Thursday, March 25, 2004


Will somebody please post their thoughts on last night's episode of "The OC!"?

I was at Pianos last night with a fuckload of blogheads when I called Greg the Boyfriend to see if he wanted to join me at North Six for Sons&Daughters. He was like "call me after the OC" and i was like "why? it's a repeat." and he's like "no, it's a new episode!" and so i grabbed Guilia by the hand and we RAN to my house as fast as our little feet could take us and made it back in time for the second half of the show. Hi Alienhead, i'm sleeping with your mom buzz.

I met up with Greg at North Six for the Sons&Daughters show -- which was fantastic. It's like they listen to nothing but the "O Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack and Gang of Four -- busting out a mandolin that made Greg weep and a passing around their bass guitar like a ho in a frat house. I was quite impressed to say the least by their male/female vocal charms, and i think their guitarist/singer scott has made it official: The Scottish are Producing Cute Boys. And lots of them. First Barry, then all of Franz, then J.Rice, and now SonsScott... and I wont forget the patron saint of scottish hotness: Ewan McGregor. Keep it coming, you kilt people, keep it coming.

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