Friday, July 23, 2004


Last night I went to see the Hives at Irving Plaza, but because I'm graced with a 5'1" frame and an absurd refusal to wear platforms or heels anymore, I saw most of the show from the monitors in the back of the venue. Unless, of course, I was jumping up and down or peaking a view of the band between peoples' heads. I LOVE THE HIVES! Yes, I do. I CAN'T SEE THE HIVES! No, I can't. So for me to give a review of this show would be incredibly inappropriate and also inaccurate since I couldn't actually see the show and just managed to enjoy the music and the chance to dance around with my friends as people who employ me got me drunk.

After the show, the people who employ me got me more drunk. As I walked with my boss, an editor, a former roommate, and a friend to the after party I declared things such as my love for the guitarist of the Hives, Nicolas Arson, and the fact that I think sex is dirty. "SEX IS DIRTY!" I yelled to my BOSS. She responded with "Well, what about Nicolas Arson? I don't think you can yell that at him." I told her that that would be my opening line. It wasn't. Instead, when i finally met Mr. Arson, my line was "Great show" and i hopped off. A white lie, since i didn't actually see the show, but I didn't know what to say by that point and I was drunk. I could either make a fool of myself or I could just be polite. I chose politeness. However, when I met up with Pelle I insisted on taking two photos with him, one smiling and one with my patented pouty face.

So back to the party action: It was at the Grammercy Hotel Bar. It was really quite nice with a bottle of vodka and mixer at every table, not to mention some mystery swedish foods on a buffet. As I sat on a couch enjoying a strong drink prepared by a friend I got roudy and hollared at some boy. Literally hollared. "YO!" He walked over. We chatted. I went to the bathroom and managed to get the entire place to sing "Boaderline" by Madonna. It was lika movie. Very odd. I came back out to the party, balance glasses on my head, was told not to flirt with the interns, danced around a bit I think. And then, when I realized that maybe I should go home, I hopped in a cab with my roommate and was whisked home. I guess i was in enough of a state that she found it appropriate to offer to tuck me in. My friends are nice.

So how was the show? Good question. I was told by those who are taller than me, that it was very good.
How was the party? Drunk.

On another note:

Laura slash temp has the best ever review of an Elefant show ever. I'm sad i missed the new songs. Greg and I were in a band for a short moment with the members of Elefant minus Diego called Debutaunt. We had a hit song in England called "Eleventeen Times." True story. Sort of.

The Stills have a new video for "Lola Stars and Stripes" Directed by Oliver Gondry (he's done some amazing videos, whoa). What's exciting to me about this video is that for a split moment you can see my skinny friend Jordan running around in it. He found out about the video shoot from reading this blog. You can see Jordan running around too.

You can watch it here:
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What the label and band want you to know about this video is the following:

"The events of Sep 11 sparked a new concern and gave our generation a tangible moment to make our own. This post-9/11 period is OUR time: it is us middle-class kids with nothing to immediately or concretely worry about that have to seize the moment and incite change. The bombs will be on our side of the pond very soon if we do not do something about it. It is about more than romance this time, it's about the fate of the world." -Dave Hamelin of The Stills and the writer of “Lola.”

"When I did read the lyrics, the first image I got in my mind was them walking in a happy area, then them walking in an area devastated by war. Later, I decided to try to make it happen in a one-shot sequence.  I've been impressed by the 9/11 video footage of guys shooting the tower and running and still shooting when the towers fell. That's what I wanted the footage to look like.  It's not political, just the contrast war/peace" -Olivier Gondry

"The video for ‘Lola Stars And Stripes’ was filmed in Spanish Harlem in NYC. There is a conceptual link between the video and the events on September 11, but it merely references elements. The band members rise and fall (as if dead), as the song crescendos and de-crescendos. When the song is most explosive, animated explosions emphasize a wartime atmosphere as the band runs in a panic. At these points the video becomes black and white and the camera work has a more documentary feel to it. There is a degree of playfulness that is incorporated into the video. If we were too serious it might have come off as pretentious, heavy handed or silly. Working with Mr. Gondry was an honor. Firstly, being able to communicate in French was great! Secondly, he is very talented and great to work with" -Tim Fletcher of The Stills


Jeff Baum said...

Ah, at last...some Elefant buzz...why's nobody ever talk about them? They were amazing! They ARE amazing...The new songs were really really good too...any word on a new album from them?

Ultragrrrl said...

I think it might be because they haven't been touring all that much lately. but i could be wrong. maybe they are touring and i just missed them. but blogs were big into elefant about two years ago... maybe less.

Anonymous said...

No, everyone who loves you pretended to be drunk.

Trust me. I just know.

--Adi's Mom

Anonymous said...

Elefant is ok, but why does he have to act like such a pompous ass on stage? on a side note I learned tonight that people are finally aware of a great site for cheap music downloads, but the catalog is strange, they have !!! but not interpol... go figure. enjoy music lovers while it lasts.
- CB

Anonymous said...

Elefant and Diego rock.
That Stills video bites.

Anonymous said...

I like your Walkmen reference.

Isn't the Stills video old? Was out in UK a long time ago, methinks.

Anonymous said...

i saw it last night on tv. looks much better on tv. i like it. it's not a typical cheesy video with lights and models and makeup. no special effects. And i love scenes that are in one take. bravo.

Nylund said...

"Eleventeen times, thats how many times we smoked marijuana."

That song had one hell of a beat. No wonder is was a hit.

I still don't understand why it didn't do well in the US.

Anonymous said...

michel gondry

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I saw the Hives on Thursday at Irving Plaza, too. Since I'm also vertically challenged (I'm 5'2), I went straight to the balcony, where I saw EVERYTHING. The show was one of the best I have ever seen, and was definitely the best one I've ever seen at Irving Plaza. The guys really seem to get off on performing, and Pelle was hilarious and fearless (that was the first time I've seen a performer climb INTO the balcony from the stage). I arrived not having heard the Hives' music and not having seen their music videos, and left a fan. I was a bit put off by Pelle's faux black bluesman accent, but I realize it was all part of the performance. The lead singer of the Sahara Hotnights (aka Pelle's gf) is one lucky girl! Btw, the Sahara Hotnights rocked, too. I'm debating whether or not I want to see them at Bowery next month.

-Gina M.

Anonymous said...

gig stilts.

i'm going to mass market them for all of us shorties. i'll be rich.

Anonymous said...

did the reigning sound open for them in nyc too? the chicago show last night was great!

Anonymous said...

Comment from:

Sarah, I first heard of you on LipsVelvet site (because I two was intrigued and visited his site) and then you said you were at the Hives show in the back - which was where I was - and then your employers were there - as were my friends employers (BMG).. and to top it off, I know I've randomly stumbled on your site before..
We were handing out these flyer in the back for my band Number Twelve Just thought it was a lot of concidence and that I should perhaps say hi.. and see if I've met you perhaps?