Friday, August 6, 2004


Today is Mark "Whatevs" "Uncle Grambo" "Baby Daddy" Graham's birthday. 30th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE DETROITER.

My roommate, Lindsay, suggests that people send him topless photos of themselves. I'd like to take things a step further and suggest that people send him photos of the "below the belt" region. So send him your crotch shots. Your vag, your cock, your hermapheditey goodness. Send him your shots. His email is: markdgrahamATyahooDOTcom.

Oh, and for extra points, send him photos of boving on tees.

In other news:

If you're looking for something to do tomorrow night I'd like to STRONGLY RECOMMEND the following:


For one thing, it's where we're celebrating BRIAN BATTJER'S BIRTHDAY.

I love Brian so much. More than I'll ever love you, probably, and definitely more than i love myself.

As if celebrating Brian's birthday weren't enough, hold on to your peepee for the following:




As will:

John Cameron Mitchell from Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu
My favorite faux cousin, Melody Nelson from France!!!

People. Do you understand the level of awesome this is gonna be? It's gonna be SO MUCH AWESOME.

I'd like to also mention that at the end of this month I'm losing one of my best friends. Brian will be moving to California to become a porn star/internet mogul. This news is anything but delightful, so please come and pose with his balls for the last time in a long time.


minger said...

Brian from Placebo probably will be dad :D
Interpol is my favourite too :)

Anonymous said...

On a semi-related note, I used to work with Mitchell's brother...he was such a tool, almost ruined the whole Hedwig and the Angry Inch for me......almost.

Nikola 6 said...

Moving to California does not losing a friend make.

(Ancient & important proverb that Sarah must apply forevermore.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah I'm sure you already seen this but herers a link to Interpols new video for slow hands..

its in french just scroll down a tiny bit you'll see slow hands in red...

Uncle Grambo said...

thanks for the kind words and tee bovsing, babe. bring on the topless shots!

Anonymous said...

dude, 'member i asked about your thoughts on xiuxiu? whadda you think?

AlexisT said...

I’m going to pose for a photo with James Iha 2morrow night. Right when my friend takes the shot I’m going to do a good ol’ titty flash and send that shit to Uncle G.

EggShen said...

all the cool kids live in california anyway...hahaha

Thadeus said...

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