funny.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I forgot to mention that the other day when I went to Lotus Cafe there was a row of people all facing the cafe with their backs to the windows, laptops in front of them, and it looked like a parody of a politically correct north western coffee shop in a comedy like PCU. There were about seven people in a row, all a different ethnicity, all a different sex, and all on their laptops sitting the same exact way. Nerds.

I schlepped to Hoboken last night for the first time in ages to see Murder By Death. I "saw" them two years ago at the Syndicate's yearly pre-CMJ party... i say "saw" in quotes because I was too short to actually see anything then, and I was too short to see anything now. That is, until I perched myself on an empty piece of riser and finally got to see the band. You know, the singer was a lot more italian/jewy looking than i expected. He kind of looked like a Coppola (sp?) to me, and Brian thought that he looked like Rob (click the link... trust me).

Anyway, the band played amazingly to a packed crowd at Maxwells, sounding so true to their recordings that I was unsure if they'd be able to replicate live. But I guess that touring for ages on end will do that to a band. I've been getting really into the sea-shanti music lately... Murder By Death, Man Man... and the bands that i've loved for a while: Pogues and Sons+Daughters. It's interesting that those bands sort of form a pirate genre... it'd be wise for Disney to collect all those bands to make a killer soundtrack for Pirates of the Carribean 3.

OMG, I almost forgot to mention: I got Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic" and basically spent the rest of my night in a fit of crying giggles. She is easily the hottest and funniest comedian out there right now -- that i know about. She really goes there with everything. It was easily the most delightfully un-PC 72 minutes of my life. If she were black and got better acting roles, she could be Eddie Murphy.

OK, i forget what's going on tonight in the fun world of NYC. Beuller?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I have a big butt. I'm OK with this... now. It took some getting adjusted to and dealing with finding pants that would accommodate this situation (short legs, big booty). I found that Rainbow stores always had pants that worked in my favor because a lot of their clients are latino and black and fit a similar body type as me. Usually when buying underwear, I dont kid myself. I know that my booty isn't gonna fit very well into a small, so I go for the medium and sometimes the large. That's ok. Make the best of what you've got, right?

At Bamboozle I notice that Nightmare of You got some really adorable new underwear from American Apparel that said stuff like "my name is trouble" and "i wanna be buried in your backyard" on the backs. I grabbed a pair of the latter in large since it was the only size they had and grinned at the silliness of them. The next day I put them on. This time I was laughing at how unbelievably tight they were at every opening. The thigh areas cut off the circulation on my legs and the waist band was comically tight. Seeing as I was at the end of the rope for laundry, I just grapped a pair of scissors and snipped the waistband and the leg holes a bit... horrified. A size large? WTF?

Anyway, I forgot about that pair of underwear until the last of my laundry came into play and I had no choice but to reconcile with my bottom heavy figure. Seriously? I know i have some added thickness, but how thin are the American Apparel fit models that a size large is a joke on my typically sized medium backside? I told a friend "how many backyards do I have to bury you in? because according to these undies, i have more than one."

The result of this story? Less carbohydrates and I'm joining the gym this week.

For sitting through that rant, i'm giving you the gift of a youtube link to a ton of Patrick Wolf videos. My favorite is the video for "Tristan":

Monday, July 24, 2006


I fucking love Lee Hazelwood's voice. Him and Neil Diamond are two artists that i listen to almost exclusively whenever I am not listening to bands on Stolen Transmission.

So Friday I was sick as a dog. I think my body sometimes shuts down, and sometimes that happens on fridays. I start getting fevers and dizzy and can't eat. It's not fun. When I go to my parent's for dinner they start diagnosing me with every disease in the world except for just plain exhaustion. C'est La Vie.

Saturday I tried out a new restaurant on Clinton called Frankie's 17 that was delightful. It's an Italian restaurant and I had some yam raviolis and brandon had some gnocci. Both were just absolutely delicious and I think we'll be back there about once or twice a month, at least. After dinner we went to the Hanger Bar for Ryan Heil's surprise birthday party that his girlfriend Brooke was throwing. Unfortunately, my body was still illin from the night before so we headed home at around 11pm. at about midnight Lawrence texted me that he was as Joey Arak's birthday party. Joey does Blue States Lose for Gawker and it's one of my favorite columns on the web... but i was feeling so ill that even reading a text from Lawrence telling me that Chuck Klosterman was at the party wasn't enough to get me out of the house. I said "tell him i say hi. i feel like poop(ing)." You can't buy class like this.

