Tuesday, March 9, 2004


I've been meaning to post all day, and all last night, but the internerd has been whack. Basically, Marc Spitz got me the most thoughtful gift a human being has ever gotten me (not including family members). He brought me back from Los Angeles the tea cup that Morrissey drank out of during his interview with him. I was holding the tea cup in Sia's office showing it to her and miming how I would be drinking tea/coffee out of it when it dawned on me: Morrissey actually put his lips on that cup and it's never been washed. I literally started jumping up and down with more excitment in my mind than ever before. Seriously. I've never been so completely excited about an imanimate object before in my life. I think the last time I felt excitement like this was over an actual human being that i was actually in love with. How shallow can I possibly be? As shallow as a tea cup apparently.

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