Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Remember when everyone got all pissy at me for posting this?

Well, the New York Times ran a thing that Scott pointed out to me about the Federline Style.

And a week or two ago i decided to take a photo of all the boys I passed in the five blocks it takes for me to get from my door to the subway. 10 boys with the over sized shirts were counted. Here's photo evidence:

OK. so quit calling me crazy.


Anonymous said...

Not to be an asshole or anything, but this style existed LONG before Federline's gold-digging ass stepped on the scene.

...um, it's an integral look based out of urban hip-hop culture, not some cultural wannabe's new look of the year.

C'mon now, we all saw the pics on Stereogum... Kevin was rocking the 90s catalog model look just a few years prior.

*somewhat disappointed*

Anonymous said...

I've seen fifteen years of that "style" around me. The Media is incredibly deplorable if they assume it's a recent trend, especially started by Mr. Brit Brit to be.

fairest said...

sarah, even though I laughed really hard when I saw that dude write "integral look based out of urban hip-hop culture"... the professor is right, really. don't you live on the LES? You've bee seeing this shit for a long, long time. You just didn't notice it, like terrorists.

Nikola 6 said...

Sarah never said that Kevin Federline originated the oversize tee-shirt style. She just pointed out that she's seen a lot of boys dressed that way. So relax.

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned it the other day i thought i would drop the bomb!
Muse and Secret Machines have scratched their tour plans for the fall. No word of the reason yet...but it has nothing to do with Chris' injury.

There is confirmation of this on the Secret Machines messageboard from Brandon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, did you see that your personals ad is the featured one on Gawker.com! Nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Wholly crap, did y'all see this on Page Six?!?!?!


BRITNEY Spears is going retro. For her upcoming "Greatest Hits" album, the pop tart is recording a remake of Bobby Brown's '80s hit "My Perogative." According to "Access Hollywood," in the video for the song, Spears will "marry" a Kevin Federline look-alike. The two are also supposedly in talks with MTV to become MTV's new "Newlyweds." According to US Weekly, "Britney wants Kevin to be just as famous as she is." Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, who currently star in "Newlyweds," have said they don't want to do the show anymore.

Anonymous said...

No one said Sarah refered to Kevin Federline as having started the trend. The Media has the tendency to assume that "white" boys who adapt the urban hip hop style, somehow revive it.

Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta, and my boyfriend and I counted 31 big white tees while driving a mile down Boulevard. It's our latest obsession.

Anonymous said...

check it out! ultragrrrl is the gawker personal of the day!

Tankboy said...

RE: Gawker stats-

I had no idea you were over a foot shorter than I was! Folks like you should get automatic access to front-row stage-center at every show so guys like me don't feel bad for blocking your view...

Raised By Bees said...

Tall boys should just let the short girls through at shows. Period. Most boys are okay with this policy, except for tall girls. They can be total bitches about this. My one and only throwdown at a show almost happened with this glamazon at a Saint Etienne show.

Anyway, the big T-shirt thing has been around for at least a decade, and like baggy jeans, tatoos, piercing, it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Although I suppose now the big T shirts are evenly distributed in Sarah's neighborhood and the burbs. It's just funny when the mainstream media picks times to write think pieces about them. Also, since obesity is becoming more of a problem with the general population, the clothes will get bigger, but sadly, only for boys. Girls clothes keep getting smaller, or perhaps I am getting fatter.

After reading the comments in the Franz Ferdinand post about American boys not knowing how to dress, maybe the large T-shirt is a sign of distress. Perhaps Queer Eye's work isn't done yet.

Nice personal ad, Sarah. I like the Weapon of Mass Consumption part.

The Philadelphia Sara

Anonymous said...

Hold on. Let me make sure I've got this figured out: Sarah went out of her way to take pictures of young black guys wearing big t-shirts - to prove a point?

Am I missing something here?

Who the fuck is Kevin Federline? Who cares?

I didn't realize big white t-shirts were simply a black/Latino thing! All types of dudes have been rockin' them 'round the boroughs for a couple of decades now. It's just an urban/street style that's been popularized by media. Sure, it's not high fashion, but who gives a fuck, really? Not like being a strategically unkempt/sloppy snob off an Urban Outfitter's assembly line is any better.

Isn't this sort of (stupid) thing cutting into her more important duties - such as make-out sessions with mediocre indie rock bands? Is she after some ironic hipster trophy? If so, before she can get one she needs to make sure she can at least back up her original statement and get pictures of at least a few hundred Latino boys in those shirts. I mean, they all wear them after all. ALL OF THEM.

Ultragrrrl said...

Whoa. You put me in my place!

Anonymous said...

Niggah, pleez.