Monday, March 15, 2004


Muse just confirmed a show at Bowery Ballroom for April 14. Please mark your calendars. No idea when it goes on sale. But Jay Belin is the fucking man for telling me.

This weekend Nate the roommate had a friend over from Tampa. We were hanging out in the kitchen and she asked me if i could recommend any albums. I drew a blank when every band i mentioned she had already played out. Then she came home a few hours later and was like "Hey Sarah, ever hear of this band called Muse? Virgin had their album on sale -- and it was an import -- and it's really great!" She heard the album on the listening station and fell in love with "Apocalypse Please" immediately. I'm telling you, the album is amazing. Anyway, i think Mandy and I are meant to be. We also both complained about the album's artwork. It's so ghetto. I'm no artist (Mandy is though), and we both complained about the font. I guess that's not much, but for such an awesome band, i would want a bit more awesome thought into the font. They should've done "typewriter" font or something i think. Oh, and Laura slash temp bought the album also and texted me saying how much she loved it.

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