Thursday, August 5, 2004


Hurry and read this caption before they take it down.

I guess it's been taken down. Here's what it said:
"Team USA's Allen Iverson (news) is mobbed byhis teammates after making the game-winning shit in their 80-77 win over Germany in an exhibition match oin Cologne, western Germany, Wednesday Aug. 4, 2004.(AP Photo/Hermann J. Knippertz)"

this was the photo:


Anonymous said...

what the hell did it say?

bisly said...

Look at these guys, they're acting like they just won a gold medal or somethin'.When in fact, all they did was beat Germany. By one point.

Unknown said...

"Game-winning shit" is appropriate given this team's miserable play so far.

Anonymous said...

that's some gay ass shit, but then again, so are all team sports. greek time is almost here, lather up.