Thursday, August 5, 2004


There's one little gadget that I've been eyeing for the past couple of months and that's the T-Mobile sidekick. It's this handheld device that has the internet, email, instant messenger, a calander, phonebook, phone, and probably a shitload of other functions that I haven't heard of yet. Anyway, you can apparently buy it for like $150 and then get a rebate and after the rebate it's $99. At least that's what it says here. All my musician friends have been busting them out like they're yesterday's news. But i'm slow when it comes to current events, so for me, it's the future.

So you might be asking yourself, Sarah, what's that gotta do with party? Well, the fine people at t-mobile had a party in LA (i assume it's LA cause Paris was there).

She's funny and hot.

Samaire dyed her hair brown.

This girl looks like my friend Kim TB, who happens to be the prettiest girl in all the universe.

Bijou don't give a fuck. She's like, I'm gonna just throw on whatever. This is why she's awesome. It's almost like she's Paris and Nicki's cousin from out of town that they gotta bring to all the parties cause their parents told them too. And since Bijou is from out of town she doesn't have the cool clothes that the other kids have so she rocks what she's got. But surprise, surprise, she's more wild and crazy than they ever could expect. She becomes the life of the party and in the process manages to warm the heart of the evil puppy killer who gives up killing puppies, meaning Bjiou saved the day.

Or, she'll just look at Nicki and go "Mmmm... Food as Paris catches her reflection in a T-Mobile Sidekick 2.

Speaking of Paris, check out the song she recorded to be her single but it was taken from her and given to someone else, i forget who. Maybe Lindsay Lohan. It's pretty good and if it's actually her singing, her voice isn't bad.

Remember how i once said you should see the movie "Girl Next Door"? Here's a good reason.

This band is called Last Amanada. I saw that photo and said to the gremlins in my head "they look swedish." Googled them, and I was right. Fucking Sweedes.

More party people here.

On a totally different note, I made Karen and Lindsay indulge me in my "If you put the tracks of Muse's Absolution in reverse order and start them at the beginning of the tangent universe in Donnie Darko, i am certain they'll sync up." It did for some songs, but mostly at the end when the clock struck midnight or something and i cued up "Time is Running Out" which then pretty much lined up Donnie's and Matt's shared vocal proclimation of "time is running out!!!" The song then went into "Apocalypse Please" (because I had it going in reverse order, remember) and it fit really perfectly with the world ending in the movie (cause Donnie was destroying the universe to save it) and the part when Matty Bells sings "it's the ennnnnnnnnnd... yaaaaaaaaaauwhoaaaaaa this is the ennnnnnnd of THA WORLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD." Yeah, we were sort of stoned. But it works!!!

Then I went to see Dogs Die In Hot Cars and they were totally fucking great. I remember not liking them when I saw them in London last november but this time around, i guess they got tigheter, and made me dance and be happy and jolly. Andrea and Karen were spot on when comparing them to Dexy's Midnight Runners. Sadly, no overalls. But the singer looks like Josh Hartnett to me.

Pitty Sing also played and whoooo! I don't even feel like it's fair for me to compare last night's show to the one I saw a bunch of months ago. They really fucking great live. The singer reminds me of Matt from Muse a little in the way his vocals are totally over the top but at the same time totally fucking appropriately so. They showed off a bunch of new songs, but the one that i love the most, "Radio," really shined. Thankfully, the band refrained from kicking my ass off stage (due to a sour review i gave them months ago), so they could kick ass on stage.

The night's headliner, Morning Theft, is another band to watch, but when you go watch them, bring ear plugs cause they bring their sound to 11. Musically, they're in the same vain (vein?) as Muse (apparently my favorite band to compare other bands to today), with dramatic and hard hitting guitar lines, and vocally Rob sounds a bit like Kurt Cobain. Little girls are gonna love him.


Karen said...

Yeah, so not only was the Apocalypse Please sequence dead-on awesome, but can we PLEASE mention Grandma Deaths two-step to Hysteria? Someone, please put Sarah and I in touch with the video coordinator for Muse, because lord knows we have some excellent ideas.

Furthermore, I told you DDIHC were fun, asshole.

Rae said...

1) I don't like samaire's new hair, but i love her because she was in a hanson video so we're all nice nice.
2) Nikki Hilton's dark hair is hot like woah.

AlexisT said...

Paris is so HOT.

I was wowed by Morning Theft last night too.
If SPIN had a "Best Unsigned Band of the Month" column MT should be featured.

holmes said...

thanks for the comments, sarah and alexis. and you too, karen. glad you guys had fun. yes indeed, we are like spinal tap.....all our amps go to 11.

sebrown000 said...

Click Sarah's "more party people" link and look for that picture of Shane West. It's hilarious. Why does he always strike that pose when photographed? He looks like he watched way too much Zoolander and started thinking that "Blue Steel" is actually pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

fucking swedes indeed. they come from big north land.

Anonymous said...

ja. we like to party. we like the cars that go boom. i see my reflection in the screen boom boom.

Anonymous said...

you can get a sidekick for free. just look at some of the ads in nyp or the voice. it might be after rebate, but final cost is $0.

there's a new model coming out in sept-oct. look for t-mobile stores to be using the old one's as paperweights.