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For the record: I am not comparing Third Eye Blind to the Smiths, per se. I am comparing their importance to kids in their early 20s/late teens, to when I was in my teens/20s. It is 100% baffling to me.

Here's evidence so yo know I'm not lying:
Threads about Third Eye Blind on

EDIT: The response that kids are having on about this blog.

When I was in my teens/20s, The Smiths were one of the most important bands of my life. Sure, they were from my older brothers' generation, but Moz spoke to me as I wanted my best friend to. There were only a handful of musicians that spoke to me the same way that Morrissey did/does, and those musicians were Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, Thom Yorke, Beck (weird, i know), Ian Curtis (not til my early 20s), and Brian Molko. I basically didn't have that many friends because my parents were strict and didn't let me do social activities after school that weren't transcript/resume boosters (granted, I got so drunk once when I was 15 that I puked for 24 hours straight and so I was grounded for life) -- so those musicians were my friends when my friends were out doing fun shit.

On the radio during this time were bands like Third Eye Blind, Everclear, Matchbox20, Cake, Lit, Bush, Gin Blossoms, Deep Blue Something, etc. I didn't really care too much for those bands because they were radio bands that I felt had no substance. It wasn't so much that they were on the radio... I just felt like they didn't speak to me, were cheesy, and just on this whole different level of music that didn't penetrate the surface. How could you possibly compare the despair of isolation that Morrissey sang about to the ... whatever "do do do" that Stephen Jenkins sang about in 3EB? To me, and lots of other people of the same age group I was in, a band like 3EB et al were a joke. They were a band you expected to hear on the radio, but basically didn't give a fuck about beyond that. You wouldn't be caught dead at one of their shows, you wouldn't be caught dead with one of their cds, and you wouldn't even have to worry about any of that because it was all on a different plane.

Fast forward nearly 10 years and I've got a record label. One of my most favorite bands, the Oohlas, are signed to this label. They're moody and sophisticated and combine aspects of my favorite bands like the Pixies, Nirvana, and the Smiths all into one. I learn that one of the members used to be in Everclear and I find that to be odd and random and totally insignificant other than explaining how come he's got a nice house and studio and can play drums. Another band signed to the label, Permanent Me, were comprised of kids in their late teens. When they saw and recognized someone from the Oohlas as someone from Everclear they basically freaked out. They couldn't believe their absolute luck that they were signed to the same label as someone from Everclear and spent a good hour, if not more, telling me how great Everclear were. I was confused because Everclear was a whatever band to me ... but then, when I asked them what other bands they liked from the 90s, expecting them to wax rhapsodic about how important Nirvana is to them and influenced who they are today... i was BLOWN AWAY to hear them unanimously agree that Third Eye Blind was the best band from the 90s.

I didn't believe them. I asked them if they were joking. They weren't. I asked them if they were talking about the same band I was talking about -- the one with the "Semi-Charmed Life" song. They were. I asked them how many of their friends felt the same way. They said ALL OF THEM.

Now, yes, there are tons of kids in their late teens/early 20s that don't agree with them. But there are more kids than I ever, in my wildest dreams, thought possible, that love Third Eye Blind and consider them their favorite band EVER. I don't know how this happened. I really, really, really don't. But it did. I don't really understand how it could, and would love to be enlightened. But seriously, kids think Stephen Jenkins is a fucking hero genius, while lots of people over the age of 27 had absolutely no idea he was even relevant. While those of us over 27 had left him for dead, basically, Stephen Jenkins was being hailed by the kids as their biggest musical influence and inspiration. What. The. Fuck?

Well, now you know.

I was talking to one of my musical heroes recently and she asked me what the 90s revival was all about. When I told her "Well, I'm glad you're sitting down because when I tell you what i know, you might faint or cry: The 90s revival is all about Third Eye Blind. It's not about Nirvana, it's not about Hole, it's not about Pearl Jam, Green Day or Beck whose constant stream of musical input has lasted til now. It's not about any of the bands that Rolling Stone or SPIN hailed as the saviors of mankind... it's all about Third Eye Blind."

She didn't believe me and accused me of either lying or talking out of my ass. I told her I wish I wasn't truth-telling, but I was. And, after asking a couple other sources in their 20s, she realized I was right on the money.

How the fuck did Stephen Jenkins do it? Seriously.

EDIT: By the way, the reason i brought up the fact they're on the radio, and that having nothing to do with why i didn't like them, was because a lot of the bands I like were on the radio. Man, people kinda miss the point. shit. also, i don't dislike 3eb (in fact, I love "Wounded"), but i never thought they'd be the band that stood the test of time in such a major way, and I'm sure they're surprised as well. i'm just pointing this fact out to my peers who dont know. i just did all you 3eb fans a favor and brought your favorite band some attention from people who work in major media outlets and told them that they were relevant and missing something under their nose. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

listen to this song

its pretty fucking amazing.
that do do do shit sucks but they have a few gems that were WAY ahead of their time.

besides that all this music shit is subjective and trying to find parallels between one generation to another is dizzying... mainly because your mind will choose to make up some shit that isnt really there.

for example cobain = lennon
i think not

Anonymous said...

The Absolutepunk link doesn't prove shit.
It's only two pages and it's the same 3 people posting 3eb crap. Everyone knows absolutepunk forum members are actually industry people posing as 100 different teenagers.

Katie Camosy said...

Wow, Sarah, I'm glad you explained this! Although it has just given me my biggest, "God, I'm old..." experience to date. When I saw your tweets about Third Eye Blind, I figured it must have been an inside joke or even a different band with the same name (as unlikely as that is, it still seemed more possible than kids actually idolizing THIS band most of all).

I'm still having trouble wrapping my brain around the idea that Third Eye Blind are so respected by the yoofs of today like this. I hadn't even thought about them in years, and when I last did, my opinion was similar to yours... inoffensive radio mush that didn't relate to me personally or affect my life in any way, good or bad.

But now I'm going to have to interrogate every person younger than me on this subject...

Matt DiVincenzo said...

Because Stephan Jenkins has written some of the greatest lyrics of our time.

The end of the Self Titled Album is a masterpiece. I Want You/The Background/Motorcycle Drive By/God of Wine

Listen to more than radio singles and you'll see why SJ and 3eb are so respected.

Anonymous said...

It's quite simply because 3eb were - at least when Kevin Cadogan was in the band - better than any of those bands. Open tunings, basslines that are a little bit McCartney, a little bit Dee Dee Ramone. Even if the lyrics aren't your thing, the music is just much more complex and layered than the straight power chords of Hole, Nirvana etc.

The bigger mystery is why Nirvana are seen as so brilliant. Cobain's biggest influence was in setting back guitar playing twenty years.

prospect said...
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prospect said...

"The bigger mystery is why Nirvana are seen as so brilliant. Cobain's biggest influence was in setting back guitar playing twenty years."

One of my favorite Kurt quotes;

Interviewer: On In Utero, and in concert, you play some of the most powerful “anti-solos” ever hacked out of a guitar. What comes to mind for you when it’s time for the guitar to cut loose?

Kurt: Less than you could ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

third eye blind were my favorite band. when i was 14 i ran a web page for them, went backstage to hang out with them many many times, learned all their songs (in weird tunings) on guitar and then transcribed them myself in tablature, etc

i also liked the smiths
and the cure, smashing pumpkins, alice in chains, etc.

that first 3eb album was just so subversively dirty and angsty - plus it had a lot of stylistic variation in the 14 songs - i think it just really resonated with people who didnt know if any other good bands would come out soon

eagle eye cherry, anyone?

the 'other' stuff coming out at the time was fucking wack. i, for one, am glad that at least the first two records got made.

Luke said...

So, so, so, so, so wrong. Third Eye Blind's self-titled debut is absolutely incredible. I feel sorry for you that you don't get it; every song on that album is perfect. Yes, they have had a few pretty successful singles on the radio, but guess what... So has fucking Morrissey and so have The Smiths. So don't give us that bull. Stephan Jenkins is a brilliant lyricist, and a damn good guitarist. The entire band is comprised of real musicians, not power chord chuggers like Korn or Limp Bizkit. Even 10 years ago, Jenkins was quoted as saying that band takes influence from genres like punk and hip-hop, and you can see the subtleties that truly set them apart from the rest. The songs are deep, and that is the truth. Listen to "The Background", listen to "God of Wine", listen to "Losing A Whole Year". Listen to the whole goddamn album, it's better than you think. Their followups are almost as good as well. I can't wait for Ursa Major. You're an idiot. Good God.

P.S. Yeah, is not always the greatest source of good music, I'm a myself. And there are a ton of us over there, who know what real music is, who worship this band.

Anonymous said...

I'm with those who say to listen to 3eb songs that weren't hits. There within lies the brilliance. Songs like Wounded, God of Wine, Motorcycle Driveby, Darkness, Thanks A lot, Slow Motion etc... These never reached the mainstream, but if you ask true 3eb fans (those that get "it") I guarantee you these are the songs that they will mention. To most of us songs like Semi Charmed Life and Jumper were just the songs we had to get through to get to the good stuff. Also read some of Jenkins' lyrics (again go beyond the hits) and you'll find genuine thoughtful lyrics, that can carry a generation.

Anonymous said...

Tattoo of the Sun.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Well, you shoulda dropped Permanent Me the minute they gave props to 3iB... Anyways, I'm also horrified by the emo generation who all give props to COUNTING CROWS!!! Never has a band sucked more than Duritz & co., and Dashboard, etc. all give them props! WTF!!!! What hath the older bros/sisters of the emo generation wrought? Counting Crows and Third Eye Blind? HELP!!! The kids are insane, to paraphrase Urge Overkill! Fuck the kids! The kids aren't alright - they need help! Down with the kids!

Sherri said...

It could be worse. You could be writing this about kids going apeshit over Sugar Ray.

Tania Katherine said...

You're entirely right but here's the thing: most people who LOOOVEEE 3EB don't love them because of a bside they wrote or something otherwise deserving. They love them for the experience of rolling down the windows on a hot summer day, and screaming the lyrics to a 3EB hit on the top of their lungs. 90's radio hits--3EB, Everclear, Nine Days New Radicals, Tonic, Goo Goo Dolls--did something to my generation that other generations missed. It was a complete musical immersion. Radio, Music TV, print--all at their prime and their hype. And then there was Britney Spears and all that came after and it went downhill. Print mags die daily now and MTV need be renamed Fake Reality TV. 3EB is the symbol of the height of all that. It symbolizes the end of the last real era that mattered. More importantly, it symbolized the last era where you could like a band that was obviously terrible and it was still okay to scream their lyrics with your friends.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong
very very wrong.

I hope the next time you walk through the park you step in poop.

To sit there and honestly say 3EB has no emotion or substance in their music is ignorant and flat out dumb.

Listen to The Background or God of Wine and you'll find out how stupid you sound.

And for the record.. you're credibility went down the drain the moment you mentioned Courtney Love as artist that "spoke" to you.

Scott said...

i found your blog thanks to

Now, I am 27 and right on what appears to be the dividing age line in this discussion. To me, 3eb, which i have never tried to shorten until today, was fun. Are they the best out there? No. Were they fun to listen to back then? sure. Do I have them on my ipod today? nope.

This leads me to my point. Music as a whole seems to be changing. Influences, what is cool, what is not seems to be more of a fad now than ever. The Get Up Kids recently posted an apology for inspiring all of the "neon shirt" bands out there today and the bastardization of emo. When i was in high school and college emo was kind of music that nerdy dudes listened to usually. Today, its an insult, a four-letter word its what people who like "real" music make fun of. Its all about image and clothes and shit that never hits your ears. But, that stuff that finally comes out of the speakers is atrocious. I buy, on average, about 3 albums a week. I am that much of a music person. I am late to work more often than i should be simply because i am looking up bands, reading about music etc. I do not work for a label , i wish i did. But i love music. And you know what? tonight i will be going home and digging out my 3eb cds (or cd) and seeing what i might i have missed the first time around

Jason Harris said...

Listen I don't know about what the kids these days are doing, but for the most part I do share your sentiment on Third Eye Blind's status during the 90's. They were a band people knew but not really a band anyone would rock a t-shirt of.

However, recently I downloaded their greatest hits and was surprised at the quality of it. They aren't bad.

But teenagers picking out the crap from the decade as great? Look at what people of our age pick as "great" 80's music. *puke*

also I won't have a bad work spoken about Everclear in my house

Anonymous said...

To anonymous guy/gal who posted this.

Your "credibility" went down as soon as you typed;

"And for the record.. you're credibility went down the drain the moment you mentioned Courtney Love as artist that "spoke" to you."

