Friday, July 9, 2004


Get ready to hate me for ruining your productivity. Play tetris.

Play tetris while listening to "Angst in my Pants" on repeat, which Scott kindly uploaded for me here.


Jude Law is really motherfucking hot

So is Ashlee Simpson. C'mon, don't be hating... you know you wanna stick your hand in her cleave.

Last night i was riding my bike on Houston at about 2 am from Lit where I was celebrating Raphael the Boyfriend's birthday when who do i see? None other than Shandi from the second season of America's Next Top Model. I nearly got into an accident gawking. She was my favorite!

So immediately after spying her, i rang up Karen to let her know. I was just driving by Welcome to the Johnsons on my way home and out pops Johnny Knoxville. I was like "Hi Kare-- holy shit. Johnny Knoxville." And peddled away.

Lastly, I don't know if you guys like to party, but if you do, ProductShopNYC and Halified will be throwing a funtastic party. Here's the rules:
"If you don't know the drill, let me lay the track down for ya. Ya gots to wear all white clothing - that means ALL WHITE CLOTHING. You gots to drink either champagne or 40s - no cheap ass cracker shit. And that's it. can ya dig it? I knew ya could! We're going to be laying down the phattest beats all night, everything from Mase to Nas to Biz Markie to Lil' Kim to Rakim to Kriss Kross to B.I.G., and all you got to do is show up."


jeddeth said...

I'm sorry, can't breath from laughing my ass off, are those from an n'sync fan board that you're frequenting?

Bre said...

Yes, Jude Law IS hot. I've been saying it for years!

Anonymous said...

Holy Tits. That face is busted though. She reminds me of the half lady/half bird from kids in the hall.

robot mark.

Anonymous said...

The Killers were just on TRL, as a contender for the countdown I think. Thought I would letcha know since this is a Killers fansite and all.


maggie me-too said...

thanks for the tetris link. that game is hard to find online.

Anonymous said...

I saw Johnny Knoxville last night too! He was getting out of a cab on the corner of Ludlow and Houston with that model May Anderson. First Kate Moss, now her... so much for staying married, I guess?

Anonymous said...

oh damn! i was at johnsons last night and left before he showed. damn. the last time i saw him (in penn station with wife and kid) i was sneaky like a ninja and followed him to the cab line out front.

Anonymous said...

for the white party...
northern state
3 girrls from NY...


astralgirl01 said...

Ashlee Simpson is dumb and busted... she needs to be blessing her lucky stars that her sister is a birdbrain and that America loves dumb blondes

And I went to the Paper magazine party where Johnny Knoxville and Dave from the Stills got their spin on. Katey M was there, as well as a bunch of other models/hanger-on'ers (as well as Chris Pontius, who tried to kick it me and my friends...eww).

It's well-known that JK is a major man-ho, and his wife knows the score and just deals with it.

He's pretty equal-opportunity as well... he likes regular girls as well as mannequins. I have sooooo many friends who have made out with him at random parties when he gets drunk.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, thanks for the heads up on the party. Much appreciated.

I love you girl.

- Jason

Anonymous said...

my friend ran into shandi at pete's candy store in brooklyn last wednesday night. apparently they had a mutual friend from the past that was playing there.

the scoop: she and her boyfriend just moved here and she's pursuing modeling but isn't liking it much. my friend also said she's very awkward and not so pretty.

i'm still all about yoanna!

- M-L