Wednesday, February 28, 2007


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A pair of Sumatran tiger cubs and a set of young orang-utans, all abandoned at birth, have become inseparable after sharing a room at an Indonesian zoo.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm so glad i got all my cutting points down. now it's time to attempt suicide.

Monday, February 26, 2007


I know i've been in hiding when it comes to blogging, and i'm really sorry about that. I have no excuse. But something that got me out of hiding is this amazing video of Jada Pinkett Smith's band, Wicked Wisdom, taken from their performance on David Letterman. Gurj showed it to me yesterday and sent me and Brandon into a crying fit of laughter. i just played it for Rob and we were doubled over, crying. I have eyeliner running down my face. Now, I applaud JPS for trying... BUT OH MY FUCKING GOD!

Monday, February 5, 2007


So I was delighted to find this in my bulletins just now:
Body: soooo after months of talking about it...friends have actually started recording songs for leroy! add his page so you can hear! his name is 'songs for leroy'. there's a lot more to come! i am very excited! by the end of next week we'll have a few more songs up! if you love leroy and/o songs about must add him! the song is by joe. he is great. dan, mykee and i will all follow suit! yay! have fun with it!

here is leroy and brooke and really just a reason for me to post a photos fo BS since i fucking love her:


Saturday, February 3, 2007



The fine people at buzznet sent me this amazing phone that lets me take photos and video and immediately zap them to my Buzznet page!!!

I think i'm gonna be moving shit over there since i can blog, post photos and videos, and have like a little myspace style thing going on. Only thing i dont like is that every time someone adds me, i get an email in my buzznet inbox, and i get all these random emails that arent even for me, which is weird.

anyways.... go there.

there's also a video of my parent's apartment which is really cute. My dad became some sort of ebay art dealer in the past year, so that's why they've got nothing but paintings on the walls. it's amazing.

Friday, February 2, 2007


So i know it's been forever since i've posted and i've been promising a super large mega post... I've been so fucking busy with work. I don't have time to post that much, and i hardly have time to stay awake. It blows! I even decided not to have a birhtday party this year because I didnt feel like going anywhere after work and commiting to more than an hour and a half of being out of the house (I asked ppl to donate $6 to this animal rescue site, instead).

But you know, the thing is that last week had two of the best days in my life. The bands on Stolen Transmission all got flown into NYC for some workshop -- which meant that it wasn't our dime! Which was awesome!!!! This was the first time that they were all together, in one city, and so ST decided to organize that Animal Rescue benefit that all ST bands could play. Nick Snow MC'ed... which was fucking hilarious, and we filmed it for our Stolen TransVision channel we're starting up on YouTube. The Misshapes DJed. I love them all.

It worked out amazing! First off of the night were The Oohlas performing acoustic. Their drummer couldn't make it to NYC on the 22nd of January, so they went on performing with out him.

I love whenever the Oohlas perform acoustic because they have a version of "Gone" that they perform that's absolutely breathtaking. Everytime I hear it I start to transcend.

Bright Light Fever. I FUCKING LOVE BLF. They make me feel like I've crawled into the south in the 50s and took the blues guitar rock from that time, and went to the future and played it for a bunch of dudes in Sacramento and they came up with those songs. It was their first ever ever

Bright Light Fever rule my life. I feel like i have soul when i listen to them.

Next up: Monty Are I. Watching them, I think back to when I was head over heels enamoured with the Darkness (RIP). They're completely over the top and incredible to watch on stage. They make music like there are 30 people on the stage, and Steve Aiello rips on guitar! They're absolutely a band to see live.

People were freaking out over The Photo Atlas... The Denver dancepunk band which blow minds whenver they play live (and had their songs featured on the best damn sports show period on foxsports... weird, right?! Permanent Me and the Oohlas were on there as well... mindblowing). Something about them reminds me of Nine Inch Nails. Stoked head = me.

And then of course, Permanent ME played... but not til about 12 ish... and they were sauced up beyond belief. They had something to celebrate since at midnight was their release date. Hollur! Secondly, they were finally done with a 3 week long tour with Fall Out Boy and got to see a bunch of their friends.

Raizza won a raffle prize and will be appearing in the new Cartel video!!!!

The photo in the post below was taken on Jan 23, at the Time Hotel when all the bands got together to bullshit and smoke weed with the RZA! Yes! AMAZING!