Sunday I started feeling better so Brandon and I picked up the papers that we trust (me: new york post, him: new york times) and got some coffee and bagels and then headed up to the dog run so I could be creepy about the dogs. After walking around and seeing Pirates of the Carribean, we headed over to Lavagne for some of the best Italian food ever.

Anyway, while lounging around in aches, I found this image and it brought such a smile to my face that I wanted to share it with everyone else:

A few years ago i went to karaoke for a bday party and some random dude started singing christina aguilera's "beautiful." he had such a great voice, so i asked him if i could take his photo. as i counted to three he gave me the best smile ever. EVER.

Karen and I wanted to make sure that this Thursday we kept this whole "discemo" genre in one space, that space being the Annex. So we organized a Brand New/Men Women & Children afterparty, booked our good friend Nick from Men Women and Children as a DJ AND we booked Brandon Reilly from Nightmare of You as a DJ (this was a hard get). We also invited an actual disco band called Under the Influence of Giants to play at midnight. So even if we dont have the actual "discemo" performances, at least we'll have some emo, some disco, and two super retarded jewesses with a plan.

Also, Bright Light Fever now have a merch store. So go there and buy t-shirts and be cooler than the coolest person you know.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Dear Friends,

President Bush robbed millions of Americans of hope when he vetoed a bill that would expand funding for stem-cell research. Please join me in urging Congress to overturn Bush's veto and support this desperately needed research.

Something a big more light hearted... Muse's video for "knight of the cypdonia":

What's everyone's favorite sushi restaurant in the city they live in? Whenever I go away places I usually prepare for the trip by looking up restaurants on, but that's not always reliable.

My favorite, in any city that it exists in, is Sushi Samba... but i think that's because i like the weirdo fusion of south american and japanese flavors, plus the fish is SO fresh. I love the El Topo roll... i've never had anything like it anywhere. I'm running late, so i'll describe it when i get back.

Please leave a comment about where you live and what your favorite sushi restuarant is so i can hopefully visit it one day.

Monday, July 17, 2006


This one goes out to all the New Yorkers reading this: My intern, Joe, is wondering who everyone's favorite busker (street music performer) is. My favorite is the duo at the Essex & Delancey stop that sounds like the busker version of the Gypsy Kings.

Anyway, post your favorites in the comments section.


Friday, July 14, 2006


OK, about 3 people who read this blog will get this (all of them british or friends from nyc), but how much does this kid look like Imran?

Also, kinda related, i just hung up a poster version of the NME cover with the Killers on it from the other week next to the poster version of the SPIN cover with Brandon on the cover from a few months ago and the difference in the look is comparable to the dude version of rupaul vs. the drag version of rupaul.

I've listened to "When You were Young" about 39 times this morning. Reading up on message boards and it looks like the overal concensus is that people are stoked out of their faces for it. yay!

This afternoon I couldn't be anymore excited for the weekend if I tried. I've had such a long and busy week, I'm looking forward to waking up late, being lazy, and increasing my waist size by feeding my face.

As if i couldnt be anymore excited, turns out that on George Micahel's website, you can stream mp3s of every song he's ever released! Poor Alex, whose desk is right out side my office, is going to have to listen to me play "monkey" on repeat.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I take great pleasure in announcing Stolen Transmission's newest signing: THE HORRORS!

The Horrors are from the UK and we will be releasing their single in the Fall. The single isn't gonna be one of the hand-made ones, it's going to be one that you can buy in stores and will have proper distrobution.

The band will also be in NYC for CMJ! Rejoice!

After you watch this video, directed by Chris Cunningham (aphex twin), you will understand why we're kinda freaking out over here. The song is under 2minutes, so it wont take too much of your time to hear it.

Despite what Rob Stevenson thinks, i am not the girl dancing in the video, though I will be the first to admit that I do sometimes* dance that way.

I think Samantha Morton (the girl in the vid... also in Minority Report and In America) kinda looks like one of these dudes at times:

*by sometimes i mean, always.

Monty Are I are on the Warped Tour and did a video journal for Alternative Press... And it suddenly makes me never want to go to Warped Tour:

Watch It Here.

