Wednesday, March 10, 2004


I'm kinda loving the new Robbie. He looks sort of huggably soft or something. Like, you know he sort of wants to snuggle with you on his couch watching the OC. My theory with boys: skinny is fantastic, but if you wanna pack on the el bees, go ahead. Make me feel less... uh... you know, thick. To be honest, for a second I was like "ack!! get that man the von bondies album and have him do some sweating to the singles" because, c'mon, i loose calories listening to "C'mon C'mon" ... but you know, he's on vacation now. Let him pack them on. It's not like he can't get laid or anything as a result.

The only thing... doesn't he sort of look like a little person in this photo? Like Station Agent size. Photo via Stereogum

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