Anyway, I wrote this long thing about American Idol from a couple episodes ago, and i wanna share... when i say "Yesterday" i mean, like on jan 24.

Lastnight when I got home from work at 10pm, I sat down on my ridiculously comfy couch with orange seitan from wild ginger (holy shit, that stuff is unreal), and re-watched American Idol from the night before on my dvr. I had actually watched it on wednesday night but completely forgot it after injesting enough bacardi mixed drinks at a defjam function that I lost all inhibition and started booty dancing with an artist they were showcasing named Sterling. This was imediately followed by me getting high fived by all the women who work at defjam that couldn't believe how lucky I was to swivel my hips with a very hot singer who insisted on lifting his t-shirt to reveal a very lovely six pack. Yum. Sterling Sims, will you be my baby daddy?

Anyway, before I went on a tangent, I was talking about American Idol...

This year is gonna be the best year ever, mark my words. First off, there were two guys who made it to hollywood that are possibly two of the hottest dudes I've seen on tv (excluding my bf's face that I see on fuse every other hour). One of them was a perfect mixture of Justin Timberlake and 3/4 of Thrice. Equal parts pretty and dude-like and possibly sensitive. He'd possibly buy you tampons when your back hurts too much to leave the house, and he'd probably punch a dude for looking at you weird and he'd show off his singing every once in a while as he plays lacross or soccer with his buddies, but you love him for all that.

You even love him when he is the lead in Guys and Dolls.

The other guy was hands down the most gorgeous person to walk the planet. I could not believe my eyes when I saw him. A 16 year old 6'4 (or more) black man (he surely was no boy) that had been adopted by Bolivian parents that undoubtedly look at him everyday and think they won the adoption lottery.... Whose very existence will probably prompt people to adopt more. This man is perfect. Picture Tyson Beckford mixed with Bratt Pitt and mutiply the hotness by a 1000 and you're close. Plus he could sing! Oh could he sing! If he doesn't win AI, he will have a future in front of the camera because his face and his soul belongs there to make us happy as a society. I'm sorry Jackson Pollis, but I have a new teen dream.

Now, I'm not gonna just give love to the boys because the girls were equally as impressive. I'd like to start off with my diappointment with the judges not picking that adorably hyper and energetic gapped tooth girl who pleaded that a lot of people were counting on her to go to Hollywood. She was obviously talented and actually quite adorable and sweet. It was obvious to the home viewer why she didn't get picked and frankly, I'm disgusted by the judges and their shallowness. Yes, there's an irony to me saying that after I've just dedicated so much time celebrating the beauty of two male contestants, but I'm a fan of the underdog, being one myself.

That said...

Among the women who made it to Hollywood were a pair of best friends from NJ that were pretty much the female equivelent to the two men I mentioned above. One was a gorgeous Barbara Streisand-mini, while the other was a more exotic version of Jessica Beil. They both boasted how amazing they were before appearing in front of the judges in a way that American Idol likes to set up people before knocking them down after they perform a horrendous audition. However these girls actually had the chops to back up their immodesty. And yes, AI will be super sexy this year.

My favorite of the night, however, was the little bracefaced opera singer with her joseph and the technicolor hair. She wore a dream catcher in her long mane and more colors than Ollie Stone. This girl was everything you'd picture a new yorker to be: confident, weird, jewish (I think), clever, and tough. Her audition song was by Jeff Buckley and she belted out his words like a polished up joplin. When the jusdges couldn't really guage her based on that, she sang one of the songs that the contestants have to sing all the time in hollywood that I've forgotten the name of. When that wasn't enough, she belted out some opera gorgeously and with such a natural ease that it was almost shocking. Needless to say, she made it to Hollywood and might unfortunately be kicked out of her school for auditioning. Hopefully it will be worth it.

But the real reason I liked this girl so much is because she was a character straight out of a Woody Allen movie. She was basically every young female role evr scripted by allen rolled into one. When the judges questioned her diversity, she shot back with such an obvious response that was either genius or crazy (much like allen), but also right on the mark and very deadpan: "you change the theme every week and I can do it all." Or something like that. THEN after her audition, while standing outside on some sort of deck, she looked right into the camera with determination and declared "the south has had a lockdown on american idol and I'm going to end that!" how many teenaged girls would ever say that? Ugh! I'm in love!