Monday, March 8, 2004


... Really Shitty Movie
. Do not, I repeat, do not, go see Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. It's not good. This is coming from a person who would rather sit at home ordering Mandy Moore movies On Demand and viewing the deleted scenes of the Olsen Twins' "When In Rome" than make out with drunk boys. I know my teen movies, and this one was... No joke, midway through the movie, Sarah Wilson stood up in her chair, wrapped her hands around my neck and mimed choking me. We sat there loudly critiquing the film -- as if we were suddenly Siskel and Ebert -- declaring a lack of character development and repeating the incredibly stiff line delivery and shitty dialog writing. In the end of the movie (yeah, i'm gonna spoil it for you all), Lindsay's character ends up with this school friend whom she realizes is reality while the rockstar she'd been pining for was a fantasy. Mind you, the school friend literally had about 4 lines in the movie, 2 minutes of interaction with Lindsay, and the two of them had just about as much chemistry as a pair of nickles stacked ontop of each other. This left Sarah and I leaving the theatre going "OH MY GOD, worst movie ever!" While a bunch of parents stared at us like "Uh... go see something your own age you fucking hags."

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