Thursday, August 12, 2004


Listen to Adam and the Ants today. At least one song like "Apollo 9". You know, the thing lost on Adam and the Ants was that they were actually really good. Lots of people I've encountered are always puzzled by my love for Adam & the Ants. Please download the best of album. You'll really like it. And if you like it, download the best of Bow Wow Wow. Same band, different singer.

This guy really liked Adam and the Ants more than I ever will.

This Village Voice article makes me happy to have the GIGANTOR JEWISH ASS that i have. Yay. Thanks Gawker for the link.

And speaking of Gawker, MAZEL TOV to Jessica Coen on her new job as Gawker person. Man, I knew her back when she was claiming the bathroom of Misshapes as her own VIP room. Aw.

Oh, and speaking of Misshapes, they've got a fun new gallery up from last weeks hot party.


sebrown000 said...

"Time to cover up. Bring out the pearls and the tweed 'cause Prada's got a brand new bag and it's burlap."

Good line. Wish I'd have written it.

Anonymous said...

You can do sidebends or sit-ups, just don't lose that butt!

Girl, ain't nothing wrong and everything right about a white girl with a nice, full ass. Seems to me the only people who want to put the booty back in the box are the same flatassed white women running design houses and fashion magazines who brought us heroin chic to make themselves feel better about their inability to fill up them jeans, and to make every girl with something for a fella to grab onto feel bad about it.

Ask a man, we don't want them asses going anywhere.

- Brandon

Anonymous said...

I'm jewish and i have a small butt. also, small boobs.