The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs video is so cute. The little 5 year old girl in it is awesome.

from stereogum (people are always surprised to hear that me and stereogum are actually friends since the fans of that blog HATE MY GUTS).


i love the frying pan:


This is the worst thing ever... no matter what side you take. It's uncertain what this could mean for the rest of the world, but it's definitely nerve wracking.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


My friend is looking for someone to take over her apartment in Brooklyn. Please read this and contact

See if anyone would want to move into a place in bk btwn the bedford/lorimer stop on august 1st. $666/month. 2nd floor. its about 11x11 ft, with a closet, two big windows in the room, facing back yard, not street, next to dog/park and park, grocery store.

More info:
Next to G train (nassau) - btwn the bedford L or lorimer L
12 min walk to the L trains.
Walk up one set of stairs.
Whole apt is hardwood floors and new appliances.
2 other roomates, both girls.
Also 2 blocks from a laundrymat

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm watching the Pumpinks on an old episode of SNL... this reminds me that i need to dig out all my old Pumpkins cds. When i was 18, it seemed like all the boys in my life loved the Pumpkins. I used to visit them in lines that they sat in for days straight trying to get concert tickets. These memories still amuse me.

Kill Hannah is up for Oven Fresh. Please vote for them. I used to fly to chicago to go see them play... such a fun band.

Anyway, I spent the afternoon in the hospital cause I fell down a step last night at the Cursive show. I fell flat on my ass infront of one of my best friends (and exroommate), Sarah Wilson, whom i hadn't seen in ages since she moved to Omaha with her boyfriend Tim from Cursive. Sarah was instantly worried, but thanks to a fair amount of booze in my system, a moment of "ow ow ow!!! that actually hurt!" was quickly followed by "ok, i think i'm better now," as i hopped to my feet and proceeded downstairs to join friends for drinks. Tim's really nice! I like him as her boyfriend!

I guess many of you have heard the new Killers song sample for their new song "When You Were Young." There's a lot of debate about it... I think i would've chosen a different 40 seconds for this, or at least judgement shouldn't really be made until one hears the entire song. I've been lucky enough to hear the better part of the album (one of the stories i meant to write about from last week involved me in an SUV with the execs of def jam as we listened to the new album ... la reid on one side rocking out and singing every word... kinda surreal), and it's totally, absolutely different from the first, but still the Killers. I guess the song off Hot Fuss that's closest to the feel of the album is "Jenny". The songs on this album are epic. You're not gonna find "Mr. Brightside" or "Somebody Told Me." If you want those, just buy Hot Fuss (again).

Anyway, last week Karen came by the office to check out my new office and she heard some new songs. I had to pick her jaw up from the ground. As one of the killers' first out-side-of-Vegas fans, she couldn't believe what the boys had evolved into. She was beside herself with goosebumps. Just give it a second, guys, you're gonna hear the album and get it. Sorry for this comparison, but Hot Fuss is like their Bends and this new album is like their OK Computer. You know it's the same band, but the different is compelling and wonderful.

Back to more important things, you'd be damned to not check out this performance by the Oohlas from "Live from the Casa de Ultragrrrl":

Please let me know what you think of the oohlas acoustic video. Maybe i'll post the actual song later on this week...

FRIEND THEM on myspace!

And then this one by my buddies Apartment... Josh Madden makes a nice cameo, as does my GORGEOUS friend the Real KTB! The song is about Chris from Boy Kill Boy!:

OMG, i just remembered (while watching "Dr. 90210" about hermaphadites) that i had a dream that I was making-out with Paris Hilton and she pressed herself up against me and i felt something hard against me... and realized she was a hermaphadite. I couldn't understand how she was able to hide that. Weird!!!

Karen and I were supposed to go to the movies together tonight, but found ourselves tied to our own TVs... so we aimed each other instead while watching the tube. Here's our conversation:

