Tuesday, August 10, 2004


But, my heart will go on.

Hey, you know that band called Morning Theft that I told you about last week and said they were awesome and totally a band to watch out for.

Well, they're playing Luna Lounge with The Go Station for free. People I urge you to check out Morning Theft. They're like 90s nostalgia but not corney, totally sexy, and fucking catchy.

Me and my brother decided that the Go Station was totally the new Toad the Wet Sproket. We liked TTWS.

.morning theft.
thursday, 8/12/04
luna lounge, nyc
ludlow btwn houston & stanton
8pm start, 21+, FREE!!!
w/the go station


Anonymous said...

Check out Glen Phillips' solo stuff if you liked Toad. Drive By, in particular, which sounds nothing like the old stuff but is just balls-to-the-wall awesome.

Unknown said...

Um, is anyone else really freaked out by this Toad the Wet Sprocket thing? You realize they are a totally horrible band, right?

Anonymous said...

Everyone should also check-out the Gothamist interview today which is with one the owners of Luna Lounge, Rob Sacher. Not because I wrote it, but because Luna will have to move within the next year, and he's trying to find a new space, so any possible ideas and suggestions will be appreaciated.

- Aaron (Out of Focus)

Raymi Lauren said...

i wish i knew this blog when i sobered-up.

Anonymous said...

i loved toad the wet sprocket.


Anonymous said...

long live ttws!! :)


sebrown000 said...

I heart Toad, too.