Friday, July 7, 2006


it's friday night at 11:30pm and i'm still in the office.


tomorrow at 11am i'm taking a train to DC to meet up with permanent me at the studio where they're recording their album with Matt Squire. He did the panic at the disco record and a few other current hits... the PM will just be another one, i hope. i was told that matt has gorgeous green eyes. i can't wait to see them for myself.

he also has a black pug that i've been promised that i will love. when i was younger i made friends with people specifically if they had dogs so i could play with them. when i was 9 i finally got one of my own. she died a year and a half ago and i still cry nearly every night about her and so does the rest of my family.

my friend amy and her 11 year old son, dakota, are at my apartment spending the weekend. i feel like a terrible host, but they came by the office for a couple of hours and dakota played us all songs on his acoustic guitar. it was pretty genius.

did i mention how tired i am?

destiny is calling me... to bed.

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