Monday, March 15, 2004


Member of this band seem to have won the good looks lottery. Sounds like Iceland is getting into garage rock.

I'm kinda surprised that I like the Fever's new album. I figured I only liked them live and not on record. But alas, their recorded material is hot.

This Milkshake so so effing hilarious. This link is for the bassist of my favorite band.

Jews will do anything to save a dollar. Here's an IM i got from Adam:
adammandel: i just stood in line for the 2nd ave. deli thing
adammandel: it was insane
adammandel: probably a 5 hr. wait
adammandel: this homeless guy went down the line screaming "you are all crazy, its just a sandwich"

Safe for Work Porn, link from the perverts at ProductshopNYC

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