Friday, August 6, 2004


My little cousin Maurice is 17 and in a cover band. The kid is amazingly talented, and i'm not just saying that cause he's my cousin, i'm saying it cause it's true. When Maurice was 15 I took him to see My Chemical Romance and I guess it sort of changed his life cause after that he started listening to better bands and got really serious into performing music. He always had a shockingly good voice with great tone and fantastic pitch, but just totally lacked the motivation to start a band cause he figured he should do like the kids in his school and community and open a store once he finished high school. Finally he realized he could sing in a punk band and started one with his school friends. Mind you, they all go to yeshiva (jewish day school), so they're in the "no shows on friday nights" ghetto. Fun times.

Anwyay, Maurice is an amazing performer. He handled his second show with the charisma and stage presence of a seasoned pro, emulating Gerard Way from MCR.

So we're sitting here on our friday night -- both of us stuck at home cause we've both finished our shabbat dinner at our homes and are winding down. He starts IMing me about some Vice party he saw in Vice magazine. Totally freaking out about all the coke and whores they show. Then he's telling me about a show he performed on thursday in Deal, NJ and how the audience of all these uptight syrian jews started a mosh pit so crazy that he and his guitarist jumped into it. Then he was telling me about covering Muse. Apparently they were about to play "Time is Running Out" but decided to have a little break down into "Bliss" and everyone freaked out. Then we had a half hour conversation about the different pedals Matt Bellamy uses -- which pretty much consisted of me saying "he's got custom made guitars and theyr'e built right in." and him saying "no way!" So if anyone could tell me what kind of pedals matt uses so i can tell him i'd really appreciate it. I just love the fact that I had an IM with my cousin about this. It makes me really proud to be related to someone so fucking cool! He's only 17!


EggShen said...
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EggShen said...

matt bellamy:

dumb arse said...

Hey Sarah. I hope Shabbat was good for yourself and your family. I took the liberty of "google'ing" Matt Bellamy and his guitar pedals. This is what I came across:

"UK’s trio Muse is currently out on the road in America soon to return to Europe for more touring. Guitarist Matt Bellamy relies heavily on the Whammy4™ to obtain strange and unusual sounds. He controls the whammy function via MIDI from a keyboard strip custom built right on his guitar, with the pedal kept in a draw in his rack. A truly unique and must see band…"

Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Matt Bellamy has a golden finish
Pic of the "Big Muff" hereI hope this has been of some sort of help to your cousin. By the way, do you know what ever became of the members of 'The Rentals'? I saw them and Space Hog at my first concert ever. They both opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers at RPI Fieldhouse in Troy, NY back in Feb. '96. I was just wondering if you knew of anything about them. I loved the "Friends of P" track. Best wishes to your cousin. Have a great weekend and I'll be reading more of your blog. Peace and chicken grease!


Anonymous said...

If you go to and click on "gear" on the side of the page. Everything that Matt uses is on there!
-Jaclyn =)

katee c, that emo girl said...

hey is he single he sounds awsome
oh yeah by the way im 16

Anonymous said...

where the fuck did he play in deal? I'm in Oakhurst and had no clue there was anywhere to play unless you slum to asbury and sell 2828282 tickets to play the saint.

Ultragrrrl said...

My cousin played at the JCC. i guess it's a jewish equivlent to playing the basement of a church or something.

Anonymous said...

ha! I went to preschool there. It's near a block that contains nothing but bagel shops and delis. man that's jewish.

Patrick said...

someone should really head into deal and allenhurst and make a reality show. you haven't met a jew until you've met the syrians living in their 8 million dollar house on the jersey shore.

these people are nutzo :)

Raised By Bees said...


Your cousin is so lucky that he has someone like you to talk to.

Again, it is interesting to me to hear that Syrian Jews actually exist because the Syrians in my family are not Jewish. After hanging out with my grandma at a wedding recently, I think her religion is Crazy.

Tell me more.
The Other Jewish (Part Syrian) Sara

Anonymous said...

Today I was in the Oakhurst 7-eleven (nicknamed syrian eleven) and I was surrounded by syrian jews. everyone sounded like they were on the sopranos/from brooklyn. I'm a jew myself, but I don't get the no-pants rule. If god's so forgiving, would he give a rat's ass if you wear jeans once in a while?

the Deal area is very interesting. drive south along any road and you can see the distinct sudden line where Asbury Park begins. Millionaire mansions next to shitholes. the dead boardwalk is so creepy and cool - I often wonder why it's yet to be the setting for something theatrical.

Raised By Bees said...

What do you mean "no pants rule." You mean the women? I never wear pants either.

bisly said...

The "creepy-cool" boardwalk has been the setting for a few things theatrical, (the Sopranos, City by the Sea) but mainly it doubles as different places in films.

Patrick said...

the boardwalk has a scene or 2 in pretty much every kevin smith movie.

bisly said...

If by "every Kevin Smith" movie, you actually mean "Dogma," then you're correct.