Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Greg the Boyfriend is looking for a roommate. He lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and apparently has a really lovely apartment. I dont know cause I've never been. I don't like going to boys' apartments and I don't like going to Brooklyn, ever, so those are two huge strikes against me ever playing in their kiddie pool (not to mention the sight of me in a bathing suit is nothing I'd wish on anyone). The other day Greg coined a great concept: "When you date someone, you also date their friends. They are the in-laws of youth."

Greg is a fantastic writer.


melissa said...

Bitch, I've seen you in the glossy pages of Spin magazine and I think you'd look just fine in swim gear. And besides Back Fat is soooo in for summer '04. I brought that shit back, big time. Grab a few donuts, put on that bikini and sit your proud ass pool side.

Greg the Boyfriend said...

The apartment is HUGE and nice.

And Ford houses a bunch of models in the building. Male and Female.

Balcony. Kiddie Pool. Laundry and Gym (w/ sauna) across the hall.

Plus, you can ride skateboards and bicycles inside.

Its the happiest place on Earth. I swear. It also has the magical ability to quadruple the sex life of any resident. I don't know how, but its true. Its happened to everyone who has ever lived here.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I don't live in New York.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. How much did you say it was per month?

Raised By Bees said...

Like Ultra, I have bathing suit fear too. More donuts!

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