Ultragrrrl said...

for the record, i like the song "wounded" by third eye blind. but i never thought they'd have any cultural relevance.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 22 years old- who grew up listening to all of the 90's greats (i have no idea how you can recognize HOLE as one of the better 90's bands, makes me skeptical already) anyways i was never a huge TEB fan, i knew their 6 or 7 hit songs that were constantly being played on the radio, and i always respected them- but never owned an album of theirs.
So about 2 months ago my band was fortunate enough to open for TEB on tour and Ive never been so blown away before in my life. You don't realize what power a band/a song/ a lyric has on you until you see the band live. They give it their all every show, play as many songs as possible along with a sweet acoustic set. BUT i will admit they are stuck in the 90's, (TONY still wears his sunglasses live ha) Plus you realize how many other songs you recognize of theirs that are great songs as well.
Its just kind of shocking that one puts TEB down so much. they absolutely SHIT all over HOLE, Counting Crows, i might even push it to Nirvana? whatever. besides the point TEB or T3B or 3EB deserve respect. period.

Anonymous said...

easy with the cake toots

Tim said...

I must agree with this blog post. When 3EB came out, no one respected them in the light of a band that inspired people. They were a radio band with poppy songs.

But somehow they became this genre-inspiring band in the 2000's. Even screamo bands that I worked with have 3EB tattoos. I've seen a ton of 3EB lyrics tattooed on people.

I don't know how it happened, honestly.

3EB is good, don't get me wrong. But I never saw them as one of the better bands of the 90s.

mal, MNN said...

was it because they were on the radio that you dismissed them for being on the radio. how deep did you to find out if there was substance ?? it seems you wrote them off only because of radio. is a band automatically bad because they find an audience?

Anonymous said...

author is a huge elitist douchebag and most likely is a '90s version of today's poser scene kid. "third eye blind sucks because they are a radio band! im going to be different and mysterious by listening to morissey!" grow the fuck up, what are you like 27 years old? get over it. third eye blind was an excellent band. its sad that you dont realize how mind numbingly stupid and immature this post makes you out to be.

Miss Neptune said...

I'm approximately the age of these Third Eye Blind revivalists and never thought of the band as anything other than mediocre.

Granted I'm more prone to nostalgia for tracks like this:

Anonymous said...

did it occur to you to listen to something other than the singles? third eye blind's are not fans because of their singles. the rest of their music is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of both Everclear and The Oohlas. If I never liked Everclear, I would never have known about The Oohlas.

Seb said...

The one truly sad thing in all this is the idea that Third Eye Blind constitute the pinnacle of anything. As Anonymous #1 said, this music shit is subjective, so I don't begrudge anyone for liking the band. But I personally thought they were a gaggle of lucky yayo-fueled glad-handers who were spared from a life of working at Circuit City.

Okay, when you go to Disneyland at age 6, it's the most mind-blowingly enthralling experience ever. But as you grow older, as much as you cherish the memory, you realize how tailored, how myopic, how inauthentic the whole thing is. So desperate in its need to be loved, it all dissipates like carbonation in a Coke can left open in the sun. Anyone old enough to vote or be drafted who loves Disneyland as much as they did when they were a kid hasn't taken the training wheels off their mind and should probably be kept away from open flame.

Of course, I don't doubt either the band or its fans' sincerity. But look, if the Vegas stripper giving you a lapdance turns around and confesses she hates this job, YES that is an honest empathetic moment but that doesn't mean you should trust her farther than you can throw a wadded-up dollar bill.

The best argument for how low Third Eye Blind set the bar: who do people think was the intermediate step between the "alternative" explosion (Sonic Youth, The Cure, Dino Jr., etc.) and the current radio/MTV dominance of knuckle-dragging idiocy like Nickelback and characterless bedwetters like Coldplay?

Anonymous said...

for me.. its all about the musical content and not so much the band musically i have ever come across. the tones are incredible...

Anonymous said...

I don't see how you can hold Hole in such a high regard when Billy Corgan and Kurt cobain wrote all their good songs. 3EB was a great band. They are good writers, good performers, sound great live, and had solid records laced with a few hits. Compare that to 99% of bands today and you won't find yourself questioning it much. I mean fuck, almost every band from the last 5 years that I've seen live sounds awful. Like god fucking awful. I don't know how these bands get signed and have careers when they're not even talented enough to play live and sound good.

Justin Santora said...

Someone asked me whom are my three favorite bands of all time.

Third Eye Blind, Saves the Day, and Hidden in Plain View were the three bands.

I am 27 so I guess I am the person who is in the later part of this conversation but even if you are 30 you would have been a senior in high school and having a job and buying more CDs so people are 30 should like this band also but might be out of touch as how popular they are.

As to being on I would say they were not always talked about on that site maybe just in the past year. I think someone who works the page likes to give information about them which I enjoy.

This is what I said about 3eb (back in March)

They are probably one of the first bands that I ever had an infatuation with. I was a freshman in high school and I listened to their CD recorded on tape many many times during that year. They have only had 3 CD's since 1997 but they should be coming out with a new one in the next few months. They have the best back to back songs on any CD I have with their self-titled and Motorcycle Drive By and then God of Wine those songs.

Andrew said...

I think it's not just Third Eye Blind but a lot of bands from that era that fit into this category. Everclear is definitely one. But also...that whole time period of one hit wonders. Remember ... Fastball? !?!?!

I know about 4 people that are still absolutely in love with that band. It's like Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start The Fire'. These songs mean more than Nirvana's career because these songs linked people to memories of their youth.

How about...Sheryl Crow when she first came out? Sugar Ray when they first came out. It was all feel good music and it was all for the kids.

Blink 182 and Weezer are still big influences to kids today.

The Blue Album might possibly be the most over-all respected record of the 90s. Everyone still talks about that record. The same goes for Third Eye Blind and even....Silverchair 'Neon Ballroom'

... I miss the 90s :/

We all know music was much better then.

Anonymous said...

How can you mention The Oolahs and not reference That Dog. They sound exactly like them, or is that not supposed to be acknowledged?

Jon G said...


I'm 21 years old, and I run an indie rock radio show in Boston. I'd be willing to bet that if you listened to it you'd love it. It's got all the great new stuff: Pictureplane, Throw Me The Statue, Japandroids, UUVVWWZ, The Pains Of etc etc etc...

and I believe that my music taste is ABSOLUTELY indebted to 3EB.

Sure, it took a rediscovery about 2 years ago before I really heard all their stuff, but their influence is never to be doubted. If I wasn't spoonfed a band as good as 3EB at the tender age of 9 (I did have the self-titled on cassette at the time, but I was too young to really get the point), I might not be making a living enjoying music (or at least attempting to do so XD). In their heyday, sure, they were anything but cool. They still aren't. But, the undeniable fact is that the songs they wrote on their first record were absolutely legendary. I think anyone who slags them off in these comments probably hasn't heard anything more than "Semi-Charmed" or the other radio hits.

Sarah, do yrself a service, and absolutely check out 3EB's self-titled record. I gurarantee you'll see why they're so influential.

Anonymous said...

matt said it right, Want You/The Background/Motorcycle Drive By/God of Wine are probably the 4 best songs in a row on any album of the 90s.

jenkins could write a GREAT song, you cant listen to any of those 4 songs and tell me hes not a pretty gifted lyricist and cadogan is an amazing guitarist.

dont quote me on this because i cant remember if it was him or another G3 member (if your a guitarist you know what i'm talking about. basically the 3 greatest guitarists alive, arguably of course...) but i believe cadogan was a student of joe satriani (i really cant remember maybe it was steve vai, anyone know?). i remember being frustrated when i first took up guitar because so many of their songs are in so many different tunings

their radio friendly hits are absolute gems, but when you give the record a spin its so much deeper. and even their radio gems were great upbeat songs that disguised drug use and sex and other themes you hoped your parents didn't notice when you were in the fifth grade so you could buy the cd, or maybe i was just sheltered lol.

and for the last and final straw morrisey had be a big influence on 3EB you can't miss it in many of their songs. obviously cobain was an influence, it was a prerequisite of being a rock band in the 90s, and i'm sure frank black and the pixies were as well. it shouldnt be hard to understand, whats hard to understand is where these great rock bands went and why the radio plays bands like 3oh!3 en masse instead of truly gifted bands like 3EB. something happened in the 90s for a moment that allowed the radio to play great bands, and i credit that time for an inspired and musical childhood, unlike my friends who were listening to hanson and britney.

InfamousAdam said...

This is absolutely terrible and I hate you! This has to be the dumbest shit I've ever heard. SJ writes some of the best lyrics to have come out later than 1995. And some people here saying that most 3eb fans only like that radio shit, are fucking ignorant too. I have a vast appreciation for all forms of music from the Smiths to Third Eye Blind and 3eb is my all time favorite band. And at the risk of sounding ignorant... FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's laughable that you can criticize other people's taste in music when we could certainly point fingers at yours. I'll give you the smiths, cause they're awesome, but counting Courtney Love/Hole as one of the shining stars of 90s music? Give me a break!

Stephen Jenkins has absolute gold nuggets in his lyrics. Some of the allusions he makes are incredible. Judging by the popularity (and recent resurgence) of the band, I don't think it's appropriate to write them off simply because you never got into them.

One of the reasons why Third Eye Blind has remained relevant is the sense of community they have created between the band and fans.

While I'm not going to slag you off for your opinions - because you are certainly entitled to them - it's a little irresponsible to pidgeon hole a generation of music listeners.

Ps - Nirvana is possibly the most overrated band in the history of music.

The English Department said...

Well, either their fans have no loyalty, the new record sucks or nobody knows that it's out because "Red Star" released last November, has sold 14,583 copies.

Kate said...

If you speak more to people within the music industry that are getting their music on the charts, ask them their greatest influence.

More than one will tell you Third Eye Blind.

While I can see the occasional person as yourself not understanding the hype that is and was Third Eye Blind, I can't see why you are so shocked that this is the case for a lot of other people who have taken the time to listen to their music outside of the ledges and doot doot doot's.

In all actuality, 11 years ago my godfather purchased me their first album for my birthday. He loved them. He loves them now. He's 57.

Anonymous said...

Red Star was a 3 song EP with songs not on their Album Ursa Major set to come on on Aug 18. It had no promotional push, nor was it available internationally. Most probably didn't even know it existed. When their full length album comes out in a few weeks, those are the numbers you want to use.

Anonymous said...

Katie... everyone i know likes and respects Third Eye Blind. im only 17 and i have about 20 of their songs on my ipod. if you actually listen to more of their songs and not just the ones they play on the radio you wouldnt be sayin shit like "inoffensive radio mush that didn't relate to me personally or affect my life in any way". go and actually listen to more of their music read the fuckin lyrics then come back.

Anonymous said...

Jon G you are the fuckin man, you're totaly right. i could careless what you haters think beacause Third Eye Blind has huuuuge fan support so im not worried at all what you fags that wanna start shit and diss an amazing band think.

Anonymous said...

i dated a girl who was apeshit over 3EB, she was only 19, so you figure she was a child when they were making it big on the radio...I dunno, she got me into them, i admit, they have some great songs, with substance, their radio friendly songs didnt do them justice...


Gin Blossoms were the shit, always have been, always will be

Cheyenne said...

I will be 25 in the fall and i have to say that Third Eye blind has influenced me from adolescence all the way through my adulthood. There lyrics and wordplay has resonated in every part of my life. and i found the relevant then as i still do now. other artists that have the same amount of impact for me are regina spektor, kate nash, the shins etc.
Stephan's ability to make you feel a moment and a distinct memory still stick with me to this day. to say that they do not have an impact is misinformed at best

Ana said...

You do realize that you're basically saying that any music you don't like is bad music, right?

Stephen Jenkins writes amazing music, and you're talking about him as though he were some idiot. He has a BA in literature, and he creates awesome music.

Nirvana, though I do like them, doesn't have as much substance as 3EB. And mind you, Nirvana was a "radio band" just as much as 3EB was.

And, different things 'speak' to different people.

Everything you said was completely ignorant and elitest. People like you are really sickening, thinking that a band you don't hail as good must be crap.

Before you spew off shit, you should take the time to listen to them. Actually listen. They're radio songs don't even represent one iota of how amazing their music is.

They put on a great show, they make great music, and they write about their real shit.

Sounds much better than most old bands trying to make a comeback.

Green Day is just not good anymore.
Courtney Love was never good.
And all these bands you trash talk in this blog are bands that are, for the most part, regarded highly from everyone but you.

I'm not trying to say you can't have opinions, but basing them off of one or two songs you've heard, it's hard to make a valid point.

Stop hating, get a life, and learn that good music exists outside of your circle of music gods.

