Wednesday, July 7, 2004


Guess what? The Interpol album sounded better today. How the fuck? It's like a virus that spreads and spreads awesomeness. I wonder how much money My Space will offer the band for permission to use the song "NARC" which has the lyric of the this post's subject heading.

I sort of want to drink a bottle of wine (something I never do, seriously), light a candle, and be all gothemo and listen to this album and cry about how pretty the sounds and lyrics are.

Over the weekend I had a bunch of friends visit me. Amy and Shaun from LA who decided to take a quickie trip to NYC before Shaun had to go back on tour with his band for Warped Tour. My friend Bruce, whom was here from London (originally from New Zealand), also stayed over at the same time and it never felt cramped in my bedroom. We spent the nights dancing at Motherfucker (me and a friend joke that if we ever got married, our wedding would have to be at Motherfucker ... and our son's bris... and our passover seders...) and Misshapes (you can see photos of all the new hot and slutty misshapers here), and brunching and watching countless episodes of "Family Guy" and they became addicted to SPARKS thanks to me and Karen. By the way, Karen has vowed to stop drinking so much SPARKS... seems she's "losing time."

My roof is apparently the best place to see fireworks in NYC so I invited a bunch of people at the last minute to my impromptu BYOB shindig. Everyone was kind enough to bring me a bottle of booze whenever they came over, so i was pretty fucking gone by the time the fireworks began. I ran around kissing boys on my roofdeck and canoodling with republican orthodox jewish boys whom used to be so religious that giving me a hug would've been a sin in their eyes. Karen and I attempted to get people to sing the National Athem... that didn't work so well.

Once the fireworks were over Briankeepsadiary rallied up a posse of people to go over to David Lee Roth's apartment down the block cause apparently he was also having a party. However, once they got there (i stayed home to decompress), the party was over so they posed next to DLR's mazzuzah and mailbox (which apparently just says DLR -- I was hoping it'd say Diamond Dave). Fun times.

Lastnight I finally went to that party at Happy Endings that Alex Chow had been telling me about for a thousand years that I was always too lazy to go to. Fuck, I blew it. So many cute faces, so many fashionable kids, so many good tunes. It was Bruce's last night in NYC and I really hope he had a fun time. Here's a photo of us practicing Blue Steel at Happy Endings.

OK. Time to sign off. Thanks again to everyone for sending me their cutie pet photos!

Here's a photo of my blind shih-tzu. She's 15 years old and I was babysitting her for the day a week ago. I love her so much that I resisted petting other dogs for about 12 years cause that'd make her jealous. I want to hug her all day long and I miss her on the weekdays. Anyway, she's blind, so I was sort of surprised when she sat up and started watching TV.

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San Diego was never the same once Frankie went home.