Thursday, March 6, 2014

SIRENS Debuts Tonight on USA

Never one to shy away from giving props and attention to the blue collared folks that serve and protect and save, the new Denis Leary produced comedy, SIRENS, is premiering on USA tonight at 10/9c (I'm only mentioning the central timing since the show is based in Chicago and so therefore, in central time).

The Trailer is above, but USA also posted a full episode (that's 3rd or 4th i think in the season): Rachel McAdams Topless.

I don't know what i'm going to do with my life now that PSYCH is over (people who follow my twitter know how in love i am with that show), but this might be the answer.

BTW, i'm going to start updating this blog more with TV, Tech, Movie, etc., content... like pop-culture in general, because i watch so much tv these days and play with so many gadgets. it seems like i'm doing myself a disservice to write only about music. Though, i will be flooding your earholes with that as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ultragrrrl
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Ultragrrrl said...

That is me!

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