Thursday, July 22, 2004


For those of you who are frolicking up in Boston, please check out this show TONIGHT.

The Wicked Presents:

Asobi Seksu
.morning theft.
Low Beam

TONIGHT - thurs, 7/22 @ great scott's, allston, ma
9pm start, 18+, $7


Anonymous said...

Ms. Ash Wicked is getting some crazy coverage from the NYC literati - good thing for us here in Boston - we need all the help we can get -

It shall be a fab gig - I could use a good "Walk On The Moon" for sure -

buzz abound!

JD Stone

holmes said...

should be a great show tonight. i'm really pumped my band gets to open for asobi. low beam is really great too. i saw them open for superdrag a couple years ago and they were really fun, nice guys.

holmes said...

oh, and thank you sarah for posting this. much appreciation, daaaahhhhhrrrling. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah,

You NEED to look at this website!

It's completely safe for work. I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to stop myself pissing my pants! Don't just look at the home page, check out the sightings, the scripts, everything!

Surely this is why the internet was invented?


Ashley said...

Thanks for the love.

See you tomorrow at Devo/YYY/SS*. Yay! I have an extra ticket now...if you know of anyone who needs one, pass along my info.

Contraceptacon said...

Great Scott's a cool venue, sometimes I miss Boston.