Monday, July 19, 2004


My friend Sean McGrath, who tragically lost his battle with cancer last month, recorded the song called "I Hate This Stupid Bike" for the Vagrant compilation "In Honor: A Compilation To Beat Cancer." You can stream it HERE. Please play it loud, it's a rocking song.

You can contribute to the charity his family set up Hold Onto Your Friends by going to that hyperlink. And if you're a fan of the band Thursday, you can buy a special made t-shirt.

Also, I should note that about a year ago when I was chatting on AIM with Sean, as we did whenever he would sign on and IM me with the endearing greeting of "hey nerdo," I asked him how cancer was treating him... his response was "I put the emo in chemo." Despite being sick, he didn't let that fuck with his sassy sense of humor, and so this post's subject line is trying to celebrate that... cause he would've wanted it that way. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

the mouthpiece reunion probably wasn't the same without sean.

Anonymous said...

i'm very sorry about your friend, sean. i think it's nice what done here for him. scat turdly

Anonymous said...

sarah, can you tell me who's vocals that is on that song? who are the foreign exchange? thanks so much

Ultragrrrl said...

It's Sean McGrath singing!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I've read your blog for a bit now, and seen you around at various events, and even knew we had some mutual friends ... I never knew Sean was one of them. We all miss him terribly and love him to bits.

brette said...

have you seen those yellow rubber bracelets that everyone seems to be wearing lately? they say "Live Strong."

I ordered one in memory of Sean. I miss that kid every day, and especially his "I put the emo in chemo."

Do you happen to have any MP3s of his Overseas recordings?