Friday, May 7, 2004


I just got home from the Morrissey show at the Apollo and the show tonight wasn't as good as Tuesdays. Perhaps it had to do with my seating (i was up on balcony tonight ... was on the floor on tuesday), or maybe I was a bit used to the set... but I really, really, really wish he performed more songs from his older albums. I would've liked to have heard "Suedehead" or "Last of the Famous..." or "Have a Go" or "Boxer"... Instead he played a lot of new songs. I like the new album, but it's not really what I payed an arm and a leg to hear -- especially since i dont own it yet! "Irish Blood..." was a standout track of the new songs, and I thought he did an amazing job with it. Also, I am all for the Mozzer taking off his shirt.

During the encore of "There is a Light that Never Goes Out" i ran into a girl named Lisa that I used to go to elementry, middle and high school with... Amazingly, this was the second time I've run into her in the past two days -- yesterday she was at the Olsen Twins screening -- and I hadn't seen her since 1998. It's such a small world that she was sitting in the seat that i abandoned my jacket and back in.

After the show, Vicki went outside for a smoke and then met up with a couple of her friends and a couple of mine and the whole of us went in for the Mozzer after party which was sadly missing the mozzer. Awesomely, Dino, from Morrissey's band introduced himself to me when he saw me look in his direction and I also got to meet Boz. Boz plays guitar for Moz.

Holy shit. There's a Franz Ferdinand commerical on Comedy Central right now. So sexy. I'm happy that my DJ group's name is in honor of that band since they're so fucking wonderful and deserve to have everything in honor of them!

Anyway, Thank you Morrissey for bringing me up to the Apollo theater for the first time in my life. I'm totally going back for amature night!

Also, Miss ModernAge finally slept with me.

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