Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Cancel your plans and go see the Morning After (it's a different band than Morning Theft).

Where? Oh, this place called Pianos.

Who? The Morning After + Mic Harrison (of Superdrag) + The Kelly Affair + The Vandervoorts

The Morning After go on and 10:30ish and I once beat up the guitarist when we got really drunk and made him play me his band's demo and I was like "Whoa. You guys are actually good."

Then he gave me a blow job in the bathroom so I would write about his band on my blog. True story.


Anonymous said...


+ in case u haven't seen it yet, a link to watch franz ferdinand's new video, "michael": http://www.playlouder.com/feature/+viewharderwatcha-40/


sebrown000 said...

I'm somewhat of a Superdrag freak. I wasn't as blown away by "Last Call for Vitriol" as I expected to be (why they gotta let the new bass guy sing?), but "Valley of Dying Stars," "Regretfully Yours," and 2/3rds of "Head Trip" still get much play time. If you like Superdrag, you also must download "I Guess Its American" and their covers of "September Gurls" and "Bastards of Young."

holmes said...

mic was added as a guitarist for the last record, "last call for vitriol". his solo stuff is a little more country/nashville-twanged. great stuff. i'm gonna try my darndest to get down there to check it out. plus, i need to support my fellow "has a band with the word 'morning' in it" bro, jason.

Mikey said...

<----Wonders what he needs to do to have HIS band written about. :-)

sebrown000 said...

I wish I lived in NYC. (Well, I will live in NYC in like two months, but I wish I lived there now, you know?)

I would give Ultra a BJ is she would share with me that promo copy of the new Ted Leo that I know she has. Pitchfork just posted something on it that made me so fucking excited.

Ultragrrrl said...

I dont think i have the new Ted Leo, but he just walked by my desk. He's very skinny.

sebrown000 said...


Anonymous said...

I heart sarah!