Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Is anyone going to see the following shows tonight in nyc?
Razorlight at Mercury Lounge - 9pm
Johnathan Rice at the Living Room - 10pm

I am so in love with Razorlight's single "Rip it Up" ... Yeah, sure, it does sound like the Libertines minus the homoeroticisim that Kiran loves, but it's got a beat and you can dance to it and it's probably about the Queens of Noize... and they're so fucking cute, i'd write songs about them too.

And Johnathan Rice is a 20 year old scottish FOSC (friend of saddle creek) who is a singer/songwriter and not typically up my alley, but i saw him play for starsailor a couple months ago and fell into a spell. I didn't like starsailor before this show either, so i'm thinking that it's possible that Laura/temp drugged my sesame medallions.

In late breaking news, Baron talks about buying a dust ruffle.

My goodness. C.Lo is totally fooking nuts. Thanks to cumdumpster for that one.

This doesn't seem too kosher. [link from best week evs blog]

Also, Karen, where the fuck are you? Have you been kidnapped by the TCTC? If you know the whereabouts of this blogger, please tell me.

Did anyone see "I Want a Famous Face" last night on MTV? I would like to know, first of all, who pays for the surgery? Are the parent's seriously incredibly rich that they were like, "Ok, kids, we gave you really terrible genetics, so we'll pay for all these things to fix your weak features" cause to be honest, the boys weren't that bad looking. Granted, they didn't look like Brad Pitt before hand, but they didn't really look like him afterwards. But they did look pretty good afterwards -- i think they should've just tried getting their hair done and their skin fixed in the first place instead of spending all that dough on surgery. but that's just me... i mean, work with what god gives you before opting for surgery. Also, the porcelain teeth were totally unneeded. They had great teeth before hand.

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