Jason Harris said...

Alright so, this issue intrigued me so I started polling my friends. I'm 27, and most of my friends are in our late 20's.

"So, it seems like the kids these days are REALLY into Third Eye Blind."

"REALLY?! Why?!?!"

So it kind of proves the original author's point. I have developed a name for this, and I call it older brother syndrome.

Basically, the music that your older sibling liked when you were a kid takes on some mystical quality and becomes m-azing. Just like kids in the 90's were latching onto crap that people didn't really like all that much in the 80's and declaring their love for "80's music", the youngsters now are doing it with "90's music"

Third Eye Blind isn't bad, really. I quite like a lot of their songs. But I am pretty flabbergasted to see that youngsters these days are practically worshipping them.

I don't understand it, but then I don't understand you kids' neon shirts and your love for 3 OH! 3 either. So let's just chalk this up to me being old and not "with it"

Nick Hurwitch said...

I lot of posters have hit on this already, but it's true. I actually wasn't embarrassed to love 3EB in high school or college. I have a contingent of friends who adore them as well. The band in its current incarnation isn't as potent, but the Kevin Cadogan / Stephen Jenkins combo was a knock out. The self-titled album is one of the top 5 alternative rock albums of all time. And, as "Matt" said, Jenkins is one of the greatest lyricists of our time.

The music connects to individual first, then groups...into a secret but not-so-secret little underground following. Even if radio did accidentally pick up on it first.

Heather Bratt said...

I fucking love Third Eye Blind. Finally saw them live at the Hollywood Palladium, and they were BRILLIANT! The place was PACKED, and every person around me was singing along.

Jenkins is an artist, no doubt, and what he sings about really hits a chord with some people. His lyrics are powerful, and personal. There's nothing better than a musician who can speak from the heart in such a gritty way, like Jenkins.

I'm proud to say that 3EB is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I don't care if people think they suck -- opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Thanks for the article!

- Heather B. [@SweetPeass]

Anonymous said...

I have been to more 3EB concerts than I can count on my hands, and every show has been a blast, enjoyable and so full of energy. Stephen Jenkins was valedictorian of his class when he received his degree in literature, and if you think the songs he writes are fluff, then you aren't listening close enough, or maybe you just aren't getting the literature and mythological-based references he makes in his music. Stephen Jenkins is a talented man, and his band takes his words and turns them into something magical. 3EB is a wonderful combination of emotions, mythology, and an undeniable energy that has deservedly gained a following that has carried them way past being just a "90's Band." With fans spanning the age ranges of 16-50 (really, have you ever been to a show? The age range variance is amazing!) 3EB (Stephen, Brad, Arion and Tony, Kevin historically)is still around because they deserve to still be around, and if they are still touring when I am fifty, you can bet I will be there. Browse some of their songs, you will enjoy them, maybe not all of them will speak to you, but the energy is contagious. I don't work in the industry, I am not a teeny bopper, and I don't generally post unless something hits home to me. Thanks for reading, and give 3EB a chance.

Moderator said...

You listened to one song, one song, and characterized an entire catalog of music as '90s radio' ? There really is nothing more to say. That in itself screams POSER. You write like those Rolling Stone mag/rag writers, it's like you copied something else you read at one time. Let's choose a point in time, the 90s, let's choose something to represent that time, radio music, let's choose a band that had the most popular song on the radio, 3eb, let's throw them in with the likes of Matchbox20, etc. Just wrong and typical on so many levels.
But hey, you got what you wanted, dozens of people reading your blog. Was it coincidence that the band is releasing an album in a few weeks and you found a way to mention the band 20 times in your post? To garner more google hits perhaps?
Listen to their music, not their image, not the big painted picture that was concocted. I promise, you'll be in for a treat.

Anonymous said...

i think it is safe to say that next time you 'blog' about a band and you say that they were just one of those 'radio bands' that no one liked. you should take the time and maybe do a little research listening to their music. all of it. not just your 'radio music' maybe then you would get the whole picture and you could understand and appreciate how intelligent, and epic 3eb songs really are...every last one of them is truely a masterpiece in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

You should go to a show, I'll bet you will even enjoy it sober!

b.sue said...

I find myself in the middle of all described here, as I am almost 27, so I understand your amazement. I heard their songs on the radio when I was younger, sang along even, but it didn't compute.


Fastforward 7 years and this is where they found me. Not the radio singles, no not at all. It was the the lyrics, the stories being told on the tracks that got lost with bubble gum pop that clutched me to the core and earned them, without a doubt, the title of my favorite band.

Give "Wounded" or "God of Wine" a real try. Your opinion may be changed...

Unknown said...

I'm 23 and I've grown up absolutely adoring 3EB since, oh, 1996 or so? There's just something about them that has always grabbed me. My sister who is about 3 1/2 years older than me loved their self titled album and that's how I got into them. Semi-Charmed Life is fun, but definitely low on my lists of songs that I like from them.

I'm not sure I agree that they were the most important or anything overall, but they were and still are ridiculously important to me. They're albums are the ones I always come running back to.

I'm sure a lot of people have already commented recommending songs, but seriously, check out:
Motorcycle Drive By, Crystal Baller, Darkness, Why Can't You Be. I could go on and on. Love em.

Unknown said...

Also, meant to throw this in there, I can't believe you saying Cake, Gin Blossoms, and Bush are all just radio bands. Look deeper. They are all pretty unique and ridiculously awesome. Matchbox 20 and Everclear are slightly more radio bands in my opinion, but they even have pretty good stuff.

Jake0112 said...

Im 20,
I like 3eb.
I'll be frank, Im not a huge punk person. I like to mix my music. I also like not to listening to radio songs. 99% of the time its my cds or mp3's.
And coming from Ireland 3eb aren't too known over here to make it to the radio. But I enjoy their music.

I have their two albums, and i like both of them. And Im looking forward to their next one in August.

Anonymous posts a lot.

Arlo said...

Holy shit fuck! Musical opinion is relative?!? The sky is blue?! WTF?!?

J.Brewton said...

Before waxing philosophical on the merits or demerits of an act, you may want to take the time to listen to their frat couple records in their entirety. How frustrated would it be to hear someone pass judgement on The Smiths (whom I love too) by only taking into account their few successful pop hits. Also, from everything I've read about 3EB they seem as shocked as anyone that they are experiencing a resurgence and I know that they thought their first record would be a critical hit, not a pop sensation.

Enjoy your blog! :)

Jon Andru

Arlo said...

On a more rational note...

Like many of them have said, try listening to their albums starting with their self-titled debut.

I'll probably catch flack for this, but in a way it's like The Barenaked Ladies. Their public image, based on their radio play, is of a goofy, fun-loving band that you might enjoy, but never take seriously. But, if you listen to their album tracks, especially some of their early albums, there's a lot of deeper, more emotional stuff there. "The Flag" is not going to get airplay. Ever.

But still, I'm always shocked at how personal inwardly and outwardly people put music. Like it's something to debate about. Like you should feel bad and defend a band if one other person doesn't like it. Or you should down on somebody for liking something that you think is tripe.

What a waste of time.

Like what you like, share and share alike and maybe you'll find something that hits you emotionally, that you can dance to, that helps you identify with something, or whatever it is you personally get out of the music you listen to.


Unknown said...

I definitely think you're WAY off base with this. Have you ever REALLY listened to any of their songs? Especially the non-hits. Plus they're absolutely remarkable live, I saw them back in 1998 (when I was 15) and also again last month. Not only is Stephen Jenkins a skilled lyricist, how many "mainstream" bands/musicians can just sit and jam for almost 3 hours without running out of material? The brilliance of their music has touched so many people. They write about REAL shit. Sure, some of their stuff is catchy and more upbeat... but if all the songs on an album were the same in sound, I know that I wouldn't spend money on it. If you're running a "record label" now, I'd HATE to see the bands you turn away because you don't think they're talented enough. Open you're ears, and your mind. Oh and shut your mouth.

Anonymous said...

you are a fucking IDIOT and i almost feel sorry for you that you can not understand the power behind third eye blind..but then again glad that you dont because you dont deserve to be a part of it, obviously. stephan is fucking amazing his lyrics cut through to my soul..anyone who doesnt get that doesnt know what good music is!

Jessica said...

Wow, just.. wow.

You can't seriously think "do do do shit" is all that Stephan Jenkins can come up with, do you? The man graduated valedictorian from Berkeley for Christ's sake! He's an intellect, a poet. The man makes his audience think. He writes rebellious, dogmatic lyrics from the heart, and he writes from experience. The lyrics Jenkins creates speak to his audience on a powerful, almost spiritual level. I agree with every person who has told you to give "God of Wine," "Motorcycle Drive By," "Losing a Whole Year," "The Background," and more a listen. They relate to human emotions and "speak" to me in a way that no other band can.

Third Eye Blind is considered the greatest band from the 90's because they have talent, real honest to God, in your face talent.

Apparently you don't know what the fuck you are talking about if you have judged an album, let alone an entire band, based on the singles that make it on the radio. To be quite honest, aren't music critics supposed to review albums front to back, back to front, and all that's in between before they makes such large assumptions about the entirety of a band's career?

Yeah, maybe you should just let those critics get back to doing what they do best, and you should just keep your mouth closed.

shelz said...

I'll start by saying I'm nearly 31. My relationship with 3eb was lustful at first. Semi-Charmed Life got to me. It got me. Hook, line, and sinker. I was sold. I bought the album, listened to it, and that lust turned into such a deep love, I can't even explain it. That was back in 1997, I was in my Freshman year of college, and it changed my life.

Their self-titled album was a sip of the depth that was to follow. We had to wait a few years, but when Blue came out in 2000, I was beyond elated. I fell in love all over again. Mostly because of this song, Darkness:

Seriously. How much deeper (than bones?) can you get than these lyrics? "I want someone to know me, maybe tell me who I am" How many times I've wished for that... and "As I face down my demons, and cried out to a God, a God I've never seen". I still feel like SJ wrote that song JUST for me.

Blue got me through the worst break-up ever. Check out Slow Motion too, the non-edited version. Amazing lyrics.

The love affair continued in 2003 when they released Out of the Vein. I loved it too, maybe not as lustfully as the self-titled album, but it was good.

I'm so incredibly looking forward to Ursa Major so much so that I've already pre-ordered it on iTunes, as well as a physical CD (It is a MUST (for me) to own the physical CD's for 3eb!)

Anyway, Stephan Jenkins is a very under-appreciated lyrical genius, and I'd give anything to sit and have lunch with him, but I fear I'd ask too many questions, and we'd run out of time. He's amazing, definitely the glue that binds 3eb together. He gets me and touches my soul in ways I never knew before.

Try it, you might just like it. :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that although Nirvana basically changed rock for the 90s. Thats about the only band I'll agree with. Green Day is sellouts, I wouldn't in my wildest dreams put them ahead of Third Eye Blind. Third Eye Blind has some of the most amazing songs out there "Thanks a lot" "Motorcycle Drive-by" "Losing a whole year" AMAZING! Give their self titled a chance!!

Anonymous said...

helll yeeeess third eye blind is the most important band of the 90's!

Anonymous said...

Im a youngin of only 18 years of age and a big Third eye fan but was a big Nirvana buff first(very different but somehow the same). Its funny to me that all the bands mentioned are bands ive enjoyed and I could pickout some very influencial pieces from each and not just to me. Shouldn't it be a good thing to have the ability to look at various bands who express themselves in polar opposite ways lyrically and appreciate it? Isn't that music?
Those are just my thoughts each his or her own.
Peace Easy

Anonymous said...

yo dogz iz ridiculous, its nostalgia.
thats the shit we listened to in the car when we were 3-10
of course we're going to eat that shit right up.

i mean, sugar rays hit songs are great, solely for the purpose.

anyways, that aside teb is alright, i never liked them that much, but semi charmed life has been known to get my dick hard, so lets all take a breather.

Anonymous said...

ok. I am 18. I listen to White chapel, BMTH, Parkway Drive, Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, The Starting Line, (old) Green Day, Andy Mckee. What I am trying to say is that I listn to a bunch of different music. and out of all my music that I listen to..3EB is the number one band that speaks out to me the most! You have GOT to listen threw there WHOLE FIRST ALBUM! its just perfect. Now one song is bad! and im not puting down there other 2 albums (and red star) because there are some AMAZING SONGS in thoz also! Everyone who says that THIRD EYE BLIND is Crap! have not listened to there music then mabye just one or 2 hits! you all that think this are dumb and dont respect TRUE music! Third Eye Blind should have the respect of everyone! All of you haters just keep thinking you know what TRUE music is...I myself listen to a bunch of genres. but there is only one band that sticks with me in the end (amazing guitar/ lyrics/ vocals) 3EB is its OWN GENRE! Desmond Haze[}

LukeInfinger said...

