Friday, August 13, 2004


Wanna be a DJ? If you come to the Tarts of Pleasure DJ gig tonight at Red and Black in Williamsburg, and bring your own music (indie, pop, new wave, rock, hip hop only... no house. no jungle. no songs i can't sing along to), we'll throw you behind the decks and let you bust a move. Don't know how to DJ? That's alright, I'll show you how. You can buy me a drink for the lesson cause really, it's only worth a few bucks.

We're making a drunken ruckous from 11pm - 4am.


Nylund said...

I can't wait to be pleasured by you tarts.


sls said...

okay, so i have been dj'ing the fools down here in florda for the night while we're being blasted by hurricane charlie and i'm totally not supposed to be here this long. i will be back home in nyc on tuesday and i fear that its going to be way too late for any further tarts of pleasure where i can make people dance their sweet asses off. i am so scared. sarah, tell me there will be another sweet chance. totally sweet.

i'm scared that i will never get the chance to show new york my chops. those wicked little chops of mine. i will totally show everyone how to shake and jive and twitch if only tarts of pleasure were to return again. if not, check me out as i dj the fuck out of hi-fi on sunday afternoons through the evening (avenue A and between 9th and 10th. or is it 10th and 11th. or shit is it 11th and 12th. i will totally buy drinks for anyone who shows up there to see me rip the fucking jukebox apart). i have a mean habit of wasting a whole lot of money and sitting by myself and listening to songs that shake my ass and or thighs and also drop me to a mean level of depression.

if sarah has no more tarts of pleasure. lets do that. sundays. i'm an asshole. i will be there. writing takes a break on sundays.

i hate myself sometimes. sarah, you are wonderful. enjoy your stuff.

Anonymous said...

dammit i missed it..come back to red and black.. i like that place and i wanna see you there

Ernest said...

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