Ultragrrrl: please tellme you're watching rockstar
Ultragrrrl: CBS. RIGHT NOW
Ultragrrrl: some girl is doing Hole
KarenPlusOne: im watching the all star game
Ultragrrrl: cbs
Ultragrrrl: for like 2 seconds
KarenPlusOne: who is this ho
KarenPlusOne: LIES
KarenPlusOne: shes retardo
9:10 PM
Ultragrrrl: so fucking retarded
Ultragrrrl: also, navarro said that the cover of the hole album had in a white dress and roses... that wasn't her!
KarenPlusOne: hahaha
KarenPlusOne: but i was on the same page as him there
Ultragrrrl: yea
Ultragrrrl: totally
KarenPlusOne: id still like to bang tommy lee though
Ultragrrrl: totally
9:15 PM
Ultragrrrl: OMG.
KarenPlusOne: my bf just hit a home run!!
Ultragrrrl: are you watching?!
Ultragrrrl: good!!!
KarenPlusOne: no ill watch now hold
KarenPlusOne: OMG
KarenPlusOne: this is AWFUL
KarenPlusOne: are those pot leaves?
Ultragrrrl: i bet this dude loves new aerosmith
Ultragrrrl: i was thinking that.
Ultragrrrl: he's like "i love this rock stuff, but i really want to show you my skills fronting a jam band."
Ultragrrrl: i bet his favorite band is creed
KarenPlusOne: i think im in love with him
KarenPlusOne: too bad i really cant watch this without cringing
Ultragrrrl: tommy lee?
KarenPlusOne: no the dude who just sang
Ultragrrrl: tommy lee seems like a super awesome fun dude
9:20 PM
Ultragrrrl: omg
Ultragrrrl: you watching?!
KarenPlusOne: dude im gonna BANG tommy lee
Ultragrrrl: "ring of fire"
KarenPlusOne: OMG
Ultragrrrl: this is kinda awesome in a horrible way
KarenPlusOne: shes wiccan!
KarenPlusOne: no its AWFUL
Ultragrrrl: she's like, waiting anxiously for fleetwood mac themed night
KarenPlusOne: hahahahhahaahahaha
KarenPlusOne: fleetwood mac theme night is my FAVE
Ultragrrrl: I love how goth she is.
KarenPlusOne: WHAT
KarenPlusOne: were they watching the same performance?
Ultragrrrl: that was actuallly pretty good.
KarenPlusOne: dude
KarenPlusOne: it was terrible
Ultragrrrl: the girl singing "ring of fire"?
Ultragrrrl: hahaha
Ultragrrrl: i thought it was less cheesy than franz.... he kinda lowered the bar.
KarenPlusOne: its just cuz the song choice was cooler
KarenPlusOne: but shes still a complete freak who touches little boys in the hot topic dressing room
KarenPlusOne: and steals strands of their hair for ceremonies
Ultragrrrl: is there something gothier than hot topic?
Ultragrrrl: mall-goth
Ultragrrrl: hot topic used to be soooo mall-goth
Ultragrrrl: now it's mall-emo
KarenPlusOne: ha
KarenPlusOne: true
KarenPlusOne: um
KarenPlusOne: daang goodman catalogue?
9:25 PM
Ultragrrrl: lizzy goodman catalogue?
KarenPlusOne: tripp nyc
Ultragrrrl: ah, tripped! yes
Ultragrrrl: i bet she got her wardrobe at Trash&Vaudville
Ultragrrrl: oooh, funk&soul.... and creed... i can't wait.
Ultragrrrl: i hope i die before this is done
KarenPlusOne: im so torn! excrutiating rock karaoke or my boyfriend????
Ultragrrrl: omg.
Ultragrrrl: this is like a car accident
KarenPlusOne: CREEEEED
Ultragrrrl: he's dressed like 1996
Ultragrrrl: hahhaaha
Ultragrrrl: DAVE NAVARRO needs to be able to spot a star
Ultragrrrl: he's having a hard time.
KarenPlusOne: hahahahahha
KarenPlusOne: he also needs to be able to find a shirt that closes
