Wednesday, December 7, 2005


I know that i've been lacking in any sort of personal updates. It's just a phase i'm going through ... a busy phase. I wake up, i run off to work, and remain running around til about 2 or 4am and then repeat. That sort of thing will take it's toll on a person and make them not want to update their blog. Many times it's because you realize that it was just a little over a week ago you were at MSG watching Bon Jovi, and you realize it was just under a week ago you were in Atlantic City watching Depeche Mode and the Bravery and playing Blackjack for the first time (and not losing terribly!), you realize that it was just last night that you were at home recovering from exhaustion and completely unable to leave the house until the very end of the evening. Hi, I need a vacation from fun. How pathetic?

Anyway, tonight, december 7 karen and i have been asked to dj a quickee set for the west side crowd at SWAY. thats at 305 spring street, btw greenwich and hudson (right by don hills), and we're djing from 11:30 til 1:30 while the bartenders dole out $2 shots of jack daniels.

And as per usual, the Friday night party at the Orchard Bar is still happening. Kids are still dancing. We're still DJing. Cute boys in bands are still flirting. You should be there.

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