Monday, March 15, 2004


So last night I totally DJed with 1/2 of the Smiths. Not only did I DJ with them, but I also danced with them to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" and exposed them to Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" ... Mike Joyce, who has seriously aged about 4 years, said "I like this bassline" and i replied with something nearing unintelligible like "this song is about 20 years old, if you think it's innovative, then it must be way ahead of it's time." I have no idea what that means AT ALL. Anyway, the rhythm section was sweet and posed with fans for almost the entire night and Andy Rourke, who grew his hair out long and wears tinted shades, played some Joy Division and Pulp and even played "Bigmouth Strikes Again." Holy crap. I pretty much spent the entire night freaking the fuck out and clutching Kris saying "Holy shit, i just met half of the smiths! holy shit!" Speaking of Kris, ich bin super fantastic. He brought me the "Take Me Out" single on vinyl that had a remix of my favorite song ever. Speaking of which, i may or may not have said "that's my favorite song of all time!" to mike joyce about "take me out." Not sure.

Cutest fan of the night: Jakob from Surefire.

Oh, and dare I forget to mention that Audrey was an amazing DJ last night. She busted out George Michael's "Freedom" and got the whole fucking room dancing like they were supermodels... giving for what they take.

So I was thinking about it... if I went back in time 9 years and told my 15 year old self that I was going to be DJing with 1/2 of the Smiths the following conversation might happen:
"Hey Sarah, guess what, in 9 years you're gonna DJ with a couple of the Smiths."
"Shut the fuck up! No way!"
"Yes way."
"Holy shit. What the fuck do i do until then?"
"Well, you drink. And you drink a lot. You drink so much that you gain a few pounds, but it's ok cause you get boobies as a result."

Saturday night, after failing to find the location of Daniel's engagement party, I went to CBs to DJ the Good Time Party. The boyfriends came. Sarah came. This adorable girl named Dana and her boyfriend Justin came. People danced. People offered to buy me drinks and i happily allowed them to. Brunch at Clinton Street Bakery took a lot of energy out of me (but i look forward to eating there all week long...mmm...), that i slept for most of sunday before heading over to Pianos for the Day After party where me and my friends called each other cumdumpster. Scott Stereogum is such a cumdumpster.

Oh, and i forgot to mention that i saw Fight Club. I mean, Secret Window starring Johnny Depp with Hot Ben. We ate falafels instead of popcorn and pretend we were on a date. Johnny Depp is maybe the most likable actor ever?

What happens when Jay-Z and Weezer get mashed up? Jay-zeezer.

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