Sunday, July 4, 2004


YO. If you've got my phone number, call me cause I'm having people over to watch the fireworks from my roofdeck and it's obviously not wise to post my address online... BYOB. Seven PM until whenevs.


Sara said...

Hey Sarah, hope you had a good July 4th (and that your hangover isn't too awful).

Pitchfork put up a review of The Killers today... have you seen it? This is the address: Not to say that you or anyone has to agree with any review at all (I really like "Hot Fuss," actually), but I was curious as to what you think of what they say. I see a decent amount of validity in his criticisms.

Tankboy said...

How were the fireworks?

In Chicago I went up on the roof of my girlfriend's condo and we watched the sky explode all around us.

We also got rained on by burned shells and shrapnel from the pyrotechnics launched by the next door neighbor.

It was great.

Scot said...

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