3EB is the best band of the 90's and still going!

Unknown said...

I think all those people who label 3eb as a poppy 90s band has a rather shallow sense of taste. Let's take their most popular song that played on the radio for practically days on end. BRILLIANT catchy melody and great sounding vocals, but listen to the words:

I'm packed and I'm holding,
I'm smiling, she's living, she's golden and
she lives for me, She says she lives for me,
Ovation, She's got her own motivation,
she comes round and she goes down on me,
And I make her smile, It's like a drug for you,
Do ever what you want to do,
Coming over you,
Keep on smiling,
what we go through.
One stop to the rhythm that divides you,
And I speak to you like the chorus to the verse,
Chop another line like a coda with a curse,
And I come on like a freak show takes the stage.
We give them the games we play, she said,
I want something else, to get me through this,
Semi-charmed kind of life,
I want something else,
I'm not listening when you say, Good-bye.

The sky it was gold, it was rose,
I was taking sips of it through my nose,
And I wish I could get back there,
Some place back there,
Smiling in the pictures you would take,
Doing crystal myth,
Will lift you up until you break,
It won't stop,
I won't come down, I keep stock,
With a tick tock rhythm and a bump for the drop,
And then I bumped up. I took the hit I was given,
Then I bumped again,
And then I bumped again.
How do I get back there to,
The place where I fell asleep inside you?
How do I get myself back to,
The place where you said,
I want something else to get me through this,
semi-charmed kind of life,
I want something else,
I'm not listening when you say, good-bye,

I believe in the sand beneath my toes,
The beach gives a feeling,
An earthy feeling,
I believe in the faith that grows,
And the four right chords can make me cry,
When I'm with you I feel like I could die.
And that would be all right,
All right, When the plane came in,
She said she was crashing,
The velvet it rips,
In the city we tripped,
On the urge to feel alive,
But now I'm struggling to survive,
The days you were wearing,
That velvet dress,
You're the priestess,
must confess,
Those little red panties,
They pass the test,
Slide up around the belly,
Face down on the mattress,
Now you hold me,
And we're broken.
Still it's all that I want to do.
Feel myself with a head made of the ground,
I'm scared but I'm not coming down.
And I won't run for my life,
She's got her jaws just locked now in smile
but nothing is all right,
All right, I want something else,
To get me through this,
Semi-charmed kind of life,
I want something else,
I'm not listening when you say,

Within that poppy little number is a song about drugs and addiction and life. You're grandma was humming along to song about crystal meth in the car. It's just brilliance.

Listen to I Want You, Motorcycle Drive By, Wounded, Darkness, God of Wine, Burning Man, Graduate. They're songs are filled with a depth that always astounds me and blew away most bands that get tossed into the "90s" catagory. I've been to several of 3eb's shows and I'm always blown away.
Anyone who says 3eb doesn't deserve respect has not fully digested their music, and it's really their loss.

Anonymous said...

Good music transcends time & their music is as relevent today as it was & has been, I love 3EB as much today as I did if not more as when they first released. For you to drop the band names you described & talk about music & being on another plane sounds juvenile & is actually quite funny!

3EB definitely deserve their acclaim & have allocated themselves a place in music all their own

Anonymous said...

I think the reason you missed the importance of 3EB is you saw what MTV wanted you to see and heard what the radio wanted you to hear. You heard "dododo" instead of "Feel myself with a head made of the ground, I'm scared but I'm not coming down." Listen to the albums and you'll find another band. I mean Stephen did the same thing that Kurt did: write the music that he wanted to and that music that coincidentally became really popular. The self-titled record saved my life just as much as Nevermind did.

Anonymous said...

I, for one am opposed to musical snobbery of the kind that means to cut down and label music into categories such as "genius" and "wack". Music is there to speak to its listeners. You shouldn't be so surprised when a band (that you might not like) has found thirsty ears and spoken in ways that brought them joy.

Personally, there are tons of bands that I don't necessarily like, but others absolutely go nuts over (such as Blink 182) but I can see how their music could strike a chord in so many people.

I think you should come down off your pedestal and accept that music that you may not like could be just as "good" (as if that is an adequate description for any music!) as your own preferences.

Anonymous said...

Knock wood, and heaven forbid, if Stephan Jenkins had died young like Kurt did. Would the world finally have become awakened to 3eb?

Ponder on that one.

Unknown said...

3EB is by far, no comparison to any other bands besides Nirvana (kurt cobain is a genius), my all time favorite band. In my mind, heart, body, and soul there is no comparison. For their time, this band was so far ahead with their lyrics and their beats its really hard to describe... their new CD is even more of a reflection of the absolute perfection that is Third Eye Blind. I've been to their shows and have listened to every song they have ever written and I will stand by this band whole heartedly. Stephan Jenkins has placed the framework for the perfect lyricist. Anyone trying to write songs that will affect their fans in more ways then one needs to step into the mold that is Stephan Jenkins and 3EB. <3 these boys.

Anonymous said...

Third Eye Blind is so much more than what you hear on the radio. Every single album has brilliant lyrics and beautiful music.

Unknown said...

I will forgo writing pointless insults as I'm sure the other seventy-six comments have more or less covered anything I could say. Instead, I shall offer you an observation:

Your comparison of The Smiths and Third Eye Blind seems incredibly short-sighted. Sure, most everyone knows Morissey's music has some depth to it, that's probably one of the reasons you were drawn to it as a teenager. However, I'm sure someone told you his songs have some substance; you didn't have to think for yourself whatsoever. As such, when you heard Third Eye Blind's poppy hooks on the radio you automatically dismissed them as some one-hit-wonder unworthy of praise. I almost feel sorry for you and your quasi-ethnocentric stance on music. I suppose your question of how Stephen Jenkins managed to do it is further evidence to suggest you'd prefer being given all the answers rather than thinking for yourself.

Best of luck in the future.

Anonymous said...

Give you one guess who the most requested band at college venues has been the last few years...3eb

Anonymous said...

you obviously don't even know all of their songs. maybe be a little more knowledgeable before you criticize. just because you don't like them don't be surprised that so many other people realize the greatness that they are.

Torrie A. said...

That "do do do," song you are talking about? Try listening to the words. It's about meth addiction. But you are right, Sarah. Meth addiction is not despairing. No way a song about meth addiction could be considered despairing. I mean, it certainly couldn't "penetrate the surface."

What about God of Wine, that song is about alcoholism? Psssh. Alcoholism isn't despairing either.

What about Wounded? You know, that 3eb hit about how rape isolates a female friend from the men she used to hang out with? Hmmmmmm... yeah... Morrissey, so isolating. But a song about a woman who isolates herself after being raped? Wow, Sarah, you really understand how "not isolating" and "not despairing" songs about rape are.

I'm sure you also understand how "not isolating" and "not despairing" the young man in Jumper was. The song was based (as most of 3eb's songs are) off of REAL PEOPLE. If I recollect correctly, Stephan Jenkins wrote that song about a young man who committed suicide because his family and friends would not accept the fact that he was gay. I believe the young man was an acquaintance of Eric Gotland's (former 3eb manager.) I'm sure he did not feel isolated or in despair whatsoever, right Sarah? Because being gay and unaccepted and commiting suicide are definitely not related to isolation.

What about The Background? That 3eb song in which a young man "lifts your head while they change the hospital sheets." I'm sure the young man depicted in The Background did not feel despair whatsoever at the prospect of having a loved one helpless and probably dying in a hospital; he must not have felt sadness when he says, "the plans I made still have you in them," even though he's knowing now that he's inevitably slipping away into the background.

Yeah, totally nailed this one Sarah. 3eb is a total joke. They aren't moody, they aren't sophisticated, and they definitely don't penetrate the surface with their songs about addiction, suicide, death and rape.

Tianna Raphael said...

Honestly, who really cares if people idolize 3EB? They have some pretty cool songs. I personally think they are fun to listen to but they aren't "really really great" or anything. I don't think it matters as long as the band/person has musical talent, and I think 3EB does. Not tons, but they do have some. I also listen to Nirvana. My iPod contains both Nirvana and Third Eye Blind. What's wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

everyone who REALLY likes 3eb gets tired of hearing jumper & scl at shows. stephan writes beautiful songs and i can find thousands of people that agree (

he is relevant cause he's a brilliant songwriter and he plays with amazing musicians (tony & bradley)

they play amazing music if you actually listen to the shit that is NOT on the radio. 3eb's my favorite band of all time, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Every little last word you wrote (which I will say, I didn't even read the whole thing because it's just a bunch of crap, you sound like the teens YOU'RE describing, but talking about a band you dislike) is a bunch of BS and just shows that tastless people are still everywhere you turn. I'm not going to sit here and critize any of the other bands you mentioned because everyone has the right to whatever music they like, so for you to sit here and constantly ask WHY or HOW Stephan Jenkins did it makes you sound like an idiot. The only thing you blabbed on and on about is Semi-Charmed life, shows how open minded you are, listen to a few of their other songs and if you still sit here with that same look on your face, then you're a lost cause. It's obvious that there's more than one reason why so many people love Third Eye Blind. And if you claim most of the people who are "teens", then that must be who it is you're around all the time because I know PLENTY of people over the age of 30 who love them just as much as they did 10 years ago.

Don't get me wrong, I've seen and heard them all from the Rock and Roll legends to the garage bands trying to make it big, AC/DC, The Beatles, Unwritten Law, U2, The Clash, The Cure, Oasis, and even The Kings of Leon, Anberlin, The Offspring, but honestly, NONE of them has caught my ear and made their way into my heart like Third Eye Blind has.

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm 15?

Maybe I should sing it all so you can write a blog about this too.

And to quote what a Third Eye Blind fan left on their blog about your post: "I think I get it. She was too drunk and sad in the 90s to know what was going on."-Amen

Anonymous said...

Stephan Jenkins is a lyrical genius. Semi-Charmed, Jumper, and Never Let You Go (3ebs popular radio hits) are a mere fly on the wall compared to the other lyrical and musicality greatness shown by this band. I challenge you to listen to Motorcycle Drive By, Wounded, God of Wine.. and then see if your opinion in this blog is still the same. I will bet anything it won't. 3ebs lyrics in these songs have touched many lives, mine included and I will join this obviously "inferior, stupid, and inmature" generation with saying 3eb is my favorite band!

Anonymous said...

I think you need to realize you should never compare bands. You will always compare to your favorite and you will always be dissappointed. Listen to their three albums back to back to back and keep an open mind. You may realize you like it. I hope you do. They are an amazing group of musicians. I can't wait for the new album.

Caitlin D. said...

I absolutely have to disagree with you on this. Third Eye Blind may have had hits on the radio, and were overplayed out the wazoo, but let's face it. They were overplayed because they are great songs. You have to actually listen to their other songs, the ones not on the radio, to really appreciate them. Other people have listed some (the background, god of wine, motorcycle driveby, etc.). Third Eye Blind, in my opinion, is one of the BEST, REAL bands out there. period.

Cant wait to see them in Oakland in August! WOOH WOOH!

kmk182 said...

Are 3EB and Everclear to people from the 90s what Led Zeppelin is to people from the 70s? Of course. In the grand scheme are they equal to each other? No. But to people my age, 26, it was the best thing we had access to. We were the generation between the vinyl and mp3. Music wasn't as disposable as it was today, but it wasn't like we had to truck an LP home. We could have a friend make a cassette copy and not have to shell out the money ourselves. We weren't listening to Sunny Day Real Estate. In fact, we never heard of them before Foo Fighters.

I'd say 3EB and Everclear are equal in the rock and roll hall of fames as a Cheap Trick or Foreigner. Where they breaking ground, probably not. Do they have a deeper catalog then the radio songs, certainly.

We had no great bands from the 90s. Nirvana? The go to for most, but really over rated. Who from the 90s is still relevant? Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Weezer, the above mentioned. None of these bands are really needed in the history books I'll admit, but in a sea of Britney and Christinas, they were at least writing some songs.

For me, my introduction to 3EB was through my metal head cousin. I laughed at first when I saw him with the "Blue" cd. I had written them off as the DOO DOO DOO band like many others. When he made me a copy, I loved it. I went back to 3EB's self titled and that is truly a classic album.

Everclear, was the band for me that got me into rock music. I was 13 or so at the time I first heard them, when I was in the beginning of my teen angst years and ready to start making my own musical choices. My generation grew up with Def Leppard or Poison on the radio in our toddler years. If my parents listened to Elvis Costello, The Smiths, or something "not radio" would I still listen to those 90s bands? Maybe not. But its not necessary to hate them because they're on the radio. The Cure is the biggest band I know of. They were a "radio" or "hit" band, but there are people out there who listen to their entire catalog and think they are the best thing ever.

