Wednesday, March 24, 2004


So I've finally jumped on the Delays wagon that I believe was started by Karenplusone about a thousand months ago. She played me "Long Time Coming" while we were in London in February and I was like "this chick is awesome, she's like a poppier stevie nicks and this song makes me wanna dance in a feild of flowers with fairies and cute boys with clean hair." and she's like "it's a dude." and i was like "great. i wanna make out with him... sober." Such dreamy vocals and sounds. Oh dear Delays, you make pot seem so expensive. who needs drugs when you've got this?

The poor people who have to sit around my desk have been listening to "nearer than heaven" and "long time coming" on a constant loop.

Last night I did Lindsay's Ritalin Readings which was so fucking fun. The house was totally fucking packed. I had no idea that people liked to watch other people read out loud. Whenever I read something to someone in my family they're like "let me just read it for myself. i can read." so the concept of someone wanting to watch someone else read for no reason at all totally blows my mind. But alas, there were about 100 people there waiting to watch us readers read. I gave a shout out to my bloggas and pour a little of my beer out for Whatevs who was in D-town.

Afterwards i went to see Americas Next Top Model with Karen plus one and cute Andy. I knew the winner would win from the very first episode. Sure, she's a little Stacker2ish, but she's like a total beauty cream campaign waiting to happen.

Then we went to see the lovely talented Johnathan Rice perform at the Living Room. Well, Andy didnt come cause he was sleepy but Karen and i sat up close and cooed every time he spoke from stage. He's scottish. Sounds like a mix btw ryan adams and chris martin and is 20. So effing endearing, it's painful. Karenplusone rounded up the night better then i feel like doing, so just go to her site. I will talk about the hickey's Sarah Wilson gave me though. Three of them actually. That was fun -- not really. She totally neck raped me in the front room of the living room and I left the venue with three gigantic bruises on my neck that are unsightly. this morning i had to do some tv thing for vh1 and the make up artist spent about a half hour trying to cover them up. i'm doing an mtv thing later today and so i'm thinking of rocking them sans make up and hair pulled back. my mom will be proud.

Go see Johnathan Rice next tuesday at the LivingRoom. You'll like it. And it's free.

Oh, and Muse's album came out yesterday. Go buy it.

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