Friday, March 5, 2004


Some things and then I'm going to bed (my lathargy prompted my mom to tell me that i was anemic when i was little... i had no clue!).

If you see this girl, please tell the police. Hopefully she's alright.

I've got some DJ gigs coming up:

Saturday, March 6: Sin-e. Asobi Seksu record release party and show featuring Dennis Cahlo from the Realistics. Lots of hotness and cute Japanese people.

Saturday, March 13: CBGBs. The Good News Party. Click on that link cause Alvin did this amazing animation movie and for the first time ever, I'm a bonafide cartoon, doing "the dance" that the mystery girls love.

Sunday, March 14: Tribeca Grand. This day will otherwise be known as the best day of my life this month. I'm DJing with Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce of the Smiths. If Marc Spitz comes, he'll have met 3/4 of the Smiths in one month. The dude gets like 100 pts in my book for bringing me back the tea cup that Moz actually drank out of. Total Buzz.

Saturday, March 17: Chelsea Piers. Fight Childhood Lukemia and drink and dance the night away. I know that it seems a lot to pay $60 at the door for an event, but after that it's open bar and nonstop ass shaking music and most importantly, it's for a really great cause.

Well, that's it for March I think.

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