Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tweet Tweet Motherfucker

Hi. So I have been using twitter a lot. A LOT. I really enjoy Twitter because it's sort of how my brain works: a constant stream of short thoughts.

However, I understand that not everyone thinks in the same way -- as pointed out by someone in the comments section of the blog -- so i'm going to compromise: I'm going to post a "best of twitter" type thing. It's basically is going to be like a digest of everything i'm tweeting about or maybe like, flushing things out.

For instance:

Tweet 1:
OMG My boss @libbypigg just shouted: RT @bumpershine Arcade Fire to announce Webster Hall shows next week? -via
35 minutes ago via web

Here's the gist from
Arcade Fire to announce intimate club shows next week
Arcade Fire's manager Scott Rodger just tweeted this.

Arcade Fire live dates will be announced weekly. Best to check in with for details. New site launching soon.
Last week he tweeted:

We'll announce some smaller, special shows soon.
Rumor has it that Arcade Fire will play two nights at Webster Hall in June.

Tweet 2:
Listen to Hussle Club, my favorite new band:
about 3 hours ago via web

I'm obsessed with Hussle Club. They're playing tonight at Public Assembly in Williamsburg at 11pm. The singer, Prince Terrence, used to play drums in a bagillion bands and now this is his own. Musically, you'll like them if you're into Siouxie and the Banshees, Gang of Four, Bauhaus, or just good music in general. I took my friend Casey to see their first ever show and she likes Hanson but fell in love with Hussle Club... and everyone else at the show basically only listens to post-punk bullshit, so yeah... they appeal to the masses, son.

Anyway, i hope i can be a little bit more eloquent in teh future on here when giving the flushed out / digest version of my twitter page. I'm kind of in a rush right now working on a deck for a client that my mind is in other places.

I hate to suck deck.

OH, and here are some videos:

My brother Lawrence singing "Love Train" like Peter Murphy/Bowie:

Kevin Kearney singing "Fake Plastic Trees" in a way that made me swoon:

A Lady Gaga & Metallica mashup:

OMG Cat:

And lastly:
An interview with a famous physicist known for studying time: