Monday, January 8, 2007


My friend Jenny Penny is a dedicated foster parent to many dogs in need of help (something that I plan on doing as soon as Monkey gets fixed this month). For those of you interested in helping out as well, please read!:

The city shelters are overflowing with post-holiday-dump dogs on death row. If anyone can house one for even a few days, we could use your help. Many are very sweet middle-aged dogs that are smaller than your average cat and need little more than a pillow, short walks, and some food. (Well, that and some laptime!)
Can you lend a hand to a paw?

Please see our web site to see some of the dogs we currently have in the care of our foster parents. All of these would have been put to sleep had people not stepped up to help them out. Often even a few days is helpful!

To find out more about fostering please visit

Thank you!!!!

currently in need:
incredibly adorable 2 year old male chihuahua, 7 1/2 lbs

10 mo old male chihuahua mix, 12 lbs, terrified but one of those desperately-seeking-love types. poor baby!

5 year old housetrained female chihuahua about 8 lbs, terrified but sweet (no photo but similar to the first guy in appearance, a bit lighter golden)
holly on the site (current foster has to take in a relative's 100 lb dog this weekend)
cosmic on the site
cocoa on the site (cocoa was ok with her first canine foster sibling, not so much her current one. she's an alpha female...0

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