At my age now, am I going to give Nickelback a shot even though I hate their radio songs? No, but I'm not a teenager still trying to find my voice. Now, I lean more towards Elliott Smith or William Fitzsimmons. I like them and still pop in the Evercler or 3EB cd. In no way am I justifying all the bands from this era. There were some crappy ones I bought the CD and don't even remember. 3EB and Everclear are the two I can safely say I like most of their output to date. Stroke 9 is a band where their "Rip It Off" cd I love, but can't stand the one they had a hit off of (Little Black Back Pack).

Everclear did kind of shoot themselves in the foot by releasing their pop leaning stuff as singles over and over. Wonderful is tough for me to listen to, but the lyrics are good so I let it slide. But check out "Summerland" or "Strawberry," and see if you like those. I agree with most people above with anything off of 3EB's self titled.

kmk182 said...

Someone mentioned that Nickelback and Coldplay are the direct result of these nineties bands. It seems to me like bands are about 20 years behind in who they are mimicking. Nickelback seems to be a straight 80s hair metal rip off, see Motley Crue or other girls are just for sex bands. Coldplay is obviously a U2 clone, so don't blame us for them.

Nowadays there aren't any secret bands out there. If they are good, the internet will get them enough fans to make the first ones to hear them mad. There was a 90s backlash much like the 80s backlash. Now Journey, Def Leppard, and Poison are playing arenas. I've been to shows by these bands and there is a good chunk of the crowd cheering for the non-hits as much as the hits. Sure there will be people who love 3EB but only know the hits. And they have enough hits to support those people coming to shows. But there are hardcores deeper down that love every song.

Also, be on the lookout for Eve 6. A band I was alright with, who I liked their later albums more than the first. They played a college here a few months back and it was backed. They took the same path as Everclear or 3EB by playing colleges where people went in only knowing the hits, but came out big fans after seeing the live show.

JC said... clearly have never listened to third eye blind beyond what was played on the radio...just going on semi-charmed life??? that's weak. it was their biggest hit yes, but so many of their other songs are amazing.

check out the background, or motorcycle drive by, god of wine...the list is endless.

been a fan since i was 15 (27 now) and this band constantly delivers genius lyrics, great melodies, and puts on such great great great live shows.

10 years and three albums later, this band is still amazing.

Anonymous said...

Third Eye Blind had unreleased instrumentals and demos that made all the fans orgasm. The passion they created in us for them is amazing. Carnival Barker, Scattered, Alright Caroline, Animal, Knife In The Water.

Any hardcore 3eb fans would know of these songs.

Lawrence said...

When stellastarr* opened for Third Eye Blind a couple of months ago in Albany, they were blown away at how many people showed up and how crazy it was. They knew 3EB had a large fan base, but it was sheer pandemonium of NKOTB proportions.

So, yeah, this isn't surprising, though the goth in me mourns. Then again, the goths mourn no matter what and for no reason at all...

Lawrence said...

Also, if these kids gave as much of a shit about the world around them as they did 3EB (judging by the 30+ pages of posts on, maybe things would be a lot different right now.

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever considered that third eye blind was/is as popular as they were/are not necessarily because they spoke to a generation, but because they wrote purely catchy songs? this is why they are so respected. Semi-Charmed Life might not be as deep as everyone's expectations of good music, but no one can deny that its got a damn catchy sound. besides, everyone's definition of good music is different, and to act like you're above any kinds of music is bullshit. there's no solid explanation for 3eb popularity. they just simply sound good

Anonymous said...

Theres a memory of a window,
Looking through I see you,
Searching for something I could never give you,
A sadness I can't erase,
All alone on your face.

These are the ending lyrics to 3eb's Self Titled album. The last 4 songs on that album are absolutely special.

Please before bashing them listen to the non-singles.

Unknown said...

These guys are freakin incredible! End of subject!

Anonymous said...

God this chick sounds stupid. There can be GREAT music on the radio btw. The first time I ever heard PJ harvey was on the radio *I know right* I looked her up and was amazed. 3EB have some awesome songs. open up your mind dude

Anonymous said...

third eye always to be remembered deep inside of our heart? because the songs they made in 90's. they are the best. you should listen carefully for their songs. even if they don't exist, i would still be their big fan, no matter what. but thanks, they're back.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess- the only song you could recite a single line of is "Semi-Charmed Life"? That song, overplayed and mainstream, or not was off an amazing album. Their first album was no doubt the best, and I am really hoping Ursa Major is going to be a real comeback for them. If it's anything like the first album I will be ecstatic. Simply because you know one of their songs doesn't mean shit to anyone, and anyone who cares about an uninformed opinion such as yours is an idiot, and that seems like hardly anyone who has left a comment here. The Smiths had their mainstream songs, just not in your day, not in your memory. Great music is what speaks to someone, and Third Eye Blind has always done that for me. Since I was thirteen, and I'll be seeing them for the third time in August. Congratulations on your fancy record label, but because you have that an I'm currently just an English major [Just as Steven Jenkins was- yes, the man can write and do it well] doesn't mean anyone gives a shit if what spoke/speaks to me never spoke to you.
And by the way, your music taste is not unique. If you ask me you sound like someone who is striving to be unique which in itself is cliche. "I hate that mainstream shit"... oooo. Deep.

Anonymous said...

... And I would also like to add that Third Eye Blind has never sold out.

Kiss was on American Idol.
Green Day, who's older music I love, write political songs, constantly bashing America and the media and then does shows for MTV, etc, etc.

3EB is unique.
Stop trying so hard.

fabkebab said...

I am 39 and I love 3EB - I recognized them as something special after hearing the first album, when it was released.

The rest of the music I love is old-school stuff like Pink Floyd - but 3EB are extraordinary

Rob Thomas said...

Finally someone gets where I'M coming from! Third Eye Blind on the whole sucks, and you can totally sum up all of this band by listening to that doot doot song. It's terrible!
Marry me Sarah.

Also Stephan Jenkins is really just a cock.

PS Anyone want to buy my new album?

Anonymous said...

ok i don't give a fuck what you other pussies out there have to say about 3EB! there music is timeless to me! growing up my parents had my listening to the classic bands that they grew up on. pink floyd, boston, the eagles, super tramp & black sabbath just to name a few! these are bands that were before my time yet i'll still pass that music on to my children! 3EB is no different! i grew up listening to there music when i was in jr high & now that i'm 24, out of college & doing my time in the military i'm STILL ROCKING OUT TO THERE MUSIC! unlike some stupid chick that tries to sound like she's smart by comparing one band to another one while throwing big words in there, i STAY LOYAL to bands i like & grew up listening to! my parents grew up on pink floyd & sabbath, i grew up on pink floyd & sabbath & my kids will grow up on floyd & sabbath! it's music that's TIMELESS & 3EB is the same to me! i'm not trying to compare 3EB to pink floyd in a music stand point. i'm mearly saying that both bands will be playing on my speakers in my house all my life! the day that i die is the day i'll STOP listening to 3EB! so whoever wrote this blog i have some simple choice words for you! stop doggin on one of the best bands of my generation, listen & appreciate GOOD FUCKING MUSIC when you hear it & for god sakes stop talking about morrisy! my gay uncle listens to that shit! 3EB rules & i can't WAIT for there new CD to come out! you're stupid sarah! go fly a kite!

Anonymous said...

I'm 15.

I've grown up listening to third eye blind all my life.

How's it gonna be, semi charmed life, jumper. Even Never let you go.

They were always just a band to me, not great but I didn't care much for them.

Two weeks ago I was using my CD player and when my CD ended the third eye blind CD started playing. A song called losing a whole year comes up and im blown away. Why have I never heard this masterpeice?

I go to the second track.. Fucking Narcolepsy I spent that whole day listening to that CD all over again.

Stephan Jenkins is amazing. Thats all.

thjyjtjt said...

Haha, don't worry about all the haters who've missed the point of your post. I love how shocked you are by the way and I luff Third Eye Blind.

Unknown said...

I think the whole blog post is kind of stupid, I mean.. the author was suprised to find out that third eye blind is hailed by many as the most influential band of the 90's, so instead of actually going and listening to some of the music and trying to figure out for herself why people might think this, she goes and bitches about it on the internet instead. That in itself is ridiculous. And no matter how many people come on here and post and tell you how awesome third eye blind is you won't really understand it without actually going and listening to it... I mean wow there's a novel idea, try listening to music before you judge it.
I personally have to say, I'm a little surprised too at how popular third eye blind is now.. I'm 21 and ever since I was about 12 I have always claimed 3EB as my favorite band. The self titled album was my favorite cd, I listened to it so many times and it was like the more i listened to it the more i liked it, I felt like I connected to the music and it was just something deeper than just something to listen to or sing along with. I feel like it shaped my memories as a teenager. I could see myself getting a third eye blind tattoo just because they are the only band that's ever touched my soul in that way or meant so much to me. But at the same time I didn't ever see them as a 'popular' band or the it thing at any time. I liked the music because I liked the music, not because it was cool or popular or what my friends were listening to. Last year I finally got to see them live and it was amazing. It sold out. I was really surprised to see how many people there were that loved this band as much as I do.. or atleast *almost* as much. But I can see why so many people like them obviously... it's nice to see such an amazing band getting the recognition that they deserve.
The thing about third eye blind is, they weren't the most popular band, or the trendiest thing out there, during the 90's. Their radio songs were not the best songs. But if you get the albums and listen to the rest of their music it really is something special.

Anonymous said...

sarah, were you perhaps drinking when you posted this blog?

completely wrong, stephen jenkins is a lyrical genius. 3eb's music is so thoughtful and deep. it astonishes me.
and trash talking their work is not bringing them in light with the industry.

& i too love bands like nirvana. it is possible to truly recognize the talents of 2 very different types of bands.

Ross said...

I find it odd that someone so well acquainted with music, would refer to any band as "the band with that one song".

to have people refer to third eye blind as "the band that did semi-charmed life" makes me roll my eyes. Songs you've never heard like; god of wine, motorcycle driveby, thanks a alot, slow motion, wounded, wake for young souls, losing a whole year, the background, darkness, etc etc etc... are what 3EB fans live for.

It seems to be a sad thing that you have counted out such a great band because the 3 songs you heard on the radio seemed to be too mainstream for you.

The first riff of Wounded brings the emotions of abuse to my mind's forefront. Motorcycle driveby and God of Wine recall the feelings of an imprisoned brother and a failed relationship. Slow Motion brings out the memory of what used to be an innocent childhood.

do not attempt to preach that 3EB can't carry emotion. Their music is my voice.

Anonymous said...

I remembered the '90s quite well: I was in my 20s and briefly worked for a rock station in NYC. 3EB was -- and still is -- a mediocre band. However, they probably stood out (albeit slightly) because the '90s was a shitty decade for music. At least I know who to blame when I hear the way lead singers whine through their songs. I was originally going to pin that blame on Morrissey but, yeah, this shit is godawful.

No, the '80s weren't any great shakes. Nor were the early '00s. However, each decade had gems in them that would blow away 3EB in a minute.

Are 3EB talented? Yeah, sure. So is a cover band at Kenny's Castaway in the Village but I wouldn't pay to see them, either. 3EB was and is overproduced jock rock. They were just the sort of thing you heard at a frat party in '96 just as keg stands were being seen in the kitchen, roofies were being dropped in drinks, and date rapes were being planned out.

I'm really insulted that 3EB had so much defense in anything called "Absolute Punk". Really? "Punk"? That's a fucking insult to every punk band that ever existed. 3EB was exactly the kind of dickhead music punks were rebelling against. Radio stations like the one I was at played them over and over again because it sold zit cream and used cars and whatever the hell else was being advertized. There was nothing punk about them. Who the fuck would categorize them with Flipper or Bad Brains or Youth of Today or Fugazi or Dead Kennedys or.... You get the point.

Ugh! I can't believe the kind of establishment tripe that has co-opted the term punk. Fucking conformist assholes!

If 3EB what the future of music is turning to, I hope I'll go deaf soon.

