Thursday, August 5, 2004


I love it when readers send me awesome things they find out or learn on the job. Robin, from LA, just sent me this since i'm a HUGE fan of ND:

So I know you are a fan of Napolean Dynomite so I thought you would be interested in this.  I was lucky enough to go on a shoot for work to the Staples Center....where the X Games are....on tuesday with Napolean(Jon Heder) and a bunch of Pro Skate Boarders like Bob Burnquist and Danny Way.  It was HILARIOUS!  Napolean interviewed the skaters asking them if they could go mock 30 down the ramp, etc.  The ramp looked like Free Fall at Great was so high they had to take an elevator up to the top.  They called it the MEGARAMP.  Then Napolean went to the top with his bike looking like he was gonna go down.."i'm gonna go! GOSH! Will you wait a flippin second?!"   
Anyway if you wanna watch it, or tivo it or tape will be on Kilborn tonight 8/5.  12:30 CBS.  Its probably about 5 minutes...but I think it is gonna be pretty flippin funny.  It will be on before the first commercial. 



bisly said...

I finally have the key to unlocking Ultragrrrl's heart: I will build her a cake.

Katie said...

Hey Sarah thought you might also enjoy this:

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Nappy-D-Mite thing on Craig Killborne. It was pretty funny. Never seen the movie though, s'pode I should. Cool that you were there.


Anonymous said...

Nevermind. I have little attention for important details. It was still pretty funny, and you're still cool.

Napoleon Dynamite said...

I saw him on Kilborn. That ramp was pretty flippin' sweet