Monday, August 16, 2004


The Killers asked me to DJ before, after, and between sets. So if you're going, please dance. Thanks!


Keith said...

Ooh, can we bring digital cameras and get our picture taken with you so we can put faux versions of "Making Out with Ultragrrrl" in our own blogs?

Ultragrrrl said...

that would be hot.

Anonymous said...

Can you spin some Urban Dance Squad tonight?

Miss Tanya said...

I'm not just getting my picture with her, I'm getting my picture taken ON her.

holmes said...

i'll go a step further and have my picture taken in her (sorry sarah, but i couldn't resist).

Anonymous said...

hey does anyone have any extra tickets for this killers soiree?
if so, pleeeeeeease email me:
(sorry to hog ze blog but this place might as well be a killers fansite)

Anonymous said...

you spun a great set tonight at the killers show--if you happen to remember all the songs you played, could you please list them? i want to download them all for a dance mix for my ipod =)

m said...

that was a fab set i agree...

i recall the following:

the white stripes - seven nation army
prince - kiss
modest mouse - float on
interpol - slow hands
the killers - somebody told me (tease)
joy division - love will tear us apart
new order - bizarre love triangle

hmm, wht else?

Ultragrrrl said...

whoa. you people have better memory than me.

i think the other songs i played throughout the night were:

gang of four - man in uniform
fugazi - waiting room
depeche mode - master and servents
billy idol - dancing with myself (cause that's what i was doing)
g'n'r - welcome to the jungle
tears for fears - mad world
fever - ladyfingers

some more stuff. but i forgot.