Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Yeah, I'm kinda buying into this whole Borat phenom that's going on right now and I will probably buy tickets to see the movie as soon as I make this entry... but i dont care if I'm a victim of hype or what. I personally prefer Sasha Baron Cohen's character, Bruno, but I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer til the Bruno movie comes out. Until then, and until the movie, cornerstone just informed me that Borat will be making his first ever TV musical performance on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" on November 1. THROW THE JEWS DOWN THE WELL? We can only hope! Set your DVRs. I never reprint press releases, but i like that the Borat one calls him the 4th most famous person in Kazakhstan. Buy the Borat album here.

Here is me with Borat:

So last night, I planned on going to see the Horrors at the Dimmak/Nylon party, especially since the last time i saw them play was in my livingroom. YES, my livingroom. I cleared the place out with the help of Brandon, and the band set up full gear there as if they were gonna play MSG. "Guys, not too loud, ok?" Less than a song into their set, Karen texted me that she was standing outside my door with the building's super's wife, and a security guard and they were pissed. The cops had been called. The show was over. But at least we got one song vidoe taped that will go up on this december. I watched the edited version for the first time yesterday and cried cause the whole ordeal made me so upset from nerves that I found myself curled in fetus position on the couch next to brandon staring at the wall for two hours.

Anyway, so Brandon and I were supposed to go as John and Yoko, but we were beat and tired and wanted to stay home instead. I brought home a Lady Sov mask from work and we all took turns posing with it:
and bella, the big fat lesbian cat:

Immediately after the photo shoot, Gideon came over with Travis Buddyhead and Aaron from NIN. I showed them the edited footage from the Horrors' Casa De Ultragrrrl and we drank South African wine that Gideon bought us since he's fucking awesome like that. When the trio left to be gay on the street of NYC and watch the Halloween parade, me and brandon ordered sushi and then i napped. I tend to nap a lot these days and thankfully redbull is sending me a case of drink to my apartment so i can stay up at night and not sleep all the fucking time.

My nap was disturbed by mulitple calls and text messages from people at the Horrors Halloween show. Apparently people in the audience had attacked dear Faris, and tried to pull him into the audience to beat the shit out of him. This is what happens when you party above 14th street. A bunch of mooks were let into the private event and i guess they decided to beat up the "freak" on stage. I hate the meatpacking district so fucking much. Anyway, people were calling me as they were fleeing the scene so they wouldnt get trampled or injured. I wanted to send the band home to London after this so they wouldn't get hurt again, but they're troopers and staying here. By the way, i hate the meat packing district.

I went back to nap again on the couch and Brandon woke me up cause Brian Battjer was coming over with a friend of his, Alejandro, also from NIN. Weird, huh? Ale needed to borrow Brandon's acoustic guitar for his Buddyhead showcase that's tonight at Lit. Anyway, we all sat on our asses watching TV on the couch... I passed out while watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and then went to bed.

Anyway, dinner time now.

I love you.

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