Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Thank you Megadork for posting The Game of Mash on your blog. So many hours in high school were spent playing this game. Most notably back stage during the Spring Musical and the Fall Play when I was doing tech crew and trying to figure out ways to entertain everyone.

Anyway, i did mash twice with two different numbers cause I couldnt decide if I liked the number nine more then three.

Here are my results:

Using the number 3 as my favorite number:
You will live in Apartment.
You will drive a red hummer.
You will marry Ben and have 5 kids.
You will be a dj in paris.
(I know about 40 Bens, so really, this could be anyone and they're all cute.)

Using the number 9 as my favorite number:
You will live in Shack.
You will drive a pink subway.
You will marry Brian Montouri and have 1 kids.
You will be a A&R in Paris.
(I was a bit more specific about which Brian. Coincedently, this Brian just stopped by my office to give me a drawing he made me of Neil Diamond ... he used his own pubic hair for Neil's chest hair. so sexy).

Please post your results in the comment box.

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