Sunday, May 6, 2007


So i dont know if this comes from emo-overload, or what, but i fucking hate people. Or maybe it has something to do with horrible rumors i read on gossip sites with people saying i fucked some dude that i've never even touched beyond a hug. i'm outraged. i hate people.

emo is dead.

it was DOA. i tried so fucking hard to understand it. it's not understandable. even the people in the bands that are considered emo hate emo, and i dont blame them. just like nu-metal and fred durst, this shit is ready for its grave.

btw, i dont place mcr in this category because mcr is just straight up rock.

no wonder music sales are so low, so many young kids are buying shitty music or just showing up to shows because it's the cool thing to do... they're not even listening to this shit. There's really great stuff out there that they just dont consider cool enough to like because their peers aren't embracing it.

maybe this post has something to do with me being drunk at the moment. maybe all the posts i've made within the past 30 minutes on various sites has something to do with how much i've drank, but oh my god, teenagers have the worst taste in music.


music did not start in 2002. do you know that? knowing your musical history doesnt start with knowing what the first glassjaw record was.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE SMITHS. listen to joy division. listen to the clash. LISTEN TO THE BEATLES!!!!! listen to bob marley. listen to neil diamond. listen to the beach boys. LISTEN TO SOMETHING OTHER THAN WHAT YOU'RE LISTENING TO.

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