Ryan Kirkpatrick said...

it's kind of ridiculous to say 3eb is having a resurgence. their radio single for this latest album has entirely flopped. it is not getting played.... anywhere.

i've yet to hear of anyone who's actually heard it.

have you listened to the lyrics on 1 in ten? stupid....

third eye blind was magnificent when they had Kevin Cadogan. You'd be hard pressed to find a better, more complete album than their self titled debut. Blue has some great songs on it. Out of Vein was great too, but to call them legendary or leaders of a generation.... not a chance..

as far as relevance in the music world.... we'll see how much this new record sells, but given that nobody is playing it on radio.... i doubt it will do very much...

now if we want to talk about a 90s band that actually still sells records and remains relevant, why don't we talk about the goo goo dolls? who 3eb opened for on a tour a couple years back...

ggd outsells 3eb, uses crazy guitar tunings that make their signature sound, and has had far more radio hits.... with more sales, more radio play, alternate tunings and great lyrics, goo goo dolls seem to capsulate what this author is trying to write about more so than 3eb

Tyson Kerr said...

Stephan Jenkins is a musical God... You are a complete dumbass if you think that 3EB is a radio band. You have to listen to the entire cd to discover that. Obviously you only listen to the radio and are not a true fan of music. I admit the Cobain is huge in the 90's but mosly for the fact that he helped bring grunge rock in and push hair bands out. Stephan Jenkins and Cobain are similar in many ways. But you would not know that because you only know the lyrics to Semi Charmed life, Jumper and Hows it gonna be. Take the time to listen to it before you come out and make stupid claims that they are not the band of the 90's. Jenkins vocals are passionate, heart felt, and very true in meaning. That is why a band can stay around so long and only release 4 albums in 14 years. So back to my very first point..... Stephan Jenkins is a MUSICAL GOD!!!!!!

Tyson Kerr said...

Hole???? You are kidding my right? Who the Fuck says Courtney Love spoke to them. "Doll Parts" was their only decent song and it still sucked. The only reason people even know the name Courtney Love is because of Cobain.

And the Everclear basher... You have no ear for music. They sang about real life issues of everyday teenagers. How can you bash them.

Fuck all you ignorant dumbasses who have no idea what good music is.

Anonymous said...

I'm 27. During my teen years I loved Nirvana and other bands that were considered grunge, as well as The Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins and anything else that would fuel my depression. Now I can hardly stand to listen to Nirvana. I still have them on my iPod (out of respect maybe... IDK it's weird), but more times than not I hit skip. I bought 3eb's first album and LOVED it. Listened to it all the time. It's still one of my favorites. I was never anything more than a casual fan. I didn't even find out about their 3rd album (Out of the Vein) until 2 years after it came out, but better late than never. I just saw them live for the first time in April and it was a great time! I can't wait for URSA. I also never thought much of Counting Crows when I was younger, but now they're one of my favorite bands. Just wait until the day the kids are raving about Hanson. It's coming. They're pretty great too.

Anonymous said...

I always hung out with the kids who were so un-trendy that looking back it made them trendy. You my dear are one of these. "Oh I wouldn't be cought dead buying that cd its on the radio" I only listen to stuff that happy people dont like waa waa waa. Thats such crap! Third Eye Blind is a great band and if people like you who had "no friends" would of given them a chance you would of realized they had just as much pain in their songs as any of the bands you listed. I listened to The Smiths and The Pixies and I loved Nirvana but I also love 3EB. I grew out of most of those bands but I still listen to Third Eye Blind alot. by the way I am 28.
p.s. Greenday is crap!

Anonymous said...

Anyone saying semi-charmed life sucks or is to commercial have you ever really really listened to it? yea the beat and chorus are catchy but the words are raw and dirty. Open your ears...just because something has a catchy tune doesn't mean that its worthless. Yeah do do do doot do do do doesnt mean much but listen to what else is being said. All of their songs have amazing lyrics just listen!

Anonymous said...

Are there any other lame and shitty bands large quantities of under-25s like (besides 3eb, mcr, fob, etc.)? Please let us know so our brains don't explode when we find out. Thank you.

niCole said...

I can't stand when people make wild assumptions about music based on a song they hear on the radio. Here's some advice: don't bother trying to judge any band based on what songs get played over the airwaves. Radio stations can take very talented musicians and completely misrepresent them by overplaying one "radio friendly" song.

The fact that you jumped to conclusions about Third Eye Blind based on hearing Semi-Charmed life proves you don't know much about the band or their music. If you didn't bother to buy the album because you didn't like that single, then it's your loss. Their first album was completely amazing. The lyrics and music spoke volumes about getting through life, losing someone you love, missing a friend and trying to move on. Losing a Whole Year, Thanks a Lot, Good for You, The Background, Motorcycle Drive By
and God of Wine. These are the songs i listened to when I broke up with my boyfriend, when my aunt passed away, when I left my twin sister to go to college, and when I was awake late at night thinking about how I was going to hold on.

The albums following their first didn't disappoint. Tracks like Anything, Wounded, Deep Inside of You, The Red Summer Sun, Camouflage, Darkness and Darwin got me through the trials and tribulations of my first two years of college. I made a lot of mistakes, I let go of myself and the people around me. I felt lonely and confused. I'd put my boombox on, turn the lights off, and just listen to Blue.

Out of Vein was released in 2003, and I was a year away from graduation. Songs from the album (Faster, Forget Myself, Danger, My Hit and Run, Misfits, Palm Reader, Company, Good Man) helped me sort out the mental chaos of losing love, hurting a friend, saying goodbye and starting over.

It's 12 years after their debut album was released, and their music still speaks to me today. Every time I hear a track, it takes me back in time to a pivotal moment in my past. Hearing any of those albums makes me a stronger person. It makes me believe someone knows how I feel because they've been there too.

Third Eye Blind has some of the most amazing fans. Fans that recognize their music goes beyond the catchy tunes the radio decides to play. Fans that love their music and unconditionally defend the band's talent. They didn't get lucky with the fans that support them. They earned it. If you listen to the music, all of it, then you'd understand.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see. You are one of those people that feels like they can't be "cool" if they conform to anything that our society as a whole agrees upon. Sad.
Listen to the songs like God Of Wine, Motorcycle drive by, and Slow Motion. God of Wine is probably one of my all time favorite songs. Third Eye Blind is one of the best bands I have EVER seen live. They are fucking awesome live. Their music is fucking awesome, especially once one looks past "Semi-Charmed Life".

BTW-I'm 27.

Seb said...

Jesus Christ in a chicken basket, where is Eman Laerton when you really, really need him?

Almost 120 comments in praise of facile mediocrity... No wonder this planet is fucked.

andrewlong said...

"who was the best band from the 9-" RADIOHEAD!.. woah, I didn't even have to think about that, it just lept out... Who could possibly search their soul and come up with 3EB? They aren't even good live. Flame away if you want, but Jenkins can't carry a tune outside of the studio.

I can't remember the last time 3EB sold out the Hollywood Bowl in 30 seconds. ...or the last time 3EB was the headliner of a major music festival (were they EVER?).

If you want to argue who was the biggest crappy radio band of the 90s I'd think that would go to matchbox 20 before 3EB.

But what do I know?.. I just went to high school during that time, lived it...played in a band (at the time)... and never bought a 3EB album (or bothered to aquire the mp3s).

Did 3EB ever even get a VH1 behind the music? did they even get a "where are they now?"

I just read this article with a gaping mouth and a "WTF?" thought bubble beside my head.

Anonymous said...

Third Eye Blind is an incredible band with a large and loyal fan base. They are an awesome band that has not lost the energy and spunk they had in the 90s. Their new album is inspiring and beautiful and is worth a good listen to. It is unfair and dismissive to reduce this band to a radio band with no substance. They will be remembered as one of the greatest bands of all time.

andrewlong said...

The new album may be good (I have no idea), but I do know they won't go down as one of the greatest bands of all time. They won't. Get over it.

I think Sigur Ros is one of the greatest bands of all time, but I'm well aware that they won't (to the general public) be known as such or even known (in America) at all.

Anonymous said...

As one of the young twenty-somethings that you spoke of, one that has given things of this nature a fair bit of thought, I figure I'd share my opinion on how Third Eye Blind gained such revere.

Accessibility in spite of depth.

We were young and uncool. We knew bands like Nirvana were supposed to be amazing, but we didn't understand why. And all our older brothers/peers made sure we knew how uncool we were for not knowing what it was all about. And we were faced with a choice. #1 Like a band just because we knew that they were considered good. or #2 Ignore the Status Quo and like a band that we truly enjoyed and had fun listening to.

Those of us that are honest about our musical preferences rather than liking things based on a criterion that has been preset by music snobs were all listening to Third Eye Blind as a Preteen. Why? They were accessible musically.

Fast forward a decade. This entire time we've been listening to 3EB, and we realize that their songs have many layers of depth and meaning that we never grasped before. And Third Eye Blind is very consistent while still bringing variety and innovation into their sound and songs. It equaled a formula that made all the kids who weren't cool enough to be down with the Nirvana's and the Radiohead's found a place to belong.

Now, that being said, if you question Third Eye Blind's musical or lyrical prowess I'll stab you in the jaw. ^_^

To sum it all up. The people who missed the 3EB phenomenon had become music-snobs before they gave them a chance. So that even if people like *you* liked them, you "wouldn't be caught dead with one of their albums." Way to withstand peer pressure there man.

andrewlong said...

Nobody is saying they're the worst band... they just aren't the best, which is the part we're shocked about.

On musical peer pressure:

Try cranking up Antony and the Johnsons at the office (assuming you, like me, aren't working in an ultra-hip office).

"One day I’ll grow up, I’ll be a beautiful woman
One day I’ll grow up, I’ll be a beautiful girl"

Having that come on in the car during a date doesn't usually go over well either.

Of course I could always stand up to peer pressure in the best way by posting opinions anonymously.....

Can you post some youtube links to the songs that are so deep and meaningful by 3EB? I'm not saying they don't exist, I'm just curious...

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of everyone discarding 3eb cause of semi charmed life. Just listen to the music. There is a reason people still talk about third eye blind while most of the other 90s bands faded away. I thought all 90s bands bands were enjoyable, catchy alternative rock and then I actually listened to third eye blind's album and there is so much substance to every song.

Listen to the music before you open your mouth and bitch

Courtney love are you kidding me?

Also, I never looked at Nirvana as a true 90s band. I know they were popular in the nineties, but they were from a whole other genre so comparing Nirvana to third eye blind is kind of ridiculous

Anonymous said...

To preface this, I'm a 25 year old and 3EB was huge on the radio when I was in Middle School. My mom bought the CD thanks to her love of Semi-Charmed Life and How's it Going to Be.

After he first listen, she didn't really connect with the rest of the CD because it didn't carry the easy listen vibe that the singles had. She tossed it my way since she had little interest in it. I was a fan of their radio stuff, but it was by no means anything that blew me away, just something to listen to in the car with my parents. I was pretty obsessed with Nirvana and Metallica at the time so I doubted this would be my style.

After listening to the album I couldn't believe how fantastic it was. Well-crafted, deep, and meaningful with skilled guitar riffs. I quickly became obsessed with the band and before I knew it Blue came out. After I played out both albums, they felt out of view for me for a while.

Over time I found myself going back to their albums time and time again. Even with anything new I found, I never connected as deeply with the music as I had Third Eye Blind.

These days I never miss a show, they are amazing live, and I'm greatly looking forward to both Ursa Major and Minor. I have a very wide love of anything under the Rock umbrella, but no music has been as influential on my life as Third Eye Blind.

In keeping with the original post, I've never cease to be amazed at just how many others out there are just like myself. The band is far more relevant than I ever realized. For a long time they were my dark secret, and unspoken love, but these days, they are so widely accepted by many my age that I can proudly proclaim my love for the band without seeming out of touch with musical reality.

Anonymous said...

I felt completely unaffected after reading your article. There was no real point. Your argument had no other affect on me except for a slight hint of laughter. Laughter, not at your words, but at the fact that someone could spend so much of their time arguing a trivial point.

Third Eye Blind is awesome, and they're the most important band to ME. And that's all that matters. Words are words. As significant as they may seem, they only affect those who allow it.

The Curateur said...

I saw them in Boston this spring when they sold out HOB on a Monday night. I was befuddled.

I thought it might have been because of the hot opener band ( yes I'm completely biased), but alas the chanting co-eds were there for Stephen; with his silly hat and songs that remind me of when I first got my driver's license.

Music. Go figure.

TahoeSabajo said...

Third Eye Blind is MY FAVORITE band. I don't understand why you and your friends wouldn't be 'caught dead' with one of their albums. It just makes you sound like you're "too cool" for 3eb, which makes you sound like an ass. If you WOULD have purchased an album, you would know that 3eb went far beyond their radio singles and made some amazing songs with some very powerful lyrics.
I guess I could thank you for 'exposing' them to all those media giants you know, but this isn't really about that, it's about your own personal opinion and how it meshes or clashes with those around you. It is rather disappointing to learn that you have a record label and you've just now figured out how influential 3eb really is. And if you're sharing your surprise with all your friends and colleagues that have the same taste as you, then you're not really benefitting Third Eye Blind at all, are you?

andrewlong said...

