Monday, November 8, 2010


This weekend I kept it super lazy. I watched four episodes of my new favorite show "Outsourced" on TWC's On-Demand service. I'm not sure if i love the show because it's funny, which it is, or if because the main character is a dude played by the new object of my affection: Ben Rappaport.

Ben Rappaport looks like this:

He looks like Brandon Flowers:

The premise is basically this: white guy in India getting adjusted to their weird culture and customs.

It's similar to the premise of another new favorite show of mine, "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret,"which stars David Cross as a bumbling American who accidentally lands a job as a senior sales executive in London. Todd Margaret doesn't know anything about British culture or sales... his adventures are terribly uncomfortable/hilarious and not since "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has my ass gotten so much exercise from clenching it so much out of discomfort. Love it.

I'm also excited to say that one of my best friends, Ellen Hart, ran the New York City Marathon yesterday! She finished in just over 4 hours. Absolutely amazing!

Here's a poster that Meredith and Gurj made for her:

I love my friends. They're too cute.

Anyway, sorry about how shit this update is ... i dont know why i'm such a bad writer today. :(


Unknown said...

im loving the resemblance!!! i may have to start watching this show....

kittygoespotty said...

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