Thursday, March 4, 2004


I just got the new Killers album in the mail yesterday. Oh, not only did i get the whole mother fucking album, but i also got the music video for "Somebody Told Me" and have literally watched it several times in the first half hour of receiving it. They're on a desert -- but they're so hot already. God loves the Killers. I know it. Once you get your hands on this album you're gonna be blowing loads all over your keyboard while writing me emails saying "dear sarah, thanks for telling me about the killers." The last track sounds like the song Bowie never wrote.

OK, so the midweek report:

Monday: Went to dinner with Maureen and then went to see the acoustic Morning Theft (starring Rob Holmes) at Pianos. Rob's voice is so great and I am really starting to get worried that I'll be fucked waiting out in the rain to see them play in a couple months. They're like the Psychedelic Furs meets the Pixies -- which might sound really odd, but it works amazingly. Plus, as if they needed to win me over, they dedicated Muse's "Plug-in Baby" to me.

Tuesday: Ok, so Tuesday's plan was to meet up with my friends from high school since Allison Mann was in town from Boston. I had a work dinner first with the lovable Mikey Skinner from the Streets who looks like he has been going to the gym a bit cause his arms are looking diesel. I spent the entire night exchanging war-omance stories with Tim Vigon. Poor dude could hardly get a word in edge wise cause i spent the whole time going "...and then..."

So afterwards I went to Sin Sin to visit the high school friends, Evan, Cat, Marcus, Allison, Jon, and Noah. The music downstairs was whack and the music upstairs was so-so, so we headed over to lit where Marcus turned down free coke and Cat made out with some hot chick. I accidentally grabbed Evan's crotch for a photo. I swear it was an accident. Allison told us about teaching autistic children and I begged her to start a tardblog to make up for the one that ended. Autistic kids are not retarded, I know this. I like autistic people. It's assumed that many musical geniuses are autistic, so all those fantasies of Thom Yorke and David Byrne that I've had -- they were actually fantasies about autistic people. Anyway, it was pretty fucking awesome to see my friends from high school. It's great that now I could blurt out "it's not that I hate only vaginas, I hate cocks too. I'm asexual. I'm like Morrissey" and they know who I'm talking about. In high school I think it would've taken me a bit longer to explain "no, not chris morrissey. I mean the singer. He's not gay. He's asexual. Oh nevermind. Do we have to listen to this live phish album again?"

Speaking of high school, I was interviewing Karen O yesterday and it turned out she went to the neighboring private school in Englewood. Not only that, but I was like "oh, you graduated in 96? Hmm... I think my friend's ex boyfriend was in that year. His name was Peter and I went to see his band play the battle of the band..." and it turns out that she knew this Peter. And when I was in high school, my friend Kim, who going out with Peter, gave me a tape of his band and there was this amazing song called "Karen" on it. I was like blabbering about the battle of the bands and his band when I was like "...wait a fucking second. Are you the Karen from the song "Karen"? Yup. She is. Amazing. Small fucking world. It was a great fucking song too. I haven't heard it in like 7 years and I could still sing it for you. Sadly, I think Peter gave up music shortly after that battle of the bands performance -- which I think he lost to a band that had a violin player. Fucking violin players.

And again with the high school theme of today's blog entry: last night I had tea with a friend from high school named Jason. Jason and I used to work at Seattle City Coffee together in Tenafly where we'd stand behind a counter at 6am serving pissed off parents their coffee while doing shots of espresso and avoiding "bad" touches by patrons and our boss. The positive thing about working there was that we had to have music playing at all time and our selections included the Beatles and Sinatra. I actually loved working there and would really love to go back to working in a cafe one day. I doubt Jason feels the same way.

After talking motormouth cocaine style to Jason for a half hour (I'm so sure he only heard me go "blah blah blah blah blah blah" -- that's all I heard come out of my mouth for the love of God), I ran home so I could catch American Idol. I'm so fucking happy that Dean Martin redhead dude, who likes Sinatra a lot, won. I was swooning infront of the TV as he sang that song. He's gonna win like Kurt from Norway did. Nobody expected it, but the dude had a fucking great voice. And This dude, John Stevens, he's got a great voice. It's different from everyone's, obviously, and did you happen to notice that Nora Jones sold over a million copies of her album? This dude will too. I'm gonna go out on a limb and bet my money on it. All $17.50.

Then I dragged Lizzy into my room to watch "The OC" with me so I wouldn't have to shout across our apt going "oh my god! Did you see that!" every five minutes. Somehow I missed a "jewfro" comment from Seth *swooooooooon* Cohen. During a commercial break I made her watch the Killers video for "Somebody Told Me" and she thought the guitarist was cute. I tried to make her watch it again so I could be like "look at how cute they ALL are -- and yeah, the song is great too." But the OC! The OC was on! And then she predicted Marissa going over to that ho's house with a dress so she could come to the party. And then I predicted the Six Feet Under guy punching Ryan in the face. POW! Jordan texted me afterwards to say that he wasn't gonna watch anymore now that Anna was off the show. Dude, she's a blonde Rachel Leigh Cook.

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