Thursday, November 6, 2014

HAVE YOU SEEN?: Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat"

My goal is to post more often. It's also to make over this site. Let's see if i do either of those things.

I'm totally loving this video Lorde just put out for "Yellow Flicker Beat." Maybe it's just because i'm hungover, but to me this video is like the bizarro version of Miley's "Can't Stop." Please see rationale below:

Sure, Lorde dances like she graduated from the Thom Yorke School of Interpretive Dance:

While Miley ... does this:

But wait a second... what's this? 

They both perform from bed:

They both perform by a window:

Actually, the above image of Miley is a 2-4-1... since they both like performing by vertical slatted shades: 

And both have a fondness for shrubs:

And they both perform from a pool:

And outfit themselves in sheer tops! 

So yeah... I think i'm on to something.