KarenPlusOne: ooooh i love tonic!
KarenPlusOne: YIKES
Ultragrrrl: ooooh... delightful late-90s rock
KarenPlusOne: not anymore
KarenPlusOne: dude candlebox is playing irving in august!
Ultragrrrl: i HATE them
KarenPlusOne: i
KarenPlusOne: hate YOU
9:30 PM
Ultragrrrl: candlebox is the 12th worse band on the planet
KarenPlusOne: kill yourself
Ultragrrrl: i'll get back to you on the other 11...
KarenPlusOne: can this guy be one of them?
Ultragrrrl: i bet this dude loves jeff buckley
KarenPlusOne: i bet he loves candlebox
KarenPlusOne: are all the contestants goths?
Ultragrrrl: storm is a friend of greg oohlas, i think
KarenPlusOne: oh i like portland, weird town
Ultragrrrl: weirrd.
Ultragrrrl: her makeup is nice
Ultragrrrl: hair is horrible
Ultragrrrl: i think she's in Kill Hannah
KarenPlusOne: is she wanking her peen?
KarenPlusOne: she is most def the guitarist in kill hannah
KarenPlusOne: somebody should remind her that the torn tshirt assymetrical thing went out 2 years ago
Ultragrrrl: RIP
Ultragrrrl: WTF
Ultragrrrl: she's sometimes pretty, sometimes weird looking
KarenPlusOne: i think when her balls drop is when the weird look youre noticing kicks in
Ultragrrrl: sometimes i wish they were talking about the stone roses.
9:35 PM
KarenPlusOne: the stones rule though
Ultragrrrl: absolutely
Ultragrrrl: but it'd be a trip if someone did "i wanna be adored"
KarenPlusOne: yeah that would be good
KarenPlusOne: i also kinda wish someone would do "colorblind" by counting crows thanks
KarenPlusOne: or little things by bush
Ultragrrrl: oooh, bush would be great!
Ultragrrrl: i'm lukewarm on this nirvana cover.
KarenPlusOne: oh she plays guitar now does she
Ultragrrrl: i normally love covers, but i dont think i ever ever ever like "heart shaped box" covers
9:40 PM
KarenPlusOne: have you heard many?
Ultragrrrl: i feel like any time i see a cover band, they play it.
KarenPlusOne: its a great tune
Ultragrrrl: i think kurt just did it too good.
Ultragrrrl: OMG
Ultragrrrl: oooh, i like this coldplay song!
KarenPlusOne: dude i love this song
Ultragrrrl: haha
KarenPlusOne: i listened to this song at least once a day when i lived in london
Ultragrrrl: he kinda has a gaz combs simian look to him.
KarenPlusOne: he hearts gerard
Ultragrrrl: monchichi
Ultragrrrl: he absolutely does.
Ultragrrrl: "the ghoooooost of you" is sooo in our future
KarenPlusOne: oooh someone needs to cover LIVE
Ultragrrrl: hahaha
Ultragrrrl: i DONT hate this cover
KarenPlusOne: i kinda like this guy!
Ultragrrrl: he's funny looking..... could be beneficial
Ultragrrrl: OOOOOH TOMMY!!!
Ultragrrrl: i heart him
KarenPlusOne: yeah im seriously gonna have to ride tommy please
KarenPlusOne: wasnt there a chick named that on something
Ultragrrrl: yeah!
KarenPlusOne: americanidol?
Ultragrrrl: american idol season one
KarenPlusOne: amazing
Ultragrrrl: the girl with the hot tummy
KarenPlusOne: right
9:45 PM
Ultragrrrl: that stones cover was blah
KarenPlusOne: yeah im back on baseball
KarenPlusOne: lemme know if theres someone good
Ultragrrrl: I LOVE YOU TOMMY
KLEAR630: yeah, how can we get tommy to play with us?
Ultragrrrl: tommy just imitated jagger
KarenPlusOne: OMG