She was probably "too cool" to pick up the NKOTB cds too. You young'uns gotta remember that back in the old ancient days the songs on the radio/tv were the only ones we had access to. There was no itunes song preview, lastfm, blipfm, myspace music or youtube. If you didn't like the singles you didn't buy the album. We didn't have laptops with CD burners either to make each other copies. You couldn't get napster/rapidshare/limewire/whatever and "try" everything. The closest thing we had to that was the "listening station" at Virgin record stores (I'm sure you're scratching your head wondering what that is..).

So we heard semi-charmed life... thought "meh, catchy..." and waited for something more interesting... but they kept releasing singles that were "meh, catchy..." and so we moved on and never thought about 3EB again till this new revelation.

The opposite thing happened to Blur at the same time. Americans bought the album for "Song 2" and were dissapointed that the rest of the album was shoegazing pop music (which I actually liked, but my friends didn't). Then Blur could never figure out why Oasis became popular and they didn't. Oasis' singles sounded like the rest of their albums. If 3EB was really a band with deep meaningful insightful stuff...they should have released it and shown us.

In a time when "Rape Me" was on the radio I'm not sure why 3EB couldn't put out their less sappy material as singles if they existed....

I still can't believe we're even having this conversation. This would be like my parents suddenly revealing that Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles weren't the real influential artists of the 60s but it was Country Joe McDonald instead... wtf?

Anonymous said...

"So we heard semi-charmed life... thought "meh, catchy..." and waited for something more interesting... but they kept releasing singles that were "meh, catchy..." and so we moved on and never thought about 3EB again till this new revelation."

I don't understand how you admit you haven't listened to their songs outside of their singles and you still trash the band. Singles are the most overvalued thing in music, and you say you're old school but that album sold millions of copies. You didn't have to dig through indie record stores to find that album at the bottom of the pile.

Probably the ultimate song by them that every true fan loves is motorcycle drive by. He has said how he is so glad that song didn't get turned into a single. It's not always about turning your best songs into singles. Sometimes the band likes having it's best stuff set out for their real fans, but maybe that is something you can't understand.

andrewlong said...

No, I don't understand how a band could expect to get their "real fans" from people buying their cd at random.

Let me break it down again - you couldn't hear the non-singles tracks unless you bought the album or someone you knew did. According to recent data, the amount of money teens carry around has drastically increased in the last decade, so I understand why this concept might be hard to get...

When myself and probably Sarah were in high school we couldn't go to the music store and buy ten albums... so we heard "semi-charmed life" and "karma police" on the radio the same week and chose to buy Ok Computer... There was no digging through bargain bins involved, we just bought the better music (judged by singles) because we couldn't afford both.

Why would a band make its best stuff harder to hear? That makes zero artistic or economic sense.

Anonymous said...

okay. i'll admit i don't know how hard it was for you to actually hear music. I bought their greatest hits (a collection) about a year ago and was blown away. There was no limewire or advanced technology involved. I was just at a store and looked at the back of the cd and I realized I somehow knew about 7 songs on the collection without ever really being a fan. I didn't say I am going to buy twenty cd's from the T section of rock cause kids today have soooo much money.
I would like you to tell my cabinet full of ramen noodles how much money I have.

Motorcycle drive-by, slow motion, and God of Wine, are better songs than any of their singles, but they aren't radio friendly. They are more artsy and don't go by the whole verse chorus verse chorus setup that is used in popular music or they are just too explicit (slow motion). It's not like they hid their best songs either. They are on the cd for you to listen to. They already had like 4 or 5 songs from that cd that were singles and they picked the ones that were catchiest. Cause lets face it..the catchy stuff sells. And also, think of your favorite band. I'm sure your favorite songs by them aren't the ones that everybody hears on the radio.

Anyways, it's pointless to argue over these little details. The thing that bothers me is who the hell thinks they can just put down a band that is loved by so many people without listening to all or at least most of their songs. It's such a joke

andrewlong said...

I think you guys are missing the point (or maybe I didn't read her post correctly). She isn't putting them down. She (and I, and others that have commented) are amazed that there is a large community of young people that consider them the best band of the 90s.

THAT is the debate. I'm not saying the rest of the songs suck. I haven't heard them. Maybe they are brilliant... but it seems weird that nobody from our age group "discovered" this... Especially ones (like myself) that don't necessarily discount pop music.

In fact two of the albums that I bought in high school and liked were Duran Duran's "wedding album" and Madonna "immaculate collection." Now after saying that I'd be similarly surprised if it turned out that Duran Duran was considered the best band of the 90s (they actually came out with 4 albums in the 90s btw) - even though I like them.

In any event - y'all should be happy this debate is going on, as it will only get more people to listen to the music. I know I'm going to go and try to listen to some of the tracks you mentioned this weekend and see for myself...

Carrie Brownstein can have her Phish experience and I'll have my 3EB experience....

Anonymous said...

That's fair by you, but really that blog was the most condescending thing ever. It wasn't just like hmm 3eb has staying power I think more people be talking about them. It was more like what the fuck is wrong with these kids for liking third eye blind so much.

It's not that the people in the post don't GET IT, as she keeps saying. It's that people who say they are huge fans of this band meet people like her all the time when talking about music. We mention third eye blind as one of our favorite bands and they are like are you joking? That's the poppy 90s band with two songs. It's really frustrated cause usually the person who thinks we have no taste in music is the one wearing the t-shirt of the latest screamo band.

Maybe she really was just noting that this resurgence of 3eb was just interesting to her, but she had a very pretentious way of doing it.

andrewlong said...

Just for the record, I'd trust someone's musical taste who was wearing a 3EB shirt over someone wearing a Rise Against shirt.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no. I see what you guys are doing:

You guys get this girl to post about Third Eye Blind and then a couple of you sit around and write all these comments here and on AP and are like "Ohhhh.... Don't you see how awesome Third Eye Blind is? Why don't more people like them". And then I go out and buy a couple of Third Eye Blind albums and I listen to them but, like, I can't figure it out but I'm like, "Hey, maybe I'm missing something". So maybe I'll go to a party and be like, "You guy heard the new Third Eye Blind album? I hear it's pretty good?" and everyone's like, "What the fuck, man? Are you fucking kidding me? You totally got punked, dude. Nobody listens to that crap."

Yeah, well, guess what, man. You're not getting me this time. No, sireee. Nope, I'm not going to let you fuckers do that shit again to me after I got all into Arcade Fire and felt like a total asshole when "Neon Bible" came out. Fuck you all for trying to trick me again.

andrewlong said...

Wtf?! Neon bible is/was great...

Anonymous said...

3eb is the greatest band of he 90's and today. Stephan Jenkins lyrics and voice are amazing. Brad Hargreaves drumming is spot on. I like every song on every album they've put out(which isn't true about any of the other bands I like and I'm very picky about the music I listen too) Gee I wonder if that's because they are fucking amazing(yes it is).

Also, I play music and understand music and live music. So shut the fuck up. Oh and I'm 27 and third eye blind's songs were and are still are extremely relevant. I know tons of people my age who love third eye blind, but I don't hang out with ignorant people like you, that could be why.

I can't wait for Ursa Major.

Anonymous said...

one can easily think of many many many many bands that were bigger and better in the 90s, if not still today. Ever hear of Guns n' roses?

Ever hear of U2? Aerosmith?

Anonymous said...

What the fuck do you know about music, you dumb cunt? I bet you can't STAND Led Zeppelin either, can you? You do realize that nonconformity is a form of conformity, right?

Courtney Love sucks, Nirvana is beyond over-rated and uninspired.

"Mr. Kobain, we believe that the purpose of music is to serve mankind. You, however,seem to regard music as some kind of "dodge" or "hustle." Your lyrics are the worst kind of popular tripe, your methods are sloppy and your talent highly questionable. You're a poor musician."

Anonymous said...

you aren't comparing 3EB to led zep are you? That would be beyond laughable...

Anonymous said...

3EB's first album is one of the top 3 albums of the 90's. I still listen to them long after pearl jam and nirvona(how ever you spell it.)I'm 39 years old and me and many of my friends think the same. everyone is right about the last 4 songs on the disk there what make one of the most complete albums I have. Not a dud on the album. can you say that about any nervana album? Hole please.....that b*tch should have put the shotgun in her mouth, it would be the best song she ever sang.....guggleeellleee

Anonymous said...

Watch Brad play drums live and then laugh at the Led Zeppelin comparison.

adam said...

I wouldn't say it's a resurgence..
All of the 3eb fans that have been fans for a long time are now letting everyone know.
3eb fans are crazy.
I love 90's music, but I won't walk to my desk and grab a capo to play along with the Goo Goo Dolls, or tune to Eflat and jam to Van Halen.
Yet I find my guitars being tuned to F#AC#F#G#E or DADEAD for one song.
Because I love everything about 3eb.
I spend a whole day learning God of Wine on guitar because it makes me feel awesome, like I'm taking part in an extension of what's happening in my soul.
I don't get that from any other band.
And I don't know anyone that gets it from another band either, besides 3eb.
It's why I can listen to 3eb in the car, with the stereo turned all the way up, and then my mom can do the same to a quiet acoustic song.
Their music gets to people.

andrewlong said... I've listened to some of the recommended songs and I'm starting to think this is a joke. Their drummer is merely adequate - certainly no competition for John Bonham (as one post suggested). Jenkins' vocals don't have much range - and often remind me of DVDA...

Still searching for anything mind blowing. The songs that were supposedly better than their singles are actually just as formulaic, but less catchy.

I'm curious (scared) what these kids think of what weezer has done in the last decade. "hash pipe changed my life!"

Anonymous said...

3eb as the '90s Led Zep? What next? Toad The Wet Sprocket were the '90s Rolling Stones?

I guess all the coke these kids parents did in the '80s made these kids deaf or stupid.

Em said...

Third Eye Blind has been my favorite bands for several years, and I am, as she stated, in my early 20's. (23 to be exact.)

But that's the thing that bothers me, because the author stated that anyone over the age of 27 wouldn't even consider Stephan Jenkins to be a relevant part of the 90's, which is simply not true. I'm usually one of the youngest people I see at the concerts I've been to of theirs, (in the greater Chicago area for the most part.) and that is especially true for this past May when they were here. (Which was amazing, by the way.)

But hell, for the most part I'm thrilled with this blog, because as she noted, it got a lot of attention for a band that has produced music which is unique and powerful time and time again.(just as music should be!)

Unknown said...

all you need to do is go to a show. experience it for yourself.

and while you're there, take a look around at the diversity of people. when i saw them in may, we stood in line next to some 17 year olds. i'm 23. we were crammed against the barrier next to a couple in graduate school, and another couple who couldn't believe how lucky they were to find a baby sitter for their 12 year old.

3eb's music has stood the test of time. stephan jenkins, the musical genius that he is, writes new stuff about relevant political issues and things we deal with now - and the music he wrote in the 90s spoke to the people of that time.

and don't even call it a comeback - its been the same good shit all this time, and you were just too ignorant to notice.

Anonymous said...

You know who else's music is awesome and has stood the test of time? Michael Bolton. Personally, I celebrate the man's entire catalog. To me, it doesn't get any better than when he sings "When a Man Loves a Woman."

Anonymous said...

he certainly has more of a vocal range than stephen jenkins

Anonymous said...

I think 3eb defines a separate type of musical taste. Most of the comments negatively directed at 3eb seem to focus on the instrumental side of things, all they hear are "lame because it's catchy" guitar riffs. They don't really listen to the lyrics. The lyrics ARE 3eb. A 3eb song to me is really more of a poem set to music and those lame guitar riffs make it all the better for me. There are people who prefer lyrics and those that prefer the instrumental side of things

Anonymous said...

You can keep the Smiths and Gilligans Island, give me Seinfeld and TEB.

Anonymous said...

You really are a stupid self righteous fucking bitch.

Anonymous said...

