Friday, July 16, 2004


So last night I went to see the Delays with my exboss. I had made the mistake of saying "they sound like stevie nicks crossed with MBV" which was totally off. Basically, I need to stop listening to the same track "zero zero one" (which does sound like the above mentioned description... actually more cocteau twins, so i was TOTALLY OFF) over and over again. They were fantastic. The singer's voice carried over the crowd like a wave of mutilation. I stared in awe as he yelped like a crazed voice with an uncommonly fantastic voice. At times, it reminded me of JJ72 (remember them? i loved them).

My brother Lawrence has started an amazing new company called RentBid. It's like eBay but for apartment rentals and it's totally fucking unreal. You dont have to pay a brokers fee or anything. The site just launched last week so there aren't that many listings, but I just found a 3 bedroom rental in harlem for $1500. No fee! Czech it.

She's lost control.

Does anyone have the new Midtown record? Their "Aremageddon" vs. Muse's "Apocalypse Please"... it's like STP vs. Pearl Jam, but for one fucking song!

Lastly, I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but Alex Chow's band, Madison Strays is playing tonight at the Mercury Lounge. They sound like the Psychedellic Furs. They're also playing with everyone's favorite disco punk bands The Flesh and The Moving Units. All three are fucktastically awesome bands. Probably your new favorite!


Anonymous said...

i wish i went to the delays show! i hope they come back. they didn't play 'zero zero one' did they?


todd said...

Is that Ian Curtis's daughter? Totally creepy because she has the same eyes.

Raised By Bees said...

I remember her from the New Order issue of Mojo from a year or two ago.

Contraceptacon said...

Hail Social is also playing at the Mercury tonight. try and make it out to see them.

Anonymous said...

oooh the delays are lovely! did finn andrews (of the veils) open or was it another band?

Steve said...

The new Midtown sounds awfully overproduced and bland as a Puddle of Mud tune. Skip it and check out Keane if you haven't already.

Burnside Richard said...

i went to see the show on friday night. we got a little tipsy and we so overwhelming annoyed by the Flesh that we left in the middle of their set.

i apologized to alex a few times already.

i really wanted to see them - i bought their 5 song ep which i am sure will be fanstastic when i listen to it. they have a song for download on their website which is quite good.

as far as ny bands go, they are ranking well with me right now. but i am not critic, son.

just a free spirit.

with short pants...

Anonymous said...

midtowns newest is so weak. they should give it up.

oh how ironic! thats their new single!