KarenPlusOne: YUM
KarenPlusOne: omg dude
KarenPlusOne: snakes on a plane comes out august 18th
KarenPlusOne: we should get cobra starship to play on the 17th
KarenPlusOne: we are such enablers for discemo
Ultragrrrl: hahaha
Ultragrrrl: i'd like to think of ourseles as discemo's muse
KarenPlusOne: hahahah total
Ultragrrrl: and i think you just created a genre
KarenPlusOne: AGAIN
9:50 PM
Ultragrrrl: emorbid
Ultragrrrl: and discemo
KarenPlusOne: the possibilities are endless!
Ultragrrrl: take that nme!
KarenPlusOne: hahahahahaha
KarenPlusOne: my boyfriends at bat!
KarenPlusOne: go to fox
KarenPlusOne: look how cute he is!
Ultragrrrl: uh... i think i missed him
Ultragrrrl: she's awful.
KarenPlusOne: this song should NEVER EVER be covered
Ultragrrrl: she's so cliche rock girl singer
Ultragrrrl: GORGEOUS though
KarenPlusOne: shes busted
Ultragrrrl: ok... not so hot.
KarenPlusOne: she eats corn
Ultragrrrl: O
Ultragrrrl: M
Ultragrrrl: G
KarenPlusOne: OY VA VOYI
Ultragrrrl: KILLERS!!!!
Ultragrrrl: CRING
KarenPlusOne: SARAH
Ultragrrrl: ok.
KarenPlusOne: this is SO making me creinge
Ultragrrrl: i'm being nice
KarenPlusOne: cringe
Ultragrrrl: oh god
Ultragrrrl: oh god
KarenPlusOne: our boys have become muzak
KarenPlusOne: WHAT
Ultragrrrl: some dude did mr brightside last year
KarenPlusOne: what WAS that???
Ultragrrrl: it was pretty good
9:55 PM
Ultragrrrl: note the bad piercing
Ultragrrrl: i bet this dude beat up brandon in high school
Ultragrrrl: OMG
Ultragrrrl: HIM TALKING!!!
Ultragrrrl: lolz
KarenPlusOne: this show is HILARIOUS
KarenPlusOne: but i need me some live covers
KarenPlusOne: i like lukas
Ultragrrrl: lukas?
KarenPlusOne: lukas the gerard hearter
Ultragrrrl: hahaha
Ultragrrrl: me too
Ultragrrrl: look familiar
i dont know where i've see yew before yew know josh madden??
hmm...just that
take care **kissses and hugss**
Ultragrrrl: not positive
KarenPlusOne: oh whack i hate people
KarenPlusOne: more specificallly YEW
KarenPlusOne: (i dont really mean that i just had to use YEW in a sentence)
Ultragrrrl: what's yew?
KarenPlusOne: read what you just sent me
Ultragrrrl: HAHAHA
10:05 PM
Ultragrrrl: josh has indemo in his profile
KarenPlusOne: indemo
Ultragrrrl: weird.
KarenPlusOne: ???
Ultragrrrl: indie-emo?
KarenPlusOne: oh i like that
KarenPlusOne: good one josh!
Ultragrrrl: "Dan Keyes as Young Love still reigns supreme, as far as I'm concerned, with the electronic-indemo-party music."
Ultragrrrl: i like this girl's hair!!
KarenPlusOne: DONT
KarenPlusOne: YOu
KarenPlusOne: DARE
Ultragrrrl: hahahah
Ultragrrrl: ok. mom
Ultragrrrl: i also like hers
Ultragrrrl: and her makeup
10:15 PM
Ultragrrrl: i know it's really out there... but it's kinda awesome
Ultragrrrl: like, no matter what, her hair is always styled
KarenPlusOne: yeah
Ultragrrrl: she looks a bit like sioux
KarenPlusOne: HA
10:20 PM
Ultragrrrl: this girl is so pretty
Ultragrrrl: she looks like hilary duff
KarenPlusOne: sarah you are the worst
KarenPlusOne: you are such a sucker for haircuts
KarenPlusOne: even on girls
Ultragrrrl: she looks like a punk hilary duff!!!
KarenPlusOne: bad combo!
KarenPlusOne: im back in my room now
KarenPlusOne: watching baseball