But at the end of the day, you're the one listening to 3eb so who's won? She has.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this article. I really enjoyed reading all of it, and finally my favorite band gets some recognition. I am part of that age group that you speak of (18 to be exact), and I don't have many friends that listen to 3eb. The ones that do like "radio songs" like Semi-Charmed Life, Jumper, etc. While yes, they are good songs, they sometimes give the band a bad rep. I wish people would take the time to really listen to some 3eb albums and take it all in. I was exposed to 3eb years ago from my father. He has always enjoyed the same kind of music as me and thank god. If it wasn't for him I would have never stumbled upon 3eb's self titled album. That album might be the best all around album that I have in my music collection. I try to say that with the most unbiased opinion, but it's hard. There are some true wonders on that album. "Losing A Whole Year" and "Narcolepsy" are incredible, and then the end of the album is just amazing. From "I Want You" to the closing of the album is pure genius. "Motorcycle Drive By" might be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, and that's coming from a guy. Then Blue has some gems as well like "Darkness" "Farther" and "Slow Motion". Out Of The Vein is my favorite album though. The songs in this album really hit me. I can't even say how much I love "Faster" "Forget Myself" "Misfits" "Wake For Young Souls" "Self Righteous" and "Good Man".

Sorry if I went on a bit of a rant. It's rare that I can post about 3eb like this. I can't exactly relate to the issues 3eb sings about in those three albums, but they have their own special meaning to me. They hit me like no other band can, except for Dave Matthews Band.

Anonymous said...

I'm 30 years old. I enjoy many different artists. to name a few: Bright Eyes, The Smiths, the National, Modest Mouse, Ryan Adams, etc. but I must say that the probably my favorite album of all time is still Third Eye Blind's self titled. I can listen to this all the way through and not think about skipping a song. The lyrics in these songs are absolutely stunning and reflect the intellect of Stehpan Jenkins.

J.T. Noels said...

"Of course it's all about Third Eye Blind! What was she thinking?"... is what I'm thinking :) But when I think about how much stick I get for liking them...
By the way, I'm soon 25, and have loved 3eB from the beginning... But as I've grown up, I have loved them more and more. Stopped listening for a while, only to be re-blown away in a new way by listening to their eponymous album. I'm sure everyone's said it all, but Third Eye Blind marry lyrics and music like no other. And that is why they're the best band in the world, because they're not just about a catchy melody, or about relevant lyrics, but the sensitivity of the music and the lyrics, along with metric perfection and the energy drive makes them totally unique. That's why the fans of 3eB are real fans, they don't just like them, they'll write essays about them and their songs. Like right now. ;)
It's pretty amazing that you've seen this, because most people who don't listen to them just don't.

Kevin Rutledge said...

you're in the industry and you were too blinded to recognize 2X nominated song writer of the yr. (being Kevin Cadogan and Stephen Jenkins) you might think they were a cookie cutter "radio" band, but what you overlooked was lyrical content and the exploration of emotions that 3eb brought to ... Read Morea new level. unlike other bands, NO 2 songs sounded the same, or immulated any one sound. 3eb is and was an ORIGINAL, ENTERTAINING, INSIGHTFUL, and all in all INSPIRING band. you did hit one point on the head; 3eb is overlooked and should be given the appropriate credit deserved. your collumn did not HELP give them recognition.. all you did was point out the obvious in a self awakening experience.

Anonymous said...

After seeing all these comments, I've come to one major conclusion: Third Eye Blind is the Scientology of music. Their fans act the same way as Scientology believers and most people who aren't fans have the same reaction as those who aren't Scientology believers: "This is some kind of joke, right?"

Eric M. Armstrong said...

The sad fact is that Third Eye Blind only influential as a comedy-inspiring act. Not one artistically relevant band today would ever admit to liking that sorry band.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the fuck shes talking about and all you fucking idiots with your taste in music.
I just got into 3eb about a 3 years ago and i always got a cd of theirs in my changer. 3eb has the most relate-full music in my life. I relate to the tone that SJ sings. I relate to the lyrics. He talks about relationship stuff that hits home to the fucking core you fucking dumb ass pricks. I know everybody has their own opinion and that's cool. Every album of theirs is great and those of you who understand me hell yeah. Dig deep past those radio songs and see if you don't relate to 3eb.

Anonymous said...

can't be a cd changer in your car... how did you pass the written part of the exam??

V. Janbazian said...

I think the core issue isn't that kids don't appreciate, or adore, or even understand a band like Nirvana or Alice in Chains. It's more about what their outlets and feeding them. They live in a pop world. I grew up when it was Rock 24/7. Pop was an afterthought. I mean, we had MJ No. 1 for weeks then one day Nevermind came out and no one looked back, that is I think until now. Rock as a whole became commodified, contrived, misused, misrepresented... in a matter of 8 years we went from having Nirvana and Pearl Jam having No. 1 songs to Creed and Limp Bizkit topping the charts. Fast forward to now and you can see that trend still following. However, the music that's ruling the charts again is straight up pop music. And this is what kids are bombarded with. So, it's no wonder that a kid now will look at rock music through that filter. Bands like 3eb, Everclear, Counting Crows fit that worldview perfectly. If you ask a band like Augustana who they were influenced more by, REM or Counting Crows, I bet they'll say Counting Crows.

Anonymous said...

he is legend do a great cover of wounded. otherwise, fuck third eye blind.

Anonymous said...

i think 3eb blind basically did the same thing nirvana did, see nirvana came around and gave people something different to listen to than the same old glam rock hair bands or eletronic pop, but when nirvana exploded so did grunge and all the bands that came with it, and 3eb was the balance, 3eb was the band that didnt want to make u kill yourself or revel in misery

pkarrows said...

Here's my two cents...

Maybe they aren't saying those big name because the taboo is still there. I mean, is it trendy to come and say "oh i like this unknown band that no one care about" so to them, maybe 3eb are the "unknown missing band"... it's like being in '79 and telling Jimi Hendrix is your influence... well it was done... i just feel there is a taboo nowadays to shout "i like this big name" in society... but then it got that pervert effect that you mention...

pkarrows said...

And by the way... who is Third Eyes Blind, i'm 26 yrs old and i was thinking we were talking about Blind Melon here... I remember the name of that band tho, but what was their major hit song?... I listen to them on youtube and can't find anything i remember having heard before... Since, i found out we weren't talking about Blind Melon, i thought we were talking about this band who had this major hit "dou-dou dou-dou-dou Goodbye..." not even this band... I'm getting too old.

Anonymous said...

I'm 25 and a 3eb fan, I live in Rio de Janeiro - more than 4.000 miles away from the nearest USA border - The band had like 0,00000001% of radio play here in comparison to what it had in the US, still I'm a 3eb fan. I met SJ and company through MTV, when MTV used to be good (yes we have the same problem down here), but like the radio, it was really hard to catch a video of them on the TV, it was rare. By the way, it was rare to listen to Everclear, Barenaked Ladies, Semisonic, Matchbox Twenty or any band of this period, as well.

I find it funny when I see someone bashing 3eb as radio shit or as mainstream puppy, because for me, was always the opposite. I only have their self-title, cause I was lucky enough to find someone selling it online. Never found it on any Brazilian music store, big or small. It was an Indiana Jones kinda of adventure to buy Blue and Out of the Vein, too - getting prepared already to fight for my Ursa Major. There are way more alternative stuff that is easier to find around here than 3eb music.

Anyway, I'm completely fascinated by SJ's lyrics. It makes me enter just to understand it better. My father (46 years old), grew up listening to U2, The Police and Smiths, doesn't know English, discovered my Cd's and now loves 3eb because of the sound. So, if someone on a 3rd world country recognizes Third Eye Blind as a great, influential and relevant band, even if it has never been mainstream at all in his country, and you living in the US don't... maybe, you are needing a better point of view. Perhaps, you need a musical epiphany.

Davi J.

Favorite songs: Wounded and Another Life

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention. I actually enjoyed the article, felt really sincere. I'm not mad at Sarah. I got in here via, but will definitely take a look around.

Davi J.

Michael H said...

3eb is like any other band that people have talked about in all these bloggs. They had the radio hits that were taken out of context of the album and of course sound chessier on there own. When you were not around when some of your cool bands came out they sounded like that to. Nirvana The Beatles, Zep, Radiohead, all the staple musical conversational pieces had songs taken out of context and squeezed on the radio between lynard skynard and whatever other bullshit was played on the radio at the time. To each is own. One thing I can tell you about third eye blind, If you listen to whole albums you get the girl song feel but a swagger that only jenkins posses helps pull them off. He wrote more than the doo doo doo line.

Anonymous said...

More talk about Third Eye Blind here:

Ginny said...

Third Eye Blind is the best band of the 90s?! Oh my....... I guess my idea of the best band of the 90's is a little different.

Anonymous said...

listen to some songs beyond "the do do do song" (which by the way is amazing) before you write a piece on third eye blind. try listening to some of the lyrics. maybe then you wont be so confused and sound like a stupid fuck.

Franzine Kafka said...

I posted a response at my blog, as this was sent to me by various people. thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a pretentious nobody with a haughty opinion, such a great source for an enlightening read. And, typical of a know-nothing woman, she quickly posts a bratty half-apology, half-excuse typical of immature female bloggers and myspacers, although at 27 years old you would think she had outgrown that behavior. Everyone got "the point" of your waste of an article, don't try to act as though it was above anyone after the backlash. 3eb is a good band, not one of the best of all time, but probably underrated and it's not a stretch to say they are at least part of the defining group of 90s bands. But of course, they had songs on the radio so they must be trash. Go fuck Diablo Cody or something you pretentious waste of oxygen. Or you could just end yourself, either way would be good for the earth.

Anonymous said...

that new album came out a month ago that was supposed to blow all of us 27+ year olds away and show us just how great 3EB really is.

so.... what happened? I haven't heard it anywhere... Instead I hear twenty Weezer songs a day on the radio... why isn't anyone jumping up to say that Weezer was the best band of the 90s? Even though they suck now, their two albums in the 90s were way more relevant and influential than 3EB....

The problem is that we've got a bunch of kids who were in diapers or 1st grade at the time telling those of us that lived through it - what the best band of the 90s was. That is sort of like me (age 28) telling my parents that Neil Diamond was WAY WAY WAY more relevant than Led Zepp back in the day...

New flash - you weren't there to know this - but nobody took 3EB seriously even back then...

Get over it kids, you like mediocre music... go enjoy it. Millions like mediocre music, how do think the Britneys of the world can still make money touring?

3EB will not come up in music history textbooks. They were nowhere to be found in 2003 when I took an actual college course on it (contemporary music history). You can probably guess the names that came up when we studied the 90s. 3EB wasn't one of them. The end.

get over it.

Anonymous said...


Go to a concert. 3eb is the best band of the 90s.

Never have I heard a band where every single song tells a story that has me interested. SJ is a poet.

Put any of their hits on at a club of people in their early 20s and you are the king of the room. And don't be such a snob that you hate something just cause its poppy and everyone sings along. What's the point if you cant get really into it?

Anonymous said...

put miley cyrus on in a crowded room of tweens and you'll be king of the room.

Miley Cyrus must be the greatest musical artist of the last ten years.

And you're certainly stuck up if you disagree!

Anonymous said...

fat jew

Anonymous said...

stop being so fat and jewish

Anonymous said...

hey someone knows the model of the motorcicle that appears on that video?????

Ann said...

You have the wrong approach. Yes, the radio is more often a wrong place to find good music, but in the 90´S were a lot of good bands, cult bands, that you and many others may not gave any attention, but that is what I consider was the best of the 90´s, so much bands to choose (so different among them), bands that barely you could noticed that are huge.

I´m 26 and I still listening the bands you mentioned, matchbox 20, cake, everclear, Bush,along with 60´s, 70´s, 80´s and today´s bands, as a part of the history of music, too. I like 3eb and their first record is absolutely good and definitively a keeper,the last songs of the record are pieces of art, and stephen is defenitively a good song writer.... he is.
And what about Counting Crows, they are so good, just because some kids misunderstand things or they take it to another level not must be disparaging a great band, lyrically and musically talented.Another band that comes to my mind is days of the new, another great band that was played over and over for just one song, and then "disappear", the whole record (the first record) is a piece of art, and I how I know it, because I notice the potential of the band in this one song and I bought the album, I left behind the prejudgment of radio can give to an artist along with a massive popularity, something hard to do, I know, but it did not make to the artist better or worse. you said "I´m going to be different and mysterious and not listen radio", sadly wasn´t the right time to do it, as a matter of fact, doing that, you lost a lot of good bands from the 90´s, that was what is special about the 90´s, Good music on the radio!! a phenomenon that doesn't apply to another decade, I think, no in that scale.

Trust me, you are going to heard more about this "kind of bands", and will inspire more things, I guarantee ... you should listen all that bands you talked about, and left behind the prejudgment of "was a hit on the radio".... and then write something about it.t.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar opinion about 3eb for a long time, only knowing their musically simple Semi Charmed Life, Never Let You Go, etc. But after listening to their first album all the way through I was blown away. lyrically and musically this band is fantastic. thank you 3eb.

Ryan Griffin said...

For me, it's all about the inability to pronounce the letter "R".