Thursday, March 11, 2004


Introducing your new favorite band Bloc Party.

Many, many, many months ago, my very hot entertainment lawyer friend, Oliver Isaacs, sent me an MP3 of a band called Bloc Party that didn't really care too much for. I think it reminded me of watered down Radio4. Then I found out that my friend Tim Vigon was managing Bloc Party, which surprised me cause they didn't seem up his alley. Then Imran was all up my ass about Bloc Party cause the singer is black just like him.

Finally, Oli sent me the link to Flux Blog where I found an MP3 by the band.

Well, fuck me. I slept on that one, didn't I? Thank you to my british friends (who all have surprisingly fantastic teeth and shower regularly) for their pressuring. And shame on me for not checking them out in London.

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