Thursday, July 8, 2004


My friend Bruce is a genius. He pointed out that the way Brandon Flowers sings in the beginning of The Killers song "Mr. Brightside" sounds exactly like the way the guy from Underworld sings in "Born Slippy." (aka the awesome techno song from the Trainspotting soundtrack that ushered me to my very first tragically drunken night in 1996 causing me to get grounded for about 2 years.)


Anonymous said...

I need to hear the new album. I have their demo and Mr. Brightside is the song that made me believe they should get a deal. It is a "killer" song.

Worst pun ever.

And yeah, the new Interpol is good...nothing stood out and grabbed me yet like the last record yet...except "evil" . thats an easy song to get on the 1st listen.

Nailz said...

Fook that, what's the drunken incident in 1996 all aboot? Tell, tell.

Also, have you booked you ticket for Reading this year?

Anonymous said...

Do me a favor! Kick Spin intern Austin Ray in the shins for me! Thanks!(!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but it's those last plaintive, gorgeous "I NEVER"'s that make me wanna cry.

Oliver said...

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