Monday, March 29, 2004

I'm supposed to update my blog and discuss this weekend but i'm feeling totally uninspired cause there are some shitty people who like to talk crap on the internerd and it's making my head dizzy. So I'm gonna just sit in my glass house for tonight and hide all my stones. Actually, I'm gonna bury them.

I guess what I will mention is that I had a nice weekend. The weather was nice for the most part and the people were nice for the whole part and I went to the Killers video shoot for "Mr. Brightside" with Karenplusone and never got sick of hearing that song after 49 listens. She's got a pretty nice round up from the day. She's got a pretty nice everything if you know what I'm saying. You can see the photos from the video shoot here. You might have to sign up for Ofoto for that, which is painless.

I honestly can't believe how much I love the Killers sometimes. They make me wanna never stop dancing. And nothing makes me happier then dancing. But it's not only the Killers, it's also Franz Ferdinand. FF make me so fucking happy that i want to run down the street hugging people.

"Almost Crimes" by Broken Social Scene is also fantastico plastico. the female vocalist is Leslie Feist -- she sounds so panic'ed and urgent -- it makes me want to cry. She sings like what heartbreak would sound like. Which reminds me, Mediaeater has some fantastic photos up from SXSW. Mediaeater is such a fantastic photographer -- you can almost hear the music through his photos.
Look at: British Sea Power and photos from the greatest show i've seen in five years and the Secret Machines and the Killers and finally, Broken Social Scene.

Speaking of lovely music, Dennis Cahlo is doing a residency at Pianos starting in April. He'll be playing in the upstairs lounge at 7:30pm on every sunday. For those of you who might be wondering who he is, Dennis used to be in the Realistics and I think that Niki and Lizzy are the two biggest Realistics fans ever... i mean, apart from Audrey.

Also, I'm sad to announce that Nate the fantastic Roommate has found his very own east village studio. His departure is bitter sweet because this means that Lindsay is moving in. This is all very very exciting news. Lindsay is about to see how boring I really am and how I'm serious when I say "i like dating teenaged boys." I think i smell sitcom.

Whoa, so much for no update!

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