Friday, July 6, 2007


I got a text message from this number just now: 555-495-1784

555-495-1784: your fat. go throw up. ewh you fucking desperate slut. you broke my heart.
me: i'm sorry, i think you have the wrong number.
555-495-1784: Is this Sarah
me: yes.
555-495-1784: Mikey. i hate you you fat fuck.
me: mikey who?
555-495-1784: The only one whos heart you broke. your the reason i left mcr for a year.
me: HAHAHAHAHA. Are u the fucker that hacked into his account? He's one of my bestfriends, turdhead. There will be thunderstorms in ft lauderdale tmrw.
555-495-1784: is [edited out] [insert adjective]?
555-495-1784: Like your tummy.
me: More like your're terrible grammer (written incorrectly on purpose)
555-495-1784: it's spelled grammar. If you are that important you would not reply to these texts. you spoiled insecure fat jew with shitty hair. go get fired from spin mag. [LOL! I WASNT FIRED]

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