Wednesday, August 18, 2004


keep all cell phones out of my hands after 5 drinks if i'm still awake at five am.
by the way. i heard i'm the gawker personal of the day. the last thing i need in my life is more boys. i decided to change my photo and put something totally tasteful in it's place.

last night i went to see the libertines. they were good, fantastic actually, but lacked the sexual tension that i love about them. it was heartbreaking to watch carl command a stage that he once shared with someone he so obviously loved with all his heart but had to let go of. no doubt he can do this alone, but i couldnt help but think of pink floyd while watching them. what do you do when your singer goes crazy? you move on. you try to grow from the experience and make the best music you can with what you've got and then end up being a vital band. i wonder if that will happen to the libertines. while watching something so sad, i also felt like i was privvy to something mildly historic in music culture. like we're at the eye of the storm, and something is brewing that might knock my trailer park home on it's side in the near future.

after the show i went to the dark room. my new favorite bar. after my two sparks and two caronas i really should've called it a night. instead my night consisted of me mouthing off my big fucking mouth. i have a new friend. his name is antony and he's in that band the five o'clock hereos aka the cutest band in nyc who are also really good and whom gregtheboyfriend is a big fan of cause their shows consist of a lot of nubile pyt's. i hate being friends with boys in bands, i really do. but he's a cool dude and he's got skills. computer hacking skills, ebay skills, and he can grow a mustache in like, two days. sweet! antony had to deal with my drunken skills for many hours and was very gracious about it. as was his guitarist elliot who is equally cute. i like hanging out with cute boys that i don't touch.

there were a lot of boys in bands. girls in bands. people who listen to bands. and people who say they dont listen to the bands that were there.

a sample conversation from last night.
random boy: excuse me, do you have a cigarette?
me: did you ask me this cause i'm holding a box of cigarettes in my hand?
boy: no. you just look like you would have a cigarette.
me: is it cause i'm short? you think smoking stunted my growth?
boy: yes.
me: here.
boy: you having fun?
me: i am.
boy: do you want to meet carl from the libertines?
me: no.
boy: are you serious?
me: yes.
boy: why?!
me: so i can scare him off by professing my love for his band? no.

and i walked off.

i think feel like hell today. horay.

tonight i'm going to see the music at bowery ballroom. this will be an amazing show. last night robert the singer did a flying kick to my head. ok. he didnt. but he told someone i was totally pissed (drunk) when i accidently fucked up the vowels in her name. he was absolutely right.

what are you doing on saturday night?


Tankboy said...

At least you know where your cell-phone is...mine ran away from me at some point after my DJ set last night. If anyone in Chicago sees a Motorola V600 phone running through the streets a la the milk-carton in that Blur video, please drop me a line. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How can they call you if your phone ran away??? slutty stephen

Anonymous said...

I've never even been introduced to you, but roughly once a week I come read your blog to remember what the fuck I did last night. It strikes me that this can't possibly be a good thing.

and every time I see you I think oh there's that girl, maybe I should go meet her...and I start to walk over and invariably get sidetracked by a drink. This is such a weird city.

Ultragrrrl said...

if you get sidetracked by a drink, make it two, and give me the other.

Anonymous said...

I hope that picture of Alex is photoshopped...hah

Anonymous said...

getting a second drink -- it's a deal!

boss said...

i never thought that growing a moustache in two days is a great talent :) By the way i can grow moustache in four days :(
Your blog is always one of my favorite!!! Ciao from Italy

Anonymous said...

micah is hot. happy birthday to micah.

Anonymous said...

i saw the libs for the first time last week in sydney, and although i never saw seem as the Pete and Carl show, there was a definite warp in the space time continuum.... good call on the Pink Flloyd, but i think it's a smidge too sympatheitc...but hey, i am lampooned out in the nether regions of the globe!

i do enjoy your repartee,