THE END. In conclusion, i love karen, even though her love of the Mets is kinda gay.

Friday, July 7, 2006


it's friday night at 11:30pm and i'm still in the office.


tomorrow at 11am i'm taking a train to DC to meet up with permanent me at the studio where they're recording their album with Matt Squire. He did the panic at the disco record and a few other current hits... the PM will just be another one, i hope. i was told that matt has gorgeous green eyes. i can't wait to see them for myself.

he also has a black pug that i've been promised that i will love. when i was younger i made friends with people specifically if they had dogs so i could play with them. when i was 9 i finally got one of my own. she died a year and a half ago and i still cry nearly every night about her and so does the rest of my family.

my friend amy and her 11 year old son, dakota, are at my apartment spending the weekend. i feel like a terrible host, but they came by the office for a couple of hours and dakota played us all songs on his acoustic guitar. it was pretty genius.

did i mention how tired i am?

destiny is calling me... to bed.

BRIGHT LIGHT FEVER and THE OOHLAS have a bunch of great shows HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Please check them out:

7.06.06 Stockton, CA - The Empire Theater w/ bridges & morse
7.07.06 Reno, NV - The Satellite w/ bridges
7.12.06 Sacramento, CA - The Crest Theater SAMMIES awards show
7.14.06 Sacramento, CA - Old Ironsides w/ Pets (CD Release)
7.29.06 Phoenix, AZ - Modified Arts w/ showbread, the finalist & paulson
7.31.06 Hollywood, CA - The Echo w/ the oohlas
8.01.06 Hollywood, CA - Safari Sams w/ the teddybears & dj ultragrrrl
8.02.06 Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction w/ showbread, the finalist & paulson
8.03.06 San Jose, CA - The Cave w/ showbread, the finalist & paulson
8.04.06 Modesto, CA - The Modesto Underground w/ showbread, the finalist & paulson
8.05.06 Roseville, CA - Underground Cafe w/ showbread, the finalist & paulson
8.06.06 Ashland, OR - The Revolution w/ showbread, the finalist & paulson
8.07.06 Seattle, WA - El Corozon w/ showbread, the finalist & paulson
8.08.06 Spokane, WA - Rawk w/ showbread, the finalist & paulson
8.09.06 Boise, ID - The Venue w/ showbread, the finalist & paulson
8.18.06 Sacramento, CA - Ceasar Chavez Park w/ the snobs & hot pistol
9.29.06 Sacramento, CA - Old Ironsides w/ tall birds & hot pistol


Mon July 10; 7pm; $10 adv; $12 dos; FREE after 10pm / all ages til 10pm then 21+
8pm Human Television
9pm The Lilys
10pm The Ettes
11pm The Oohlas

Mon July 17; 7pm / $8; FREE after 10pm / 21+
8pm Crosstide
9pm Nicolai Dunger
10pm The Oohlas
11pm The Ettes

Mon July 24; 8:30pm / FREE / 21+
9pm Gentlemen Callers
9:45pm The Ettes
10:30pm The Oohlas
11:30pm tba

Mon July 31; 8:30pm / FREE / 21+
9pm Bright Light Fever
9:45pm The Oohlas
10:30pm The Ettes
11:30pm Science Of Subconsious

All the kids from the emo scene are turning in their weepy wails for dance beats ... and I can't say that I'm ALL that bummed out.

Midtown's Gabe Seporta went to Misshapes and Stolen Transmission enough times to get it right... and I guess that's probably where he met Maja from the Sounds... and that dude from the Academy Is... and everyone else on Decaydance.

check out the video. it's pretty fun.

So to recap:

Recover ---> Young Love
Midtown ---> Cobra Starship
Glassjaw --> Head Automatica
Glassjaw --> Men, Women And Children

I guess the music world isn't the only thing being inspired by the New York City clubscene -- and specifically Misshapes -- the Fashion scene is getting inspired as well. This week while Leigh, Geo and Seandak were in Milan, they got invited to the Dior show. While they were there they found out that the line was going to be called "the New Club Kids." You can only imagine how amused they were when all the male models walked out looking exactly like Geo.

They hatin'.

I'm just sharing something I found today. Gravity does not exist in Peoria, AZ.

Kind of the best shit ever in a "omg, i gotta share this immediately with everyone on my buddy list" kind of way.

Thursday, July 6, 2006


Incase you didnt know, I live in the best, best, best* apartment on the lower east side. Everyone who lives there (minus brandon cause he's on tour) will be DJing tonight at Stolen Transmission (which takes place at the Annex ... 152 Orchard st btw rivington and stanton on the LES of NYC). We'll be in the basement. Please come and party with us.

12am - 1am: DJ xGurjx
1am - 2am: DJ Josh Madden
2am - 4am: The Tarts of Pleasure!

*according to me and the 29 kids who RPG me, gurj, josh and brandon on livejournal.

This is something that Ollie Oohlas asked me to post:
"Did anyone watch the rockstar show with Dave Navarro last night? If so, did you catch the creepy as hell "sunsilk" hair stuff block of like 5 commercials? the ones where there's a strange middle aged woman voiceover insulting the same 3 chicks' hairdos in a park over and over? Did you feel weird? Discuss. ty."

Wednesday, July 5, 2006


I've been having an insanely fun time this past week or so. So much fun that I never have time to update. But i'm working on a massive up date that is bananas and if nobody reads it, that's just fine because at least in 5 years i can look back and laugh hysterically at my life.

Until then, there are new party photos from the last Stolen Transmission going up (they take a minute to load in our servers).

Please check the stolen transmission main page for show updates for BLF and the Oohlas.

a new ST